The New Serial Killer –

The New Serial Killer –


Mass Shooters


Since the 1980’s it appears that the number of serial killers has dwindled somewhat. No more Ted Bundy, Zodiac, Paul John Knowels and the like.


Yet the reality is, haven’t the serial killers just simply evolved into a new more fierce serial killer?


No longer do they need to hide in the shadows, because the one serial killers and mass shooters have in common is that they want to Control.

They have a deeply driven motive to kill, causing fear, pain, seeing people suffer and die, that motive is simple, it is the ability to control the emotions of another and has never had anything to do with sexual gratification. Although, in the past serial killers have been known to masturbate quite often over images and videos of sexual deprivation (a hiccup in the human brain), so as to feed the need while not actually killing, they like seeing someone being harmed and controlled.

Now they have no need for that when all one has to do is simply purchase a firearm and head to the nearest crowded establishment and walk in causing fear and panic, murdering the innocent. Yes, the killer is very much in control.  

Serial killers have a history of hiding the shadows and taunting law enforcement however, the reality is that have always wanted the glory for the killings, hence they want to go down in history.

Why go down nameless after putting so much effort in after all?

For every mass shooting, everyone wants an answer, why?

As with the Vegas mass shooting, police could find no motive, nor could they ever figure out what caused the killer to snap.

Recently, the California mass shooter was posting to social media that he was sane, during the attack.

Ian David Long, left a taunting message on social media stating that he knew very well that the state of mental health would be debated for years to come.

While the media immediately went about interviewing witnesses, parents of witnesses, actually reported that this killer was a veteran, in fact the way most of the headlines seemed to attempt to draw some form of implications that lead many viewers and readers to initially believe that because this killer was a veteran he must be suffering from some for of PTSD which lead to the killing.  

The media as it most often does whilst jumping in for the highest ratings, missed the point.


Ian David Long, just informed the world who the new serial killers would be.

They know that they cannot stop killing and they know that they can only fight the urge to kill again for only so long.

It is much simpler and efficient to get in in, get it done and die by copper or suicide.

This new killer will be very difficult for the FBI to catch before they kill. The FBI will have nothing to go on in an effort to seek them out before they strike.

Because of evolution, we do have a new serial killer, Mass Shooters who by the way are not domestic terrorists as the media labels every mass shooter.

The distinction is a very fine indeed.  

Cristal M Clark

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