FBI Tunnel Found Near Chase Bank


Pembroke Pines, Florida

By: Cristal M Clark

A Florida repair crew tending to a sinkhole discovered it was actually an underground tunnel leading to a Chase branch in Pembroke Pines Florida, according to the FBI.


The sinkhole was discovered on Tuesday evening and I have to wonder what sort of special kind of idiot would tunnel his or her way to a bank in the state of Florida in the first place? The entire state is basically just one big, giant sinkhole, those things just pop right open, anytime, any day, just out of the blue. Why in the hell would someone think this is wise, at all?

The sinkhole was found to be a two feet by two feet wide tunnel leading to the nearby Chase Bank location but did not actually ever make its way underneath the branch.

The tunnel was just a few feet under the ground, according to the FBI. A cadaver dog was sent in but did not find anyone inside.

FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock said “I would like to say I saw something like this in the movies, however, this hole is so small. It is unique.”

Authorities are still investigation how far the passage extends because recent rains may have caused portions of it to collapse in on itself.


When officers arrived they found a hole in the pavement leading to a tunnel that stretched from a nearby wooded area toward a Chase branch in the he entrance to a Pembroke Pines shopping center.


Police cut the fence line and found the entrance to the tunnel, which was covered by a wooden pallet.

Inside the tunnel, police found a pair of muddy boots, a small homemade ladder and stool, digging tools and a small Honda generator.

Apparently the would be bank robber or robbers were using pickaxes and a little wagon, clearly a very sophisticated set up.

Police used a remote control rover to follow the tunnel, which stretched under the road toward the drive-up window of the bank.

Although the bank remains open, the drive-up window is closed.


Back in 2013, a giant sinkhole opened up in beneath a Tampa Florida man’s bedroom, he fell into it whilst calling out to his brother for help as he fell.

They never did recover his body.

I think we can all agree that Florida is not the place to tunnel your way into anywhere much less into a bank.

Cristal M Clark

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Midwest Police – Ban Criminal Activity During Polar Vortex


Offer up Perfect Alternative – Netflix & Chill Instead, Maybe?

By: Cristal M Clark

Sometimes you just have to hand to the police for offering up a well thought out, creative and sort of funny alternative to those lurking awaiting the perfect moment to commit a crime.


While much of the US in particular the Midwest welcomes the Polar Vortex which has promised to offer up temperatures and wind-chill advisories in excess of 50 degrees below zero in some areas, Midwest police are banning crime and offering up an alternative.


To those who live the life of crime, why bother during the subzero temps, why not just stay home and Netflix and Chill instead?

That’s right, police in Noblesville, Indiana, and Westchester, Illinois, headed to social media and linked pages showing temperature charts with advisories to potential criminals and asked them to “stay inside and read or watch Netflix” rather risking frostbite and even death by committing illegal acts.

The Westchester PD had this to say on Facebook;

“Due to the extreme cold and wind, the Westchester Police Department is canceling all misdemeanor and felony criminal activities.’ “Criminals, please take note, it is too cold to commit crimes. Stay inside and read, watch Netflix, go on the FBI Bank Robbers website and help catch other criminals, anything, but for the love of polar bears, do not go outside and commit crimes.”

While Noblesville said; “All crime and illegal activities in Noblesville and the surrounding areas, will be prohibited until further notice,’ “If you fail to comply with this notice there is a possibility of a fine or even jail time. We wanted to get this information out to the public as quickly as possible, so we are utilizing social media. However, once the weather improves we will be sending out a formal notice via certified mail when illegal activities can resume. If you do not receive your formal notice you cannot participate in any criminal endeavors.”

While Minneola, Minnesota city government and police took a slightly less humorous approach and just posted pictures of individuals who had severe frostbite along with a rather ominous message “As wind moves across your body it draws away the heat your body causing you to become colder. As the air temperature decreases and the wind speed increases the wind chill value will be higher, meaning that you are in greater danger of being hurt or killed and the higher the wind chill the faster the cold will hurt you. If the wind chill is -20 degrees it will take less than 30 minutes for your skin to freeze, resulting in frostbite,” which does tend to get the point across at the end of the day.


While people in Chicago were reportedly being robbed at gunpoint, yep at gunpoint for warm winter clothing. Those headlines go hand in hand with the one about individuals and families being one paycheck away from poverty now that the shutdown is over I suppose.

Happy Polar Vortex and Stay Inside!

Cristal M Clark

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Lookout iPhone Lovers – FaceTime Has a Bug


And it Lets You Listen In on the Receipt – Before They Ever Answer Your Call

By: Cristal M Clark


A bug has been discovered with FaceTime which of course as luck would have it, is currently spreading virally over social media. The bug lets you call anyone with FaceTime, and immediately hear the audio coming from their phone…before the recipient on the other end has actually accepted or rejected the incoming call.

Well that’s comforting news.

Of course this raises all sorts of privacy concerns, I mean I personally do not want someone attempting to FaceTime me whilst I am driving, I get a sudden onset case of turrets that no one wants to be subject to having to listen to, trust me on this.

But just in case you thought that was the end of it, here I am to tell you, it’s not.

This nasty little bug can also oh, how shall I put this, expose video as well.

It affects iOS devices running iOS 12.1 or later.


Here’s how it works according to the experts:

Here’s how to do the iPhone FaceTime bug:

Start a FaceTime Video call with an iPhone contact.

While the call is dialling, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap Add Person.

Add your own phone number in the Add Person screen.

You will then start a group FaceTime call including yourself and the audio of the person you originally called, even if they haven’t accepted the call yet.

It will look like in the UI like the other person has joined the group chat, but on their actual device, and this is just great, it will still be ringing on the lockscreen.

So this has that creep factor aura like when everyone was dropping dick pics on unsuspecting iPhone users, all over the damn place.


Even better news, it’s not clear how to defend yourself against this attack either unless you were to disable FaceTime until Apple decides to get this issue fixed.

So,  if your phone is ringing with an incoming FaceTime request, the person on the other end could might just be listening in.

Should someone press the Power button from the lock screen, their video is also sent to the caller,  unbeknownst to them of course.

9To5Mac has been able to replicate these issues so this is confirmed.

Apple says they plan to get a fix rolled out later in the week, so until then, happy FaceTiming everyone.

Cristal M Clark

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North Korea – Where One Can Get Killed for Watching Unapproved TV

North Korean Government – Killing Citizens

By ~ Cristal M Clark

In North Korea, watching television from South Korea is against the law and the punishment, at least the most harsh just so happens to be, death.


That’s right, the North Korean Government has sent out a reminder to all of its citizens that despite the ongoing talks and smoothing over of its relationship with South Korea, should anyone be caught watching television from South Korea, they could face prison, labor camp and/or death.

kim-jong-un survives-us assassination-plot-crimeshop

That is just barberic Kim Jong un.

Officials have recently demanded that residents “abstain from watching decadent video materials of capitalism that have somehow found their way in from the South.”

South Korean activists have long used balloons, yes you did read that right, balloons, to carry forbidden materials over the border.


They would use Donkey or carrier pigeon if they had to I would imagine, I mean for the love of god man, have they not heard of drones? That is how they currently smuggle contraband into US prisons these days.


And just what is that forbidden material?


The forbidden materials have included leaflets deriding North Korea’s government and USB flash drives loaded with South Korean soap operas.

Those shows oddly, just happen to reveal to North Koreans, just how much better off their southern counterparts are, why, they are living it up, enjoying life, and watching television from oh anywhere without the threat of being murdered by their government.


Let us just hope that Donald Trump does not get wind of this and start threatening Americans that he could have us killed for watching BBC.

Cristal M Clark

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Media Industry Rocked By Layoffs


The Advertising Revenue Struggle is Real & it’s Hitting The Media

By: Cristal M Clark

Some major media outlets are looking at cutting staff in the coming weeks. The number has been reported as about 1,000 new cuts looming.


Gannett, BuzzFeed and the HuffPost all made announcements this week with regards to having to cut back on staff.


Wednesday: BuzzFeed announces that it would lay off 15% of its workforce.

media layoff-verizon-gannett-yahoo-crimeshop

While Verizon announced it would cut 7% or approximately 800 job from its media division. Those brands include HuffPost, AOL and Yahoo News, and then Gannett slashed dozens of jobs at newspapers across the country.

Some have dubbed this the “Trump Curse.” according to posts on Reddit

The reality is that these cuts are tied to advertising dollars, not Donald Trump.

Media companies have been having a hard time competing with the likes of tech giants when it comes to advertising revenue or clicks if you will.

It’s hard to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google for advertising dollars.

While also at the same time, media companies have also faced a significant drop in referrals from the likes of tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

Print media has been on the decline for even longer because users are moving to more digital platforms.

While the likes of BuzzFeed and HuffPost will more than likely survive this setback, print media may have already lost so much ground in terms of advertising revenue, it is unlikely that that part of the media industry will ever be able to gain it back and will eventually vanish.  

Cristal M Clark

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GoDaddy Weakness Strikes Again


Bomb Threats, Hijacking and Mayhem

By: Cristal M Clark

Back in 2014 GoDaddy had an issue with it’s email servers being left unsecure, for months. Millions of customers who paid GoDaddy to ensure that spam emails could not get through were left, well pretty much SOL.

The company I worked for at the time did a lot of international travel, and when you travel to places like the UAE,  sometimes when that particular foreign government wants to, they can see your emails before you do and when you start getting sexually explicit and vulgar emails it looks bad to those respective governments.  


We had called GoDaddy through the course of three long and painful months just about every other day, getting nowhere, they were not telling customers the truth, until finally I was able to escalate our grievance so far up the ladder that GoDaddy finally came back and told us the truth.

Ever since then I have personally, not been a huge advocate of GoDaddy’s. The dishonesty over that matter left a rather sour taste within my mouth.

Recently it was discovered that GoDaddy is responsible for yet another vicious worldwide situation in that and, I am sure you will recall, back on 12/13/18 rather troubling emails were being sent worldwide, email bomb threats, which happened to cause complete hysteria, closures, lockdowns, mass evacuations of schools, hospitals, malls and the like.


Well all evidence points to GoDaddy services being the culprit that allowed for the hoax emails demanding bitcoin.

Evidence obtained from the ongoing investigation shows that a weakness at GoDaddy allowed the scammers to hijack an estimated 78 domains, some which belonged to some pretty big names; Expedia, Yelp, Mozilla as well as other legitimate organizations and, people.

That very same exploit allowed the cash strapped scammers to hijack thousands of other domains which belonged to another list of well known organizations for the use of other malicious email campaigns.

One of which threatened to publish embarrassing sex videos, proof of sexually explicit internet searches such as for pornography, unless targets paid. That particular campaign started long before the bomb threats, when I covered that story it was noted that the campaign organizers obviously did not understand how to send a threat to those of us in the US. It was so poorly written that it was completely and utterly laughable.

The emails in December were sent using a technique which is commonly known as snowshoe spamming, which pretty much guarantees the emails delivery because it weakens the reputation metrics spam filters use to weed out well, spam and junk mail.  

Snowshoeing is a favorite because it utilizes well known domains, domains that are marked as trusted domains. For instance, Yelpmarketingservices.com is a Yelp domain and it was hijacked and used in the December bomb threat campaign.

So far at least 78 domains were utilized, that number is more than likely to grow. As far as the other domains used for the other campaigns, well that number has yet to be reported but is more than likely even higher.


Unfortunately, for GoDaddy this is only the tip of the iceberg. It has long been known that has always had issues with orphan domains and in this case the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that GoDaddy needs to clean up those orphaned domains that are sitting idle until the next large scale spam email campaign.

independent researcher Ronald Guilmette has discovered that over the last few years, a person or group has commandeered almost 4,000 domains belonging to about 600 people, companies or organizations. Some of those are McDonalds, FaceBook (not shocking), International Hilton, MasterCard, just to name a few more well known domains.

Ronald has given the individual or group the name of Spammy Bear, which has subsequently been tied back to Russia, incidentally.

Here’s where things get a little sticky for GoDaddy, just about all of the hijacked domains had name servers that listed domaincontrol.com, the domain for GoDaddy’s managed DNS service, just prior to them coming under Spammy Bear’s control.

So no, this is not looking promising for GoDaddy, at all. GoDaddy’s DNS service has supplied some of the most nefarious scammers on the Internet with an almost unlimited number of high-value domains. While GoDaddy would have you believe that the abuse relied on domain holders not properly locking down their DNS records, technically, DNS providers are actually, ultimately responsible for the abuse of their services.

It is unclear whether GoDaddy will take responsibility for the glaring weakness within it’s DNS servers, given it’s prior history, I would venture to guess that answer to be no.

Cristal M Clark

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Looks Like Trump and the Once Great Rudy Giuliani Are Breaking Up


Donald Trump vs Rudy Giuliani

By: Cristal M Clark

The once great Rudy Giuliani appears to be suffering from a stroke or maybe dementia these days given his most recent interviews where he seemingly faltered, seemed crazy, said really odd things and basically fell right on his own face.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, checks his phone during the Sports and Fitness Day event at the White House in Washington.

Not surprising, due to Rudy’s recent slip ups during interviews has in fact, pissed Donald Trump right off and he is just simply not having it.


According to sources at the White House, Trump who we already know is highly prone to throwing screaming temper tantrums has been screaming pissed.


More recently during an interview with The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner, Rudy sort of digressed and a series of really bizarre responses passed through his lips. Surprisingly during the conversation Rudy actually admitted that he worried that his legacy would be that “he lied for Trump.”

Prior to that, Rudy’s interviews were just as odd, awkward and disastrous. So much so that Trump is being encouraged and by encouraged, pushed by several individuals, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to part ways with Rudy and to part ways rather quickly.

Even more curious, no one knows what is going on with Rudy, even former West Wing officials, including some 2016 campaign veterans have recently privately debated as to what has gone on with Rudy.

Wondering why it is that Rudy is making statements that really clearly do cause damage to his client?


Some have joked that maybe Rudy has simply lost his mind.

Rudy who himself was bitter over the his failed presidential run in 2008, understandably leapt at the opportunity to be back right in the spotlight and work for Trump, which some speculate was a hell of a lot more to handle because the media is so much different than it was back in 2008 and than it was when Rudy was the Mayor of New York.

He can’t say and do whatever he wants now, not without being fact checked, ridiculed and torn to shreds by social media and mainstream media now.

Other sources close to Rudy as well as other reports, seem to indicate that Rudy has privately expressed hatred for his job, is worried about the final Mueller report, so much so that he has openly stated that Mueller’s final report will in fact, be a rather “devastating.”


Or maybe Rudy is finally just sick of trying to help cover for all of Trump’s bullshit, Rudy is hopping on the bandwagon to out the deceitful, angry, little orange man before Mueller comes knocking on Rudy’s very front door.

Cristal M Clark

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Inbred Catholic High School Student Speaks Out


After Racial Confrontation with Native American

By: Cristal M Clark 

For my readers, you know it is not often that I see headlines that inspire my lecturing side, but this weekend I saw one and I have to say something.


Nick Sandmann, a junior at Covington Catholic High School, is a complete idiot.


The Kentucky high school student who has been seen in a viral video standing-face-to-face with a Native American protester at a Washington rally spoke out for the first time this evening.,

His rather ill thought out excuse for his viral tangent towards a Native American was that earlier a group of African Americans had taunted him and his goons.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Is this a case of, if you aren’t white, you all look the same?

Does this inbred moron really not understand that NATIVE AMERICANS are the true native of America, they are the true owners?

I know I have said this before, our kind, the white man came here and stole this land, we raped, pillaged and murdered for it.

We stole it from Native Americans.

Everyone here who is not Native American is here because our ancestors immigrated here.

Black, white, Asian, Mexican, Donald Trump, his Wife and her Parents who were granted citizenship last year…

So that Trump loving inbred son of a close relative should go back to class before attacking anyone, African American, Native American or otherwise…

Let us not forget how many African Americans were used as slaves in past wars that actually helped us win those wars.

That is right in some wars they, African Americans never had a choice, they were ordered to go to war in some cases in all Black Troops, they lived and died for this country by the hundreds.

All while those like Trump, the Church and other whites stood by and cared less they simply reaped the benefits of white privilege.

This group of kids protesting are clearly being led down a bath that is comparable to that of Warren Jeffs.

As far as I am concerned they can take that bullshit and leave this country.

They do not belong here.

Cristal M Clark

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Missing – And Living It Up


FBI – Louisville, Kentucky

By: Cristal M Clark 

Meet Mark Mark Espinosa, 29, who was working for GardaWorld when he went missing on Dec. 5, 2018 near the Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky.


No Mark did not end up the victim of a kidnapping.

Apparently, Mark decided it would be more financially to just vanish from work, with around $850,000 and then subsequently, skip town.


Not only did he just stroll off the job with the money, he also just strolled away from his family who is cooperating with investigators in an effort to track this highly intelligent individual down.

Understandably, Mark was let go from his position at GardaWorld and investigators have stated that all signs point to Mark having carefully planned this theft out.

Good Old Mark has been charged with theft of an interstate shipment and a federal warrant was issued for his arrest on Dec. 10.

Take a good look at Mark


Mark is described as a 5-foot-10 inch white male between 230 to 235 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Mark has a large scar on his right arm from his shoulder to his elbow, and a scar on one shoulder.

Investigators said he has ties to the Northeast, and family members on the West Coast, and in Texas and Florida.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact the FBI field office in Louisville at 502-263-6000.


A word of caution, guys like this are not approachable and become desperate, hence armed and dangerous.  if you see him contact authorities.

Cristal M Clark

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