New Year – New Internet Challenge

New Year – New Internet Challenge

Tide Pods

Bird Box Internet Challenge – Netflix – To Defecating in Our National Parks

By: Cristal M Clark 


Have you ever looked around you and wondered what in the hell happened to society? And, no I am not trying to hurt or insult anyone, I am simply wondering what happened to actual, real life, you know, common sense?

The button that stops most of us from doing some really stupid things? Are we simply just not born with that anymore or…

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Internet challenges sometimes just really seem to bring out the idiot in people.

Some of the more stupid challenges from our not so distant past:


Who can forget the Tide Pod Challenge?

That is how we kicked of 2018. So it’s only fitting that we revisit some of the worst internet challenges of all time.


The Hot Water Challenge

Yes, just dump hot water on yourself until you burn or dump it on a friend.


The “In My Feelings”/Kiki Challenge

We witnessed some of the less brilliant amongst the human species jumping out of a moving car, regardless of speed.


The Fire Challenge

Of all of the things, in this particular challenge the objective of the fire challenge is to apply flammable liquids to your body and then set yourself on fire.


The Choking Game/The Pass-Out Challenge/Space Monkey Challenge

This little challenge goes a few different names,  the goal of this gem is to intentionally cut off oxygen to the brain long enough to obtain a brief moment of euphoria and sometimes loss of consciousness. Which of course could cause damage to ones brain, organs and in some cases death. The CDC reported that between 1995 and 2008, at least 82 youths, with the average age being 13, have died in the United States as a result of the game.


The Cinnamon Challenge

The goal of this challenge? Swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Seems fairly harmless right? Well, it’s not.

In 2012, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received roughly 222 calls related to the Cinnamon Challenge, which left kids with throat irritation, respiratory issues and even collapsed lungs.


The Salt and Ice Challenge

Yet another burn yourself challenge. In this one you put salt on your skin, then place ice on top of it and try to see how long you can withstand the cold.

The problem:

You are basically burning your skin, yes you may stop feeling pain, Which a lot of kids thought made them tough until they realized it was causing more damage than good because the nerve endings have been destroyed. Which for some ended up being permanent, and also caused some pretty hideous scars if you ever wanted to google pictures of that challenge.


Now we have the Bird Box Challenge.


For those who have not seen the Netflix original movie, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where people have to wear blindfolds to block the outside world and to also prevent themselves from being possessed by demons that prey on their worst fears which eventually lead the characters to commit murder and/or suicide. Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, then takes two children on a blindfolded journey to reach a sanctuary.

And now, we have a new year and a new internet challenge which actually does promise to bring out the stupid in people.


Then again, we also have quite a few folks relieving themselves all over our national parks yes, defecating everywhere and leaving trash everywhere…

I am guessing this is not to make some show of support to those furloughed and unpaid federal workers caught up in the US Government shutdown.

It really does tell a rather striking tale of the state of our current society doesn’t it?

Cristal M Clark

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