South Carolina Police Chief Arrested

South Carolina Police Chief Arrested


Manning, S.C. – Good Boy Gone Bad

By: Cristal M Clark 

Sometimes even the good can go bad and by bad, a former S. Carolina police chief was investigated and arrested for theft by the FBI.


The theft?

Gary Blair Shaffer managed to steal roughly $78,000 from the city of Manning back in 2015, most of which was money that had been seized from people accused of dealing illegal drugs, naturally.

The charges also included money laundering, which really is not that surprising I mean, if you are going to steal from the till, one would need to attempt to launder it so as not to get, what is that word I am looking for?

That’s right, so as not to get “caught,” by the FBI.

According to the indictment: Gary carefully deposited the money into multiple accounts and then subsequently lied about his actions when questioned in 2016 and then in 2017.

Gary by the way was as fired in July 2018 over “safety concerns” but, his employee file includes no reprimands or inappropriate behavior during his more than two decades with the department.

Maybe whomever filled out his termination paperwork became caffeine deprived (as a highly qualified expert on the matter, it can happen) and confused “theft and money laundering” with “safety concerns.”

Gary has plead not guilty to the charges and was able to make bail, I mean of course he made bail he padded his own paycheck.

Just goes to show you that yes, sometimes, even the good can go bad.

Cristal M Clark

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