North Korea – Where One Can Get Killed for Watching Unapproved TV

North Korea – Where One Can Get Killed for Watching Unapproved TV

North Korean Government – Killing Citizens

By ~ Cristal M Clark

In North Korea, watching television from South Korea is against the law and the punishment, at least the most harsh just so happens to be, death.


That’s right, the North Korean Government has sent out a reminder to all of its citizens that despite the ongoing talks and smoothing over of its relationship with South Korea, should anyone be caught watching television from South Korea, they could face prison, labor camp and/or death.

kim-jong-un survives-us assassination-plot-crimeshop

That is just barberic Kim Jong un.

Officials have recently demanded that residents “abstain from watching decadent video materials of capitalism that have somehow found their way in from the South.”

South Korean activists have long used balloons, yes you did read that right, balloons, to carry forbidden materials over the border.


They would use Donkey or carrier pigeon if they had to I would imagine, I mean for the love of god man, have they not heard of drones? That is how they currently smuggle contraband into US prisons these days.


And just what is that forbidden material?


The forbidden materials have included leaflets deriding North Korea’s government and USB flash drives loaded with South Korean soap operas.

Those shows oddly, just happen to reveal to North Koreans, just how much better off their southern counterparts are, why, they are living it up, enjoying life, and watching television from oh anywhere without the threat of being murdered by their government.


Let us just hope that Donald Trump does not get wind of this and start threatening Americans that he could have us killed for watching BBC.

Cristal M Clark

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