Russian Media – Threatens Entire World


Well That Escalated Quickly

By: Cristal M Clark

An article in, written by the Russian Media seems to be threatening pretty much the entire world.


The article was addressed quite pointedly at the UK, but the description of the nuclear fallout basically covers well, the entire world as we know it.


The article stated that a new nuclear torpedo, the “Poseidon” nuclear torpedo could create towering tsunami waves and that it could destroy “vast swaths” of Earth’s population.

According to a BBC translation had this to say:

“Russia will soon deploy an underwater nuclear-powered drone which will make the whole multi-billion dollar system of US missile defense useless.”

“An explosion of the drone’s nuclear warhead will create a wave of between 400-500 (1,300-16,00 feet) meters high, capable of washing away all living things 1,500 (932) kilometers inland.”


Well that certainly paints a pretty clear picture of Russia’s intent to dominate the nuclear arms race.

Perhaps took a few liberties because if memory serves I believe that during a previous interview, scientists told Business Insider that Russia’s Poseidon nuke could create tsunami-sized waves, but could only estimate them at around 100-meters-high (330 feet) waves.

True, the US currently has no counter measures to protect us from Poseidon and Russia already has the nuclear firepower to destroy much of the world yet, not surprisingly, still struggles to achieve its foreign-policy goals.

No one is really sure why made such an erroneous threat toward the entire world,, more often than not overstates Russia’s nuclear capabilities and her willingness to fight, everyone.  


Then again, this could also be something the Russian Government backed, in that it very well could be a move taken straight from Donald Trump’s playbook, bully your way through shit and hope that in the end, you do get your way.  

Cristal M Clark

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Vladimir Putin – Has Compromising Intel on Donald Trump


This isn’t New News!

By: Cristal M Clark 

Over the weekend quite a few news agencies started to report that mounting evidence has revealed Vladimir Putin does in fact have something or quite a few somethings on Donald Trump.


This is far from new intel much less breaking news.


Over a year ago, I broke this headline.

One Donald Trump, the President of the United States has been the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.

Who didn’t see that coming?

Better yet, who didn’t already know that was actually happening?


Trumps ties to a hostile power were so significant that it means that he was most likely influenced and/or compromised by another country, that country being Russia.


The fact is that Putin has had something or several things on Trump for years and because of that, Trump is Putin’s puppet.

2015 US Open, Day 9 - Melania Trump

The FBI and other agencies, had no other choice but to investigate.

Trump has a lot to hide, but the question is, how much longer can he or Putin hide everything?


Our intelligence agencies, not just the FBI are quickly and quietly closing in on both Trump and Putin.

Which is the more fascinating part of the situation with Trump, Putin and Russia.

Everyone thinks that is it just Robert Mueller or the FBI investigating.

If that is what you believe, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This investigation, it’s layers and so to are those investigating.

Both Putin and Trump might want to take a really big step back and ponder that one for a moment or two.


Trump may be the President of the United States, but he is not being protected by anyone in our intelligence communities.

Rather, Trump has found himself the subject of an investigation, by all of them and when those details break…well it will make for some very interesting times.  

Neither Trump nor Putin are going to be safe from those findings.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump’s Border Wall Tantrum

Government Shutdown

Most Average American’s Don’t Give a F*&k!

By: Cristal M Clark


Yesterday, I walked around downtown Denver asking everyone that I saw about how they felt with regards to all of these unpaid Federal Workers, who by the way are not getting paid tomorrow unless something really last minute is done.

All but two individuals out of roughly 175 don’t have any sympathy for those going without paychecks. This this morning on CNN I saw an interview with some of these unpaid federal workers who said things like “this is unacceptable,” “I just bought a house and will be unable to make my first payment.”

If you just secured a loan and purchased a house and did not already have the money needed to make your first payment saved, you’re and idiot.

That really does say something about our Federal employee’s in this nation doesn’t it?


If you have to be on the telephone with them, they will behave so much better than the caller, but now, that the tables are turned, the truth in its entirety is really coming to the forefront.

The problem is, sure you work for the Federal Government and the average American has at least at one time or another had to deal with on some level a Federal employee and to us, you are lazy and already were not earning your paycheck in the first place.

It’s been in the news for weeks that most American’s really could care less if Federal Workers aren’t getting paid.

Ask anyone who felt and I mean really felt the recession back in 2008 how they feel about the unpaid Federal Workers right now and you might be hard pressed to really find a bleeding heart as many who lost jobs, lost everything they ever had along with those job losses.

And anytime they had to reach out to anyone at any level of our beloved government, no pity, empathy, understanding, or the slightest care about any of those individuals was every expressed by any average government worker.

In fact, it was Obama who plead, fought and demanded that the vast majority of those unemployed American’s be given unemployment extensions until the economy was better.

As long as people are not being forced to work without pay, and it does not hit our military, I say let it go on as long as it takes.

Cristal M Clark

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South Carolina Police Chief Arrested


Manning, S.C. – Good Boy Gone Bad

By: Cristal M Clark 

Sometimes even the good can go bad and by bad, a former S. Carolina police chief was investigated and arrested for theft by the FBI.


The theft?

Gary Blair Shaffer managed to steal roughly $78,000 from the city of Manning back in 2015, most of which was money that had been seized from people accused of dealing illegal drugs, naturally.

The charges also included money laundering, which really is not that surprising I mean, if you are going to steal from the till, one would need to attempt to launder it so as not to get, what is that word I am looking for?

That’s right, so as not to get “caught,” by the FBI.

According to the indictment: Gary carefully deposited the money into multiple accounts and then subsequently lied about his actions when questioned in 2016 and then in 2017.

Gary by the way was as fired in July 2018 over “safety concerns” but, his employee file includes no reprimands or inappropriate behavior during his more than two decades with the department.

Maybe whomever filled out his termination paperwork became caffeine deprived (as a highly qualified expert on the matter, it can happen) and confused “theft and money laundering” with “safety concerns.”

Gary has plead not guilty to the charges and was able to make bail, I mean of course he made bail he padded his own paycheck.

Just goes to show you that yes, sometimes, even the good can go bad.

Cristal M Clark

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CNN Accuses Trump of Malpractice


Donald Trump vs. CNN

By: Cristal M Clark 


Tonight, is the CFP National Championship game and on the way home I heard that Trump plans on delivering a prime time address tomorrow?

Are you kidding me?

He is touting the address as “The Humanitarian and National Security Crisis on our Southern Border.”

He is still crying over his border wall, fence, dotted line money?

The crisis is all his doing by the way, as is the Government Shut Down.


He is having his tantrum and letting the world know just what kind of man child he truly is.


He and his servant Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders can’t keep the numbers or facts right, true, she got fact checked live on the air over the weekend and just kept running that overpaid, truly disgusting yap of hers.

According to CNN “the President will try to use the power of the bully pulpit to increase public pressure on Congress to give in to his demand to finance a border wall.”


And, in all honesty, I have to call like I see it, CNN’s Julian Zelizer hit the nail on the head.

Trump is just a complete disgrace in all honesty and this BS game is just flat out useless and pathetic.

This speech tonight is designed to guilt the American audience into to applying pressure to congress so Trump can win.

That is right fellow Americans, he is going to attempt to get us, to feel sorry for him, he will attempt to instill fear, hatred all while lying, providing facts that he makes up and making it appear that we have a full blown crisis at our southern border.

We don’t actually, the only crisis we have had has been one of Trump’s very own design.

He is the cause.  

Again, it’s been proven time and time again, real threats to the United States, they are not coming from Mexico.

Drugs, yes and sometimes yes, even gang members but not to the extent that Trump and his crew would like the world to believe.

Try stopping the drug abuse here at home before condemning another country for feeding the addiction.

Trump should understand this, business is business, it is based off of demand and then followed by supply.

Try stopping the demand.

Oh wait, that is simply too sophisticated of an idea for someone like Trump who is incapable of addressing the issues we have here in America.

But then again, is that not the typical American way?

We choose to blame rather than look inwardly and try to address our own issues?

The president of quite literally just making up a crisis, as one would put together a movie because the Democrats are refusing to agree to an exorbitant amount of money for a wall that won’t have any demonstrable impact, i.e. stop illegal immigration, which has been steadily declining by the way.

Our Threats are coming in by sea and airplane, they overstay visas, fall off the radar, get a pilot’s license and then bomb the world trade center.

Most who are coming in from Mexico are picking the fields and taking the lowest paying jobs that the average american will not take.

CNN: “The speech is the latest step in a massive mess President Trump has made of the federal budget in recent weeks. If it were possible to sue for presidential malpractice, this would be low-hanging fruit for the legal community.”

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I am with CNN here, rather than watch our President spew lies and nonsense, fear monger and bully, I am going to stick to re-watching the game tomorrow.

Cristal M Clark

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NSA – To Finally Help Improve Security?

NSA Administration building

Releasing Free Tool for Reverse Engineering Malware

By: Cristal M Clark 

The NSA generally undermines security rather than do anything useful so as to help.


Now the NSA is taking a stand against malware in a pretty significant way it would seem, they are going to release a helpful tool for free in an effort to help, for a change.

On March 5th, the agency plans to release a free reverse engineering tool, GHIDRA. The software reportedly dissects binaries for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, turning them into assembly code that can help analyze malware or pinpoint questionable activity in otherwise innocent-looking software.

GHIDRA entered the spotlight with the Vault 7 leak, so it’s not a secret nor is it really new, it is unusual however, for the NSA to release it.

Other similar tools to exist in fact however they are terribly expensive.

This does leave some to wonder what the NSA’s true motives are given it’s prior history and part in the Zero Days worldwide malware release.

Cristal M Clark

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Colorado Dad Says Son Earned his Man Card – After 12 Year-Old Boy Murders Woman


Father of the Year Maybe?

By Cristal M Clark 

A Walsenburg, Colorado man proudly informed a witness to murder that his 12 year-old son that he had earned his man card after the boy just went about murdering a woman.


According to a witness who was inside the home of Heith Gleason inside his home prior to the killing, Heath and murder victim Amy Garcia, age 41 had been arguing about alcohol.

Of course because if it had been cannabis the only crime that would have been committed would have involved the theft, of someone’s Cheetos.

The said witness according to the police affidavit, told police that Heath picked up a gun, said “I’ll kill her,” and then proceeded to walked outside after Amy.

Then just moments later, a single gunshot was heard by the witness, then Heath walked back inside the home and informed everyone that he did not kill Amy.

I guess Heath had another idea because why commit the murder yourself, why not get your 12-year old child to just do it for you?

That’s right, the witness went on to tell investigators that Heath went back outside with his son who is in fact 12, both accompanied by a .22-caliber firearm, then several more gunshots were heard.

Upon entering the home again, Heath proudly informed the witness that his son had earned his man card, referring to the boy murdering the mother of 4!

The body of Amy Garcia, 41, was found on Dec. 20 in the driver’s seat of a burned-out car riddled with bullet holes in Walsenburg, Colo.

Sadly, this is not just a case that involved one inept, badly behaving adult, but that idiot teaching his son that it is acceptable to just kill someone you are having an argument with.

Some thoughts on how to fight fair – after a 2 second Google Search.

Keep your cool. This is key to fighting fair….

Be polite. When we interrupt, we are listening to respond rather than understand….

Focus on the present. Focus only on the argument at hand…

Don’t lash out. When fights get dirty, couples start to name call….

Say you’re sorry.

Don’t have your juvenile child murder the other individual – maybe?

Way to kill it and earn “Your” man card, if not father of the year, Heath.

Cristal M Clark

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New Year – New Internet Challenge

Tide Pods

Bird Box Internet Challenge – Netflix – To Defecating in Our National Parks

By: Cristal M Clark 


Have you ever looked around you and wondered what in the hell happened to society? And, no I am not trying to hurt or insult anyone, I am simply wondering what happened to actual, real life, you know, common sense?

The button that stops most of us from doing some really stupid things? Are we simply just not born with that anymore or…

Stupid Internet-Challenges-CrimeShop

Internet challenges sometimes just really seem to bring out the idiot in people.

Some of the more stupid challenges from our not so distant past:


Who can forget the Tide Pod Challenge?

That is how we kicked of 2018. So it’s only fitting that we revisit some of the worst internet challenges of all time.


The Hot Water Challenge

Yes, just dump hot water on yourself until you burn or dump it on a friend.


The “In My Feelings”/Kiki Challenge

We witnessed some of the less brilliant amongst the human species jumping out of a moving car, regardless of speed.


The Fire Challenge

Of all of the things, in this particular challenge the objective of the fire challenge is to apply flammable liquids to your body and then set yourself on fire.


The Choking Game/The Pass-Out Challenge/Space Monkey Challenge

This little challenge goes a few different names,  the goal of this gem is to intentionally cut off oxygen to the brain long enough to obtain a brief moment of euphoria and sometimes loss of consciousness. Which of course could cause damage to ones brain, organs and in some cases death. The CDC reported that between 1995 and 2008, at least 82 youths, with the average age being 13, have died in the United States as a result of the game.


The Cinnamon Challenge

The goal of this challenge? Swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Seems fairly harmless right? Well, it’s not.

In 2012, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received roughly 222 calls related to the Cinnamon Challenge, which left kids with throat irritation, respiratory issues and even collapsed lungs.


The Salt and Ice Challenge

Yet another burn yourself challenge. In this one you put salt on your skin, then place ice on top of it and try to see how long you can withstand the cold.

The problem:

You are basically burning your skin, yes you may stop feeling pain, Which a lot of kids thought made them tough until they realized it was causing more damage than good because the nerve endings have been destroyed. Which for some ended up being permanent, and also caused some pretty hideous scars if you ever wanted to google pictures of that challenge.


Now we have the Bird Box Challenge.


For those who have not seen the Netflix original movie, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where people have to wear blindfolds to block the outside world and to also prevent themselves from being possessed by demons that prey on their worst fears which eventually lead the characters to commit murder and/or suicide. Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, then takes two children on a blindfolded journey to reach a sanctuary.

And now, we have a new year and a new internet challenge which actually does promise to bring out the stupid in people.


Then again, we also have quite a few folks relieving themselves all over our national parks yes, defecating everywhere and leaving trash everywhere…

I am guessing this is not to make some show of support to those furloughed and unpaid federal workers caught up in the US Government shutdown.

It really does tell a rather striking tale of the state of our current society doesn’t it?

Cristal M Clark

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Russia’s Most Brilliant Developers – Rotting in Jails.


Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles – Russia

Cristal M Clark


It would seem that in Russia, the reward for being one of the most brilliant developers in the world, is jail.


Last year, Vladimir Putin quite regularly bragged about his hypersonic nuclear weapons, his claim is that the intercontinental missiles are capable of flying 20 times faster than the speed of sound.

More importantly, Vladimir reminded us that no one in the entire world has the technology themselves to create the missiles and that no one can shoot them down, meaning that anti-missile systems would prove futile against Russia, should they decide to launch one hypersonic nuclear weapon.


During meeting with top military officials recently, Vladimir spoke about a test launch of  what is called “Avangard,” which happens to be a mobile hypersonic missile system.

Vladimir described it as “a big success and victory,” and he then promising delivery of the new strategic missile system to the military in early 2019.

Russia Putin

Vladimir also very highly praised the developers of the missiles, then promptly jailed them.

Well at least some of them. A few of the most brilliant minds that were behind the Russian hypersonic research are behind bars, under investigation for treason and accused of leaking secrets to foreign colleagues and are now classified as enemies of the Motherland.

Where they remain just rotting away.

The reality is that, like it or not if we were to look at from a military or intelligence standpoint, this is just a very well thought out proactive, strategic move by the Russian Government.

Rather than risk a leak, one of the jailed researchers kidnapped or someone becoming what is commonly referred to as a double agent, and/or commit espionage this move is actually quite logical.

By default Russia just ensured that it’s technology is not going to fall into anyone else’s hands.



While some may see this as inhumane, in certain jobs for any government entity worldwide, it is well known that the employee may never actually get to go home.

For Russia, this news really should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Cristal M Clark

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