State of the Union – Donald Trump’s Message to America

State of the Union – Donald Trump’s Message to America



By: Cristal M Clark


Wait, what?

It is rumored that during tonight’s State of the Union Donald Trump is going to emphasize unity? This from a man who has shown us over and over again that he knows absolutely nothing about unity, and has managed to divide this nation, cause deepening rifts between the US and her allies and has also elected to deepen the crevasses between the US and her enemies bringing us to the brink of war in some cases.


Now he is going to lecture us about unity? Is this not the very equivalent of getting back together with the ex that screwed your best friend? Yes, most presidents are driven to encourage unity, but Donald Trump? This is absolutely preposterous and an idea that may very well backfire on him.

Trump may have a large number of hard-core supporters still however, those that are simply just tired of this president’s antics are an even larger number. Trump would do well to know that words do have power, particularly when the speaker’s actions have already on a multitude of occasions contradicted those words. The unity Trump is about to call for may saunter off into a direction that he is simply not prepared for.


This is more important now more than ever because if he hops on television and delivers this State of the Union with more lies, made up facts, and outrageous tales of border issues, he will lose this round.

By far the media and the public are simply no longer having it when it comes to Donald Trump so he would do well to carefully consider what he plans to say in tonight’s State of the Union.

Cristal M Clark

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