Gross Abuse of Presidential Power

Gross Abuse of Presidential Power


Donald Trump Shows us That He is Above the Law

By: Cristal M Clark

Happy National Emergency Friday! That’s right, Donald Trump is declaring a national emergency and in doing so he is violating the Constitution.

He seemingly did this in the middle of the night, perhaps he was out of KFC and this decision was made whilst he was hangry?


Now some of you may be wondering why he would violate the Constitution, remember according to the Constitution only Congress has the power and authority to appropriate funds.

Even better is that he intends to pull funding from the Department of Defense.

Well, this is yet another tantrum because our man child president did not get what he wanted and because he really is the ultimate career criminal.

He sees himself as truly above the law and he lives every single day of his life that way.

In your face Mueller!

Rober Mueller_crimeshop

The whole idea is absolutely ridiculous and it makes the US look even worse in the eyes of our foreign neighbors.

Thanks Donald, thank you.

Cristal M Clark

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