Snapchat Murder Plot?


Deployed US Army Soldiers Plot Murder Using Snapchat

Cristal M Clark

I think we can all agree that plotting murder using any type of social media is not really all that smart but for two lovers, they did not really take the time to stop and think about it. Perhaps it was all that steamy romance and passion that they had for one another or perhaps it was just good old fashioned stupidity.

One can never truly know.


Two deployed soldiers with the U.S. Army in South Korea conspired via Snapchat, yes via Snapchat, to kill her husband another fellow soldier mind you, all so that she could claim the life insurance money, a nice little stipend for the two lovers to enjoy.

The trio were all stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia, where Kemia Hassel fell more madly in love with Jeremy Cuellar than she actually loved her husband, yes the man she swapped vows with. I guess those do not mean much to some individuals.


Both Kemia Hassel, 22, and Jeremy Cuellar, 24 have plead not guilty of course because the way our system works is you plead not guilty and the DA swings you a pretty sweet deal.


Turns out that they actually killed Kemia’s husband 23 year old U.S. Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III on 12/31. U.S. Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III was ambushed while visiting his family in St. Joseph Township. He died of multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head.


In a signed statement, Kemia Hassel admitted that she spent months planning how to kill her husband so she could continue her romantic relationship with Jeremy Cuellar.

Kemia and Tyrone Hassel were married in 2016 and had a 1-year-old son. This selfish pig of a woman told police that she was unhappy with her marriage, but just did not want to go through a divorce because, she then wouldn’t be able to receive any life insurance money.

How lovely, she sounds like an absolutely delightful individual.


The two began plotting the murder while they were deployed in South Korea last year. Kemia and Jeremy communicated through Snapchat because they believed the social media app’s temporary messages would make it difficult for police to trace. Clearly, not a working brain cell between the two of them.

To make matters worse for the two, Army Specialist Jaquan Hamilton and Army Corporal Tatanya Butler both testified that they were aware of Kemia Hassel and Jeremy Cuellar’s affair and of their plan to murder Tyrone.

Now the two of course are pointing the trigger finger at one another, still incapable of being truthful and honest, much less show any remorse.

These two are not soldiers, they are cowards.

Yesterday, Berrian County Judge Sterling Schrock ruled in a preliminary hearing that the murder trial of Kemia Hassel and Jeremy Cuellar, will begin April 30.


Tyrone Hassel’s father, Tyrone Hassel Jr., said it was difficult to hear the details about the plot to kill his son.

“It’s hard to take it in without crying.”

Cristal M Clark

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Want to Purchase Some Cocaine and/or Meth?


Turns out There’s an App for That

By: Cristal M Clark

If you are in the market for some cocaine and meth purchasing, you were, as in past tense, in luck because some bloody idiot made and app for that. We should have all seen this one coming really in all honesty.

collin howard_crimeshop

Meet Collin Riley Howard, 18 a freshman at the University of California Santa Cruz, the young man who created an iPhone app he named “Banana Plug,” which just so happened to offer cocaine, “molly” and “shrooms.” It appears as if Collin named the app after his school’s mascot and It was discovered by police after finding posters advertising it on campus, umm not the smartest move if you were to ask me. And the app, well turns out, it was available in Apple’s App Store.

So, what’s a cop to do in this type of situation? Download the app and play about of course. Undercover Homeland Security agents used the app to purchase marijuana and cocaine in November 2018. Agents also contacted Howard through Snapchat to set up the purchase of additional controlled substances, including methamphetamine, on a few occasions.

Now before you all run to download it, turns out, that the Fed’s, well they are not too keen on the idea of an app utilized so as to distribute illegal drugs, no, they have charged Collin whose parents must be so very proud, with distribution and possession with intent to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine.

Collin is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

Cristal M Clark

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