Best Defense Ever!

Best Defense Ever!


It All Boils Down to a Hash Brown

Cristal M Clark


Ahhh distracted driving, we’ve all seen it, texting and driving, putting on make-up and driving, shaving and driving, getting dressed and driving, having sex whilst driving, the bird box challenge and driving, the list can go on and on honestly. Police can ticket drivers for being on one’s cell phone when they are not using handsfree, and for one Connecticut man, his claim to fame over distracted driving boils down to one key piece of evidence.


A McDonald’s hash brown.

hash brown defense-crimeshop.jpg

Jason Stiber man is fighting a ticket for distracted driving after he says the police officer confused his hash brown patty for a cellphone. Jason it would seem had been cited last April after he stopped at McDonald’s on his way to work, the way Jason tells it: he was simply enjoying his hash brown whilst driving when he was rudely pulled over and interrupted.

Defense attorney John Thygerson had this to say; “I don’t blame the cop for misinterpreting what he thought he saw, but the fact of the matter is there was no cellphone use and we have cellphone records to establish that fact.”

In court on Friday, Cpl. Shawn Wong Won testified he saw Jason holding a black cellphone with the screen illuminated and his mouth was moving, yet Jason insists it was the white wrapper of the hash brown that the officer mistook for an illuminated screen.

This actually does get even better because Jason’s attorney John Thygerson argued that Jason’s lip movement at the time, he was given the citation was consistent with eating a hash brown and not talking on the phone. Excuse me, but was the man at the scene, watching this torrid tale play out?


It’s important to know that phone records actually prove that Jason was not in fact, speaking on his cell phone during that time frame.


The whole thing funny as it may be is actually pretty remarkably stupid, police issue tickets for distracted driving regardless of what the actual distraction was, distracted driving is still, just distracted driving. On your phone, eating a buffet or a hash brown, or enjoying a roadie…

In all Jason by the way has spent quite a bit of hard-earned cash over $1000 as rumor has it for a ticket that would have only cost him $300.00.

Cristal M Clark

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