Trump Makes Insane Threat


Shut US-Mexico Border

Cristal M Clark

Actually, this is one of the smartest things Trump has ever suggested although it is not the first time he has suggested shutting the US-Mexico border. Today, President Donald Trump threatened to seal the US-Mexican border, claiming in a tweet that America’s southern neighbor is allowing illegal immigrants to cross unhindered.


Which, well is actually true for the most part, they are “attempting” to thwart the crossings, and by attempting, it’s more or less half-assed.

“May close the Southern Border!” Trump proclaimed in a tweet today.

“Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country. They are all talk and no action, likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing. The Dems don’t care, such BAD laws,” Trump tweeted.

Some say Trump is doubling down on using immigration as his meal ticket into the 2020 election, and winning again. That may or may not be true, the reality is that the United States does not currently have the infrastructure to house the immigrants trying to get into the country, in particular those that are coming in with children.  

And that does not even come close to touching the entirety of immigration issues, we are currently experiencing an influx of pregnant Russian females heading to Florida, while pregnant. They are heading to Florida to give birth so that and their offspring can stay.

If Trump is successful in shutting just the US-Mexico border, it will allow for us to really look at each immigration situation and begin to fix the things that are broken and put a plan together so as to better deal with the each situation and to better support legal immigration build a sustainable infrastructure to support it. This may sound cold but no matter where someone is from, we in the US right now do not have the space, resources or time to allow for pregnant women to give birth in this country and then suddenly because of that, decide the child is an American citizen. That is clearly taking advantage of an outdated and poorly written law and it needs to change.

And, we cannot keep just aimlessly packing people into this country, eventually we will run out of places to house everyone.


Of course Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected Trump’s criticism, “We are doing something on this issue.”

“We are going to help in every way we can. We don’t in any way want a confrontation with the United States,” he said.

But Lopez Obrador said a solution would depend on “fundamentally addressing the causes of migration.” Another option would be for Trump to just suggest an invasion and let the US Military clean things up a bit then we can help the affected re-build a more how shall I say this, civilized society?

The Don is gearing up to win quite a few points because the truth is, even for many who are not part of his base or staunch supporters of Trump do in fact support closing the border and quite a few people that I have interviewed hugely support military action in an effort to stop these large influxes of immigration so that other countries can rebuild safe and more peaceful lives in their respective homelands. It’s not a racist thing at all, it’s a reality that many are seeing. The United States will not be able to sustain supporting so many immigrants and their children for the long term.

No one has to like the reality, it is what it is, liking it or not is not going to change it and disagreeing with it is a form of denial and it is not time we stopped burying our heads on the sand and blindly denying reality?

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Tweets Something Intelligent


Jussie Smollett the FBI and the US Department of Justice

Cristal M Clark

This morning I awoke to something refreshing, the Don issued a Tweet that said something along the lines of “the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice will review the Jussie Smollett case.” Taking just a slight step further he also called the case both “outrageous, and an embarrassment to our Nation!”


I actually take the Don’s side on this one, it is an outrageous embarrassment to our nation but then again so is every other case just like this one where people were arrested for far lesser false reporting crimes and could not or were never given the opportunity to buy their way off like Jussie did, furthermore Jussie paid two men to attack him under the pretense that they were Trump supporters and because Jussie is black and gay, they were going to attack him all in the name of making America great again.


The Fraternal Order of Police and others have been calling for a federal investigation into State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s handling of the case in which she just simply dropped the charges against the actor. Some would in fact argue that he did not exactly get “off,” but I would argue that one all day long if you’d like. He faced absolutely zero justice in the matter and still went on television after and stated he was innocent of all charges. He learnt not a thing at all through this. Not a single thing.

Kim was quick to defend the decision, stating that Jussie had to forfeit his bond money which is the very equivalent of buying one’s way out of the judicial system and attend a couple of hours of community service where he actually did not perform any community service, he basically just showed up and sat around. Right Kim?


As it is, the FBI had already been taking a look at the case because of a threatening letter the actor received a week prior to the faked attack on him. The letter had been sent by the USPS, which falls directly under the radar of the FBI.

The letter, in a white envelope, was delivered Jan. 22 to a Fox production studio at 1445 S. Rockwell St., where “Empire” is filmed. The letter was addressed to Smollett in large, childish handwriting with “MAGA” written in the left corner, an apparent reference to President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. Witnesses told the police that a postal worker dropped off the letter. It had been postmarked in southwest suburban Bedford Park on Jan. 18, 4 days earlier, and bore two American flag stamps. Jussie told police he and the show’s executive producer used gloves to open the envelope. Are you serious? Let’s take a step back, had Jussie been stalked prior to the letter, threatened prior to it? It’s a lot too obvious that he in fact sent the letter to himself or paid someone to send it because people do not just open letters with a carefully gloved hand unless something had been going on prior to that incident to warrant that.

The letter seemed to be a message made with letters cut out of a magazine, that depicted a very racist and homophobic death threat accompanied by a drawing. The letter contained white powder that was later determined to be crushed pain reliever.

A Grand Jury felt that Jussie should be fully charged so why Chicago failed in doing so is beyond me, furthermore the FBI’s investigation cannot be touched by the DA’s office so hopefully they will be able to do a little more than slap this guy on the wrist and let him walk because he is an actor and an all-around good guy? He paid people to commit a hate crime against him, that is the opposite of a good individual. Someone who touts that he against hate and homophobic crime, a gentle soul who loves and accepts anyone and everyone, yet he is the epidemy of all that he speaks against because love Trump or not, you do not fake an attack by supposed supporters of Trump just to create hate and bias towards him or his base.

They are capable, fully of doing that all on their own as recent stories, true stories have shown.

For that, I support Trump’s morning tweet and quite frankly the notion that someone could get away with a hate crime against Trump’s base. We want his base punished if and when they commit hate crimes and we need to ensure that they system works fairly both ways.

Cristal M Clark

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Dundee, Fla Man Fakes Robbery

HeadLight Image for LightHeaded Beds titled "Police Car At Night"

Dundee, Fla

Cristal M Clark

Guess today is a 2 for 1 in terms of stupid criminals who get caught and both from Florida. This time a Dundee, Florida man decided that he really did not want to show up to work so after much contemplation, rather than just call in, fake an illness, fake grandma died, my personal favorite (someone called into me once with this), faked cancer, faked a disabled vehicle, this brilliant individual, he faked a robbery.


It’s a little extra I’ll admit. 32-year-old Brian Anderson called 911, yes he did call 911 to report an armed robbery. According to deputies Brian stated that two unknown suspects took all of his money, his necklace, and his cellphone.


Now I know you are all wondering given the lack of pay phones these days, how he called police.

Brian then said that the robbers casually threw his phone on the ground, jumped into a black Ford Crown Victoria, and gleefully sped off into the distance.

According to the investigation which was quite drug out, deputies responded to the scene with Air and K-9 units and searched and searched, spoke to witnesses until finally, Brian admitted to them that the whole thing was false.

Turned out, Brian worked at the local fast food chain, Hardee’s and simply did not want to go into work for his 11 am shift and deal with the whole needy lunch crowd that tends to show up during a busy weekday.

Subsequently, Brian was arrested and charged with Misuse of 911 and Knowingly Giving False Information to Law Enforcement.  


I wonder if DA’s nationwide noticed the Jussie Smollett case and will now just let those that file a false police report off, knowing they are guilty?

Brian probably does not have much money and most likely will not have a job now, so maybe give the guy a break like Jussie Smollett?

Cristal M Clark

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West Palm Beach Florida Prostitution Problems


West Palm Beach Florida Police

Cristal M Clark

Florida is well known for being the state where seemingly all of the ineptest of all criminals live and commit crime and Florida seems to be pretty okay if not downright proud of that fact.


Homeless 50-year old Jon Omer Sengul called the West Palm Beach police to report, and this floors me, that he paid for sex but instead got ripped off. He paid $500, I need to pause right here, this guy is homeless yet had $500 to spend on hookers? Alrighty then, Jon summoned the police on 3/22 to the West Palm Beach Days Inn, located at 2300 45th St. and explained to dispatch that, he had offered 4 people (a greedy homeless man I see), $500 for one or more of them to come to his hotel room and have sex with him.


He then paid them and this is unbelievable, they never showed up, in fact he never saw them again.

Let’s backup because I am a bit confused, here is a homeless guy who has $500 for sex, in cash and also a hotel room? Just how much does being homeless pay these days?


The police have to love it when someone calls them after they have committed a crime, but report only the part that features them as a victim, as if the police are going to gloss over the individual caller’s part in the matter. To that point, West Palm Beach officers were sure to clarify with Jon that he was in fact soliciting for sex, once confirmed they promptly arrested him.

It is unclear who the thieves were or if they will ever be found, or even if the police believe that homeless Jon paid anyone $500.

As for Jon, well he was not shown any love here and now faces a little jail time instead. Perhaps his cellmates will show him some love?

Cristal M Clark

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Cable Guy Steals Customers Dog


Spectrum Employee Caught on Camera

Cristal M Clark

The pain of actually having to call the cable company out, the shock when you finally get your cable bill only to see all of the hidden fees, the unrealistic “time-frame” they toss our way that the cable guy will show up, all of the the expectations then the slap in the face let downs. How many of us click through the hundreds of channels only to realize it’s mostly a nationwide, upgraded version of public television stations running the same movies and tv shows at the same time and that we’ve seen a million times over.


It’s a well known and understood saga many of us have had to deal with, the truth is, we pay exorbitant fees for something we simply cannot live without. Most of the time our beef is with the increased costs of the service that in reality falls well short of what our expectations were not to mention in some cases, what we were promised.


Yesterday though, one unidentified LA Spectrum cable guy just up and decided to steal a customers dog, the only problem he faced was that the incident was caught on camera.

And as anyone normal would do, the owner of the stolen pup,  Melissa Cortez posted the video on Twitter, tagging both Spectrum and local news outlets and hoping her 10-month-old pug puppy, Andrew, would be returned home safely. As with any video like this it was circulated and shared through social media like a tornado touches down and destroys a town and, I’m guessing Spectrum was a rather bit surprised to see the video.


Melissa had contacted Spectrum directly and also subsequently filed a police report. The best news is that within less than 24 hours, Andrew was reportedly brought back home by Spectrum’s head of security.

The unnamed employee, well he has been terminated from his position with Spectrum.

So be careful when calling those cable guys out, these days you need to look out for more than just hidden fees in those cable bills.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Celebrates, Promises Revenge


Rest of the US Feeling Disheartened by Mueller Report

Cristal M Clark

While the Don is on a holy better than thou tangent, celebrating, promising acts of revenge, the majority of the US along with the mainstream media is feeling somewhat disheartened by the Mueller report. I think everyone hoped to find a way out of continuing to allow Trump to rule over our great nation. Truthfully though, Robert Mueller gave us the greatest gift of all, two-fold.


Even that hideous creature, Sarah Sanders rose to the occasion and made a chart of those the White House intends to extract revenge upon. Attorney General Bill Barr’s letter was his interpretation of the full Mueller report, not the actual report and it did not exonerate the Don. In short it simply implied that good old Robert found things, but those findings fell short of him being able to honestly recommend prosecutable charges.

Now that is a very gray statement if you will, because our judicial system is set up so that it really does depend on who you are when it comes to a prosecutor’s ability to seek charges and obtain a conviction, which are the two key elements needed for any prosecutor to seek charges against anyone.


Gift number one by Robert Mueller, shows clearly that our judicial system is set up in such a way that if you are in a higher social class, financial status, are charged and prosecuted differently from those of lower classes. You do not have to take my word for this at all, go to any court anywhere in the US and start pulling cases of like crimes across different classes and you will start to see a picture that shows just how unjust our system is. We do not have a system of equal justice for all as advertised.

If we look at the investigation into Trump, even if we took away the part about him being president the outcome would most logically remain the same and that is because although Mueller found some things it’s difficult for any prosecutor to actually take on the case, for two reasons, namely because Trump is our sitting president and most importantly, a prosecutor will never risk losing a case if the defendant has the means to fight the charges and actually win or draw the case out long enough that it would cost the prosecution more to fight it. So, the evidence would need to be strong enough to secure a conviction or the defendant has to be poor enough that he/she would not be able to afford a long drawn out hearing thus taking a plea deal which then gets the prosecutor what he wanted in the first place, a conviction.


Gift number two awarded to us by Mueller was the fact that he was able to in a roundabout way prove that the Don did commit felony crimes while in office although, the recommendation by the Department of Justice says we cannot really, actually indict a sitting president so no charges will be brought fourth. That in turn let’s everyone know the reality is that you just cannot trust the Don, he prides himself in behaving like a gangster, although he really is not, but his behaviors speak volumes. Threats, intimidation, surrounding one’s self with people who end up being the fall guy…Hollywood could not have written a better script for another sequel to the Godfather or Goodfellas honestly.


The Mueller investigation although many are feeling now was a waste of time, it wasn’t. He did what he needed to do and that was to prove a point, we may not be able to indict a sitting president but he certainly did take down those that were protecting the president to the best of his ability and along the way point out some key issues, such as issues with Trumps family being part of the White House Staff. If you thought the focus was just on Russian collusion the whole time, you were way off.


Let’s not forget now Trump loves Mueller, but the last two years he certainly felt no love for the man, he made veiled threats towards Mueller, slung insults at him and showed anything but love for him, let alone respect.


So, while Trump is doing a victory lap here around his plate of KFC, he might want to take a step back off of that pedestal because he was outed quite clearly for all of his wrong doing thus far and by continuing this fight and promising revenge, well, he just further proves Mueller’s key points in the investigation.

Merry Christmas to those that woke feeling slighted.

Cristal M Clark

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Dead Rats Stuffed with Drugs


United Kingdom Prisons

Cristal M Clark


Gone are the days of stuffing drugs into loaves of bread, having them sent in by carrier pigeon, drones and tennis balls these days when one wants to send drugs and/or cell phones into a prison, just find a dead rat or two and stuff them full of the goods and toss them right over the prison fence.

Pigeon Carrier-crimeshop.jpg

At least that is what they are finding in the United Kingdom, Staff on a routine patrol at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset, southwest England, found 3 dead rats and later noticed a line of stitches along their stomachs, which the staff guessed was not from the rats being actual “lab” rats.

After opening the dead rats, the officers found that their innards had been removed (for the record, ummm gross), and replaced with drugs, cell phones, chargers and SIM cards. In all a total of 5 phones and chargers, 3 SIM cards, cigarette papers, tobacco and drugs namely, cannabis and spice were seized.

Officials believe the rats were thrown into the prison by criminals, of course they were because your average normal citizen who works and has a non-criminal lifestyle doesn’t have time for this sort of thing not to mention, removing the innards of anything is just sickening. Officials also believe that said criminals might just know someone in the prison and tossed the rats in so that their friend could then sell the items to other prisoners or perhaps they were just trying to get to know someone on the inside and aimlessly tossed the rats in, in the hopes of forming new relationships.

Prison officials are still trying to determine who the perps are and with whom do they have a friendship with that is currently housed in the prison.

Cristal M Clark

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LSD For Those Negative Coworkers


Enterprise Employee Drugs Coworkers Hoping for Better Vibes

Cristal M Clark

We all have them, that one or two coworkers who show up with a black cloud following them overhead, you know the ones, those coworkers who are negative about everything, it could be the perfect day out and they walk through the door with the same negative aura that they left with the night before.


It seems that for one Enterprise employee down in Missouri who police are not naming, that negativity was simply just too much for him to take so, the 19-year old decided that he was going to make the place more fun, lively and positive.

Generally, most of us try to liven up the place through joking around and natural not drug induced laughter, but this Enterprise employee opted to liven the place up by utilizing LSD.

And here I am with a chocolate drawer at work to keep our staff happy…


The 19-year old confessed to police that he spiked three co-workers’ drinks with LSD because they were giving off “negative energy.”

Police began an investigation after having been called to the rental car location in Arnold, Mo., about some of the employees, feeling dizzy and shaky for an unexplained reason. Yes, my first option would be calling the police over the paramedics but I guess they do things differently down in Mo. The employees were initially taken to urgent care before being transferred to the hospital.

After some test were run the police were clued in and decided that it would be best to investigate and question the 19-year old in question, who admitted that, yes, he in fact did put the hallucinogenic drug in 2 co-workers’ water bottles and a 3rd employee’s coffee that day because they had “negative energy.”

I suppose that is one way to change the negative energy in the workplace.

Here’s to happy start to everyone’s week.

Cristal M Clark

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FAA, Boeing and the United States Liable


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 – Lion Air Flight 610

Cristal M Clark

If the latest news to hit the wire turns out to in fact, be the truth, the FAA, Boeing and the United States Government body all have one thing in common, the very essence of being hands down, with no doubt whatsoever, liable when it comes to Boeing’s doomed and faulty Max 737 planes.

The reason, well it’s rather deplorable and disgusting and speaks so very highly of the greed one finds lurking within our very own government and many, many corporations. Boeing was allowed to sell some of the safety features that might have prevented the crashes, as “extras.”


That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in ages, the FAA allowed for this? Regulators don’t require these safety features? Are you fucking kidding me?


Putting millions of lives at risk worldwide just so that Boeing could sell safety features as “extras,” as if they were a true extra like, more overhead room or extra leg room, more comfortable seats, no the features sold as extras in this care are more along the lines of features that involve communication, navigation or safety systems, and are fundamental to the plane’s operations, like its ability to keep the nose up, vs down, allowing the pilots to override the computer system which forced the plane’s nose down.…What’s worse is that they are now going to in turn, blame the airlines for not having the “extras” that would have saved lives which is preposterous.


Boeing is to blame, the FAA is to blame, the US Government who allowed the FAA to okay this idea is to blame, not the airlines because the truth of the matters is this, not a single individual at Boeing ever told anyone up until this point that not having those “extras” would result in the deaths of hundreds if not millions had these issues not started to come to light today.

So, a huge shout out to Boeing for being just greedy enough to sell something that could save lives vs ruin them in something like a plane crash as “extras.”

This proves, rather clear how truly disgusting Boeing really is.

Cristal M Clark

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