Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon Missing or Just on the Lamb

Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon Missing or Just on the Lamb


Monterey, California

Cristal M Clark

What does one do if let’s say they don’t want to face charges, you know that whole pesky having to go to court, have a hearing and face a charge like oh, rape or 24 counts of rape?

Well obviously the answer is clear, you fake your own death in another country like our good friend Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon.


Monterey County Sheriff’s Office captain John Thornburg; “The whole thing started on February 25, which was a Monday.” Kim’s 17-year old son by the way is the individual who made the call to police.

“We got a 911 call saying that he had gone swimming off one of our beaches and hadn’t returned. This was 7.15pm, which was a little unusual to go because it was dark.”

“At that time we treated it as a missing person, as a swimmer in distress, so the fire department, the sheriff’s office and state parks began searching. Monastery Beach is the area where he was reported to have gone. It’s a very dangerous beach, getting out of the water is very difficult. For the next two days we put dive teams into the Pacific Ocean there to try and locate him and he wasn’t.”

Capitan Thornburg went on to add that “we’ve got to a point now that we don’t believe he went into the ocean, we don’t think he went swimming.”


During a police interview, it was duly noted that Kim’s son could not really explain just how he and his father traveled to California’s central coast after traveling by air from Scotland to Los Angeles, the pair were on a two-week break in the States and flew in to Los Angeles but police were unsure as to whether or not they had a car, they walked, hitchhiked, crawled to the central coast…So police did some more digging into Kim’s past and learnt that Kim is from the Edinburgh area. The real shock here was that police discovered that Kim is wanted on 24 counts of rape, in Scotland.  

Kim’s son has since returned home safely away from his father and has not been charged with anything.

And now of course the US Marshals are hot on the trail of one Kim Vincent AKA: Kim Gordon so should you spot him, you know who to call.

Cristal M Clark

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