Cop Deliberately Runs Man Over, Then Plants Gun on Him

Cop Deliberately Runs Man Over, Then Plants Gun on Him


Baltimore Police

Cristal M Clark

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, the leader of the Baltimore Police department’s now-defunct Gun Trace Task Force, called Former Baltimore Police Department Sgt. Keith Gladstone “in a panic” after running a man over with his vehicle. Yes, for obvious reasons neither man works for the department any longer.

Former Baltimore Police Department Sgt. Keith Gladstone-CrimeShop

Sgt. Wayne Jenkins seemed to be in a bit of a panic because he purposely ran over a suspect, so naturally he telephoned a coworker who encouraged and assisted with the cover up. The indictment which involves several officers says that Sgt Gladstone allegedly drove over to the scene, retrieved a BB gun from the trunk of his police vehicle and dropped it near a pickup truck where suspect was left lying on the ground after having been run over by Sgt Jenkins.


Let me see if I understand this, these officers who are trained professionals in the fine art of sniffing out a coverup, could not manage to coverup their own crime?

Other officers said they overheard Sgt. Gladstone tell Sgt. Jenkins, in the presence of another officer, to have someone search the pickup truck before he left the scene with a partner, according to the statement. He allegedly told the partner that he should say they were there for “scene security” if they were ever questioned by federal investigators.

“Based on a false statement of probable cause written by Sgt. Jenkins in another officer’s name, the suspect was subsequently charged with possession, use, and discharge of a gas or pellet gun, for the BB gun that Sgt. Gladstone planted at the scene of the suspects arrest, and a number of drug offenses.”

Well that’s just lovely now isn’t it?

The indictment does not say exactly what the reasoning was behind the arrest of the suspect much less why exactly it was that Sgt. Jenkins purposely and without cause ran the suspect over however, Sgt. Jenkins was sentenced to 25 years in prison for multiple crimes, including drug dealing and robbery, as head of the department’s elite Gun Trace Task Force, a nine-member squad that allegedly spent years robbing citizens, extorting drug dealers and filing false reports, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Clearly this is a police department that has no idea how to coverup its own criminal activities so perhaps they should refrain from planting evidence, robbing people, selling drugs and the like.

Cristal M Clark

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