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New Internet Challenge – Actually a Good Thing

Cristal M Clark


#trashtag is an idea that has been around for a while, the idea first started back in 2015 when outdoors clothing company UCO launched the #TrashTag Project. but it recently, as in this past weekend started to really take off thanks to a Reddit post challenging readers to make the world a better place.


Since then over 26,000 posts tagged on Instagram showing that countless volunteers have cleaned up parks, roads and beaches around the world.


Rather than encouraging social media users to do something potentially dangerous, this challenge is asking for everyone to do some good by tagging themselves in before and after pictures of well, cleaning up litter and trash.


Craig Frazee, UCO junior design engineer; “If we all pick up a couple of things, we can all pitch in and make an impact, this is a movement to inspire people to be better stewards of the environment.”

So keep getting out and about and posting those tagged pics on Instagram showing everyone how you #trashtag.

Cristal M Clark

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