Anti-Vaxers – Fighting a Senseless Cause Blatantly Risk Killing the Innocent

Anti-Vaxers – Fighting a Senseless Cause Blatantly Risk Killing the Innocent


Anti-Vaxers Sheer and Utter Stupidity

Cristal M Clark

Not sure if anyone caught this story or not, but this AM whilst getting ready for work I caught a headline about a story of a mother who had recently lost her 4-year old son to the flu. Her son had been vaccinated, however it did not work and he subsequently passed away.

She turned to Facebook for comfort from family and friends, but what the mid-west mother received instead was legally stalking and harassment, both of which are actually chargeable offenses. Some of the vile and hate filled messages she received read: “You’re a terrible mother. You killed your child. You deserved what happened to your son. This is all fake – your child doesn’t exist.”

Then a few days later another ominous message came through from someone named Ron: “Expect more like this, expect more.”


This is shockingly not the only story like this, going through countless news stories nationwide, this sort of attack has been going on for years. When a child dies, members of the group sometimes encourage each other to go on that parent’s Facebook page, they actually according to researchers watching the groups, scour social media looking for parents who have lost a child that had been vaccinated, then seek to hurt, destroy, harass, intimated and bully that grieving parent. The anti-vaxers then post messages telling the parents they’re lying and their child never existed, or that the parent murdered them, or that vaccines killed the child, or some combination of all of those.


Which could be considered pre-meditated stalking and harassment by legal definition so I have to question why, not one of these sick individuals has been prosecuted for such vicious and unwarranted attacks?


Anti-Vaxers have absolutely no proof that not vaccinating prevents anything, not one shred of tangible proof, they run off of misinformation and dissimilate that to the masses and rather than take the time to actually become educated, they run off and attempt to force their personal beliefs onto others through nothing more than intimidation and bullying tactics.

By the same token, many of us could accuse this rather mis-informed group that it is they who are endangering the lives of us by refusing to vaccinate, something that history in addition to science have proven, countless times over, prevents death from certain illnesses.


It is time that both social media and law enforcement put a stop to the unwarranted stalking and harassment of innocent, grieving parents, if someone has a belief in something, no matter what it is, that is fine, what is not legal or fine, is pushing that idea onto another through nothing more than hate filled social media stalking and public harassment.

Cristal M Clark

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