FAA, Boeing and the United States Liable

FAA, Boeing and the United States Liable


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 – Lion Air Flight 610

Cristal M Clark

If the latest news to hit the wire turns out to in fact, be the truth, the FAA, Boeing and the United States Government body all have one thing in common, the very essence of being hands down, with no doubt whatsoever, liable when it comes to Boeing’s doomed and faulty Max 737 planes.

The reason, well it’s rather deplorable and disgusting and speaks so very highly of the greed one finds lurking within our very own government and many, many corporations. Boeing was allowed to sell some of the safety features that might have prevented the crashes, as “extras.”


That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in ages, the FAA allowed for this? Regulators don’t require these safety features? Are you fucking kidding me?


Putting millions of lives at risk worldwide just so that Boeing could sell safety features as “extras,” as if they were a true extra like, more overhead room or extra leg room, more comfortable seats, no the features sold as extras in this care are more along the lines of features that involve communication, navigation or safety systems, and are fundamental to the plane’s operations, like its ability to keep the nose up, vs down, allowing the pilots to override the computer system which forced the plane’s nose down.…What’s worse is that they are now going to in turn, blame the airlines for not having the “extras” that would have saved lives which is preposterous.


Boeing is to blame, the FAA is to blame, the US Government who allowed the FAA to okay this idea is to blame, not the airlines because the truth of the matters is this, not a single individual at Boeing ever told anyone up until this point that not having those “extras” would result in the deaths of hundreds if not millions had these issues not started to come to light today.

So, a huge shout out to Boeing for being just greedy enough to sell something that could save lives vs ruin them in something like a plane crash as “extras.”

This proves, rather clear how truly disgusting Boeing really is.

Cristal M Clark

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