LSD For Those Negative Coworkers

LSD For Those Negative Coworkers


Enterprise Employee Drugs Coworkers Hoping for Better Vibes

Cristal M Clark

We all have them, that one or two coworkers who show up with a black cloud following them overhead, you know the ones, those coworkers who are negative about everything, it could be the perfect day out and they walk through the door with the same negative aura that they left with the night before.


It seems that for one Enterprise employee down in Missouri who police are not naming, that negativity was simply just too much for him to take so, the 19-year old decided that he was going to make the place more fun, lively and positive.

Generally, most of us try to liven up the place through joking around and natural not drug induced laughter, but this Enterprise employee opted to liven the place up by utilizing LSD.

And here I am with a chocolate drawer at work to keep our staff happy…


The 19-year old confessed to police that he spiked three co-workers’ drinks with LSD because they were giving off “negative energy.”

Police began an investigation after having been called to the rental car location in Arnold, Mo., about some of the employees, feeling dizzy and shaky for an unexplained reason. Yes, my first option would be calling the police over the paramedics but I guess they do things differently down in Mo. The employees were initially taken to urgent care before being transferred to the hospital.

After some test were run the police were clued in and decided that it would be best to investigate and question the 19-year old in question, who admitted that, yes, he in fact did put the hallucinogenic drug in 2 co-workers’ water bottles and a 3rd employee’s coffee that day because they had “negative energy.”

I suppose that is one way to change the negative energy in the workplace.

Here’s to happy start to everyone’s week.

Cristal M Clark

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