Dundee, Fla Man Fakes Robbery

Dundee, Fla Man Fakes Robbery

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Dundee, Fla

Cristal M Clark

Guess today is a 2 for 1 in terms of stupid criminals who get caught and both from Florida. This time a Dundee, Florida man decided that he really did not want to show up to work so after much contemplation, rather than just call in, fake an illness, fake grandma died, my personal favorite (someone called into me once with this), faked cancer, faked a disabled vehicle, this brilliant individual, he faked a robbery.


It’s a little extra I’ll admit. 32-year-old Brian Anderson called 911, yes he did call 911 to report an armed robbery. According to deputies Brian stated that two unknown suspects took all of his money, his necklace, and his cellphone.


Now I know you are all wondering given the lack of pay phones these days, how he called police.

Brian then said that the robbers casually threw his phone on the ground, jumped into a black Ford Crown Victoria, and gleefully sped off into the distance.

According to the investigation which was quite drug out, deputies responded to the scene with Air and K-9 units and searched and searched, spoke to witnesses until finally, Brian admitted to them that the whole thing was false.

Turned out, Brian worked at the local fast food chain, Hardee’s and simply did not want to go into work for his 11 am shift and deal with the whole needy lunch crowd that tends to show up during a busy weekday.

Subsequently, Brian was arrested and charged with Misuse of 911 and Knowingly Giving False Information to Law Enforcement.  


I wonder if DA’s nationwide noticed the Jussie Smollett case and will now just let those that file a false police report off, knowing they are guilty?

Brian probably does not have much money and most likely will not have a job now, so maybe give the guy a break like Jussie Smollett?

Cristal M Clark

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