Chicago Serial Killer Problems

Chicago Serial Killer Problems


Does Chicago Have a Serial Killer on Her Hands?

Cristal M Clark

Chicago has had a small problem with women vanishing since around 2001 only to be found murdered, strangled and stuffed in garbage cans or left in alleyways, each murder similar which has been well documented through the years yet, Chicago Police had been reluctant to suggest let alone investigate the possibility that they may just have a serial killer on their hands.

That is in fact, about to change as Chicago police have announced that they are finally investigating the deaths, primarily of sex workers, as the work of a potential serial killer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.


This comes after years of pressure from activists and groups like the Murder Accountability Project, “I believe there are probably more than one serial killer active in Chicago,” Thomas Hargrove, founder of the Murder Accountability Project.

Thomas is not wrong, the killer or killers in this case look for and prey on the easily forgotten, those that are less likely to be missed by someone which is part of the reason this particular killer or killers have gotten away with it for so long.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson-crimeshop.jpg

According to the Sun-Times, Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said Thursday night at a board meeting that his department has launched a review into the murders, although he doesn’t believe there’s enough evidence to suggest it’s a serial killer at work. Which is funny considering that the Murder Accountability Project, has been doing all of the leg work here and has investigated the unsolved murders of at least 51 women.  

7 of the women were found in garbage receptacles, 2 were killed within days of each other back in November of 2007 and found dead in burning trash cans in the same park. Many of the murdered women were found on the south and west sides of Chicago, and almost all were black. Some of the women were raped and beaten.

What’s more is that 75 Chicago women have been killed in a similar fashion strangled or smothered and left to die in public since 2001, according to an analysis done by the Tribune. Of those murders, 25 cases were closed, resulting in the arrests of 13 men. In some instances, police never interviewed people in the neighborhoods near the killings or friends of the victims.

An unnamed man told the Tribune when asked about the murder of Velma Howard, a woman found dead on his block in 2014,“They just picked the body up and left.”

It’s important to understand here that the Chicago police have never had a stellar relationship with the very people they have sworn to protect and serve. Rather than protect and serve many have been caught abusing the laws they have sworn to uphold and abused, beat, tortured and tormented suspects, innocent people and bystanders. So it is no surprise that they failed at investigating the murders of so many of these women.

When you sleep at the wheel you miss your mark and that mark is finding the killer or killers of these women. These police blatantly made the choice not to look into these murders for so long it would not come as a total surprise to learn that evidence was lost, mishandled, destroyed and not even collected to begin with.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson doesn’t think they have a serial killer and that could very well be simply because the police failed so many times in Chicago to do it’s actual job and that was to investigate each one of these murders as if the women actually mattered.

Cristal M Clark

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