Snapchat Conman Busted

Snapchat Conman Busted


Dubai Police Arrest Conman

Cristal M Clark

Dubai has one of the most successful police forces in the world closing just about every single case they come across with professionalism and a relentless pursuit of justice. I have long admired them for how meticulous they are.

That should, one would think give anyone pause when attempting to break the law while in Dubai but then again, we can always count on one moron to blatantly break the law.


A man in Dubai created 5 fake Snapchat accounts with women’s names in an effort to trick young people into sending him money and gifts to him, which some 50 or so did.

The suspect had been committing fraud for 2 years, until a girl whose picture he had used for the accounts, reported the incident through an e-crime platform.

Developing programs to upload pictures, speak with victims, and then fostering romantic relationships by pretending to be a woman of course.

Brigadier Jamal al-Jallaf, director of Criminal Investigation Department at Dubai Police; “The man has a decent job and salary but he wanted to get more money and take advantage of social media platforms by posing as women on Snapchat to lure youngsters.”

Sometimes having a decent job just isn’t good enough I suppose, greed can be such a foolish friend.

The unnamed man is currently awaiting his hearing for the offenses. Unfortunately, this type of crime happens every day, everywhere once finds dating apps and websites, social media, it’s virtually everywhere and it’s not just men pretending to be women, it’s men befriending women pretending to be romantically interested just to get money and gifts.

It’s always a good idea to exercise some measure of caution when online and never send money or gifts to anyone in any online platform.

Cristal M Clark

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