Snitch Parrot Rats Out Cops

Snitch Parrot Rats Out Cops


Piauí, Brazil

Cristal M Clark

Animal training is fascinating, we can train our dogs to fetch, help open doors, to see for us, even alert us to things like a fire or some other form of danger, pigeons are trained to carry letters, drugs and the like but a parrot well that’s another story altogether.


It seems that in Brazil drug dealers trained their parrot to alert them in the event a police raid were to ever take place. According to Brazilian police who just so happened to take a parrot into custody Monday because the bird tried to warn two crack cocaine dealers about the officers raiding their house.

The parrot saw police and repeatedly yelled “Mamãe, polícia!” meaning “Mama, police!”

The police arrested the drug dealer and a teenage girl whom they believe trained the parrot to keep an eye out for law enforcement.

During the raid, officers found drugs and also took the snitch parrot into custody. Apparently since being taken into custody, the parrot has opted to remain silent rather than spill the goods on his loving drug dealer.

Cristal M Clark

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