Unlucky Drug Lords Lose Drugs?

Unlucky Drug Lords Lose Drugs?


$1 Million Worth of Drugs Washes Up on Alabama Beach

Cristal M Clark

Sometimes in the world of drugs, it’s a dog eat dog world, beach goers looking for some fun in the sun found a rather bountiful payload of fun in the sun last week, more than $1 million worth of marijuana and cocaine washed up along the shore in Alabama according to local police leaving one dealer or shipper pretty empty handed and I am guessing leaving one cartel feeling somewhat rather unhappy.


On Tuesday of last week, a beach goer casually strolling along Orange Beach stumbled across a package containing 21 pounds of marijuana and 1 kilo of cocaine then as luck would have it, 2 days later another beach goer found 38 kilos of cocaine, or roughly the equivalent of about 86 pounds of the highly sought-after white powder, about a mile away.

Talk about luck if the beach goers tried to sell the stuff rather than turn it over to police because the payload would have added some additional funds to that long holiday weekend.

Police put the total street value of the narcotics at more than $1 million. The packages were all wrapped and had barnacles growing on them, which suggests that they had been in the water for quite some time according to police.

Now, The Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection and the US Coast Guard are now all involved in investigating the origins of the drugs, which might prove difficult to track given the state of the narcotics once they arrived on the beach.

Now instead of looking for gold, cash and buried treasure at the beach on your next holiday, you might want to consider looking for an even bigger payout by finding someone’s lost loot of million-dollar drugs.

Cristal M Clark

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