Murder of Reporter Remains Unsolved

Murder of Reporter Remains Unsolved


30-Year-Old Zachary Stoner – Chicago

Cristal M Clark  

May 30th 2018 was met with the death of gangland reporter Zachary Stoner who’s bullet riddled SUV had been found the night before in downtown Chicago, leaving the reporter clinging to life with a gunshot wound to the head.


According to a police report, a car pulled up next to Zachary’s SUV around 1:30am two blocks from the club Zachary had been at, at least one gunman then opened fire although the report also indicates that were 4 attackers in all.


Since then the Chicago police had been unable to solve Zachary’s murder for some odd reason and this is despite the fact that they have several witnesses and a street that is full of surveillance camera, as well as according to documents that were obtained by The Associated Press, which indicate that police do in fact have quite a bit of evidence to pour over in this case.

If you are surprised by this, don’t be, statistics show that roughly 80% of the homicides in Chicago go unsolved as it is, once you add in anything gang related the chances of the murder ever being solved, well let’s just say that it may be highly unlikely that gang related homicides in Chicago are solved.

Zachary had been attending a rap concert at the Refuge nightclub prior to the shooting, videographer Raheem McCaskill has footage of the night showing Zachary mingling with the crowd which included some gang members and enjoying the night, everything seemed to be going rather well.

Zachary was known for doing special interest stories in relation to the gangs, murders, up and coming rappers and the like, he was not afraid to go where mainstream journalists are more often than not afraid to go, at times right into gang territory.

Rapper Thomas T-Streetz Davis was also shot and killed a week later on the day of his close friends Zachary’s funeral and some suspect that it was in direct relation to Zachary’s murder.

Due to the circumstances in this case it is more than just likely that Zachary had been murdered due the work that he did. When you take risks and report on gangs, sometimes you end up a target.

Zachary spoke about his fear of being killed by a gang because some might have felt that he favored enemy gangs in the area. In one video in particular Zachary pulled out a handgun whilst stating, that he carried it everywhere because “you just gotta be prepared.”

Unfortunately, Chicago’s homicide clearance rate is sitting at right around 18% for 2017 although Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi argues that as a bit misleading as it takes around 18 months on average to solve a homicide, according to Anthony the number of homicides solved is at right around 48%, which is actually not entirely accurate. Something tells me he pulled that number out of magically colored hat.

According to the FBI, the national average is 62%.

This case highlights Chicago’s continued problem with efficiently solving homicides despite having witnesses and surveillance footage, they need to sit down and take a hard look at that because overcoming the problems they seem to be having is crucial.

Chicago’s year to date:

Shot and killed: 192

Shot and Wounded: 783

Total Shot: 975

Total homicides: 210

Cristal M Clark

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