16-Year Old Caught Doing 105 MPH

16-Year Old Caught Doing 105 MPH

Royal -Canadian-Mounted-Police-Crimeshop.jpg

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Manitoba

Cristal M Clark

A 16-year-old driver in Manitoba was pulled over by the RCMP last week for flying past them doing 105MPH in his Camaro- the teens excuse? Apparently, he had a hot-wings induced bathroom emergency.


The teen received a $966 CAD (US $728) fine for speeding and a second $203 (US $152) fine for being on the road without a supervising driver. The teen is also facing 12 demerit penalties on his driving record, 10 for going more than 50 kph over the speed limit, two for being unsupervised and, is facing a license review with Manitoba Public Insurance.

The police said that an adult came to pick up the Camaro, no word as to whether or not they let the teen use the bathroom much less if he was picked up by the adult as well.

What we do know is that it is highly likely the teen will lose his license before the summer is over and may want to take a break from eating hot-wings prior to driving ever again.

Cristal M Clark

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