Hackers Hack Mobile Carriers – Could Shut Down Networks

Hackers Hack Mobile Carriers – Could Shut Down Networks


Hackers Quietly infiltrated Over a Dozen Mobile Carriers

Cristal M Clark

Well here’s a delightful way to everyone’s Tuesday but on the downlow if you hackers hacked my mobile carrier could you do me a solid and shut it down for a stint? I mean I have a friend who is going through some drama and she sent me over 13 text within a span of 30 minutes yesterday and that was just for that 30 minutes, don’t get me started on the rest of the day, I need some downtime here.


Hackers have quietly infiltrated more than a dozen mobile carriers around the world, gaining complete control of networks behind the companies’ backs, that is according to the companies. If they wanted to get ahead of the game however, they could have and would have.

According to Cybereason, a security company based in Boston, the attackers have been hacking the carriers over the last 7 (as opposed to just 1 or 2), years to steal sensitive data, but they have so much control that they could very well just shut down communications at any time they’d like.


Essentially, hackers targeted phone providers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, they then infected multiple mobile carriers since 2012, gaining control and siphoning off hundreds of gigabytes of data on people.

A breech of this scale has the potential to affect millions of users globally with no warning whatsoever. Amit Serper, Cybereason’s head of security research: “They have all the usernames and passwords, and created a bunch of domain privileges for themselves, with more than one user, they can do whatever they want. Since they have such access, they could shut down the network tomorrow if they wanted to.” 


While the hackers had access to millions of people’s data, they had only stolen data from less than 100 highly targeted victims. The attackers likely targeted high-profile victims involved in government and the military. That’s of course after having gaining access to mobile carriers’ internal servers, the hackers would have access to call data records on hundreds of millions of customers. That would provide information like geolocation data, call logs and text message records.

Which as any researcher will tell you is the holy grail of data in terms of hacking, mobile carriers these days tend to have it all, for all of us.

The question everyone has, who is behind the hacks? Given the types of higher profile victims that have already been targeted in some of the attacks many suspect those behind these hackers is in fact a government entity.

Either way, don’t be surprised if at some point your entire mobile network comes crashing down for a bit.

Cristal M Clark

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