Hacker’s Selling MD Info on the Dark Web


Doctor’s Fall Prey to Hackers

Cristal M Clark

Everything seems to be for sale these days in terms of one’s identity and worldwide, governments are unable to both prevent it, let alone stop it once the proverbial ball starts rolling.


In what some are calling a deeply disturbing new trend, hackers are selling the identities of doctors for $500 on the dark web. The hackers are obtaining all the details needed to pose as a medical professional by targeting, employees, hospitals and other healthcare organizations, which possess all of the highly valuable data. In case you are wondering about the employee bit; employees are every organizations biggest liability and some cases employees are sending information through non secured email channels, texts, WhatsApp, in public and the like. Case in point, Clinica here in Colorado has a rather rampant issue with its medical staff sharing patient records, which include doctor information, utilizing the likes of Gmail rather than its internal email system as reported by employee BB, who is stationed in Lafayette, CO. Then we have as we all should be very well aware of, the hacking into and holding hostage of networks, which of course contain virtually all the needed information. Hackers compromises the corporate network of a healthcare provider to find administrative paperwork that would support a forged doctor’s identity and patient information. A process that becomes even easier once hackers see staff sharing information through non-secured email like in the case of Clinica.

The cyber criminals are then able to use the stolen information to forge the identities of doctors in order to submit fraudulent insurance claims or obtain prescriptions for controlled drugs like opioids that will in turn be sold on the black market or on the streets.


Documents on sale include malpractice insurance documents, medical diplomas, board recommendations, medical doctor licenses, and DEA licenses. This was uncovered by researchers at cyber security firm Carbon Black, who tracked the shifting patterns of cyberattacks towards medical organizations as well as personal medical records and hacked health insurance company login information.

Tom Kellermann, chief cyber security officer at Carbon Black: “This is a relatively new trend, the price is warranted when you consider what can be done with the data. Cyber criminals can use this information to facilitate insurance fraud, as well as submit prescriptions for controlled substances like opioids. These can then be sold on the black market at a steep profit.”

This information is generally cheaper to obtain, with forged prescriptions costing between $10 and $120 on the dark web and insurance login information costing as little as $3.25 per record.


The researchers called for “extreme vigilance” on the part of security teams working to protect healthcare institutions. Which is desperately needed, honestly. The employee who informed me about medical staff sending patient records through Gmail also took it upon himself to share sensitive patient information with me on multiple occasions, the fact that the CFO of the organization fell for an email scam costing the organization thousands, and the inner workings of the software that they utilize. This type of information sharing with anyone is a cybercriminals wet dream if you will.

The world however, as in our worlds governments need to make it easier for all individuals to change ones credentialing if you will once someone’s identity has been compromised, new identification numbers, new licenses, etc. because by default, by keeping all of that information the same and simply flagging it, you still allow for the crimes under which the original licenses, identification numbers were committed, to continue on.

Cristal M Clark

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Murder of Reporter Remains Unsolved


30-Year-Old Zachary Stoner – Chicago

Cristal M Clark  

May 30th 2018 was met with the death of gangland reporter Zachary Stoner who’s bullet riddled SUV had been found the night before in downtown Chicago, leaving the reporter clinging to life with a gunshot wound to the head.


According to a police report, a car pulled up next to Zachary’s SUV around 1:30am two blocks from the club Zachary had been at, at least one gunman then opened fire although the report also indicates that were 4 attackers in all.


Since then the Chicago police had been unable to solve Zachary’s murder for some odd reason and this is despite the fact that they have several witnesses and a street that is full of surveillance camera, as well as according to documents that were obtained by The Associated Press, which indicate that police do in fact have quite a bit of evidence to pour over in this case.

If you are surprised by this, don’t be, statistics show that roughly 80% of the homicides in Chicago go unsolved as it is, once you add in anything gang related the chances of the murder ever being solved, well let’s just say that it may be highly unlikely that gang related homicides in Chicago are solved.

Zachary had been attending a rap concert at the Refuge nightclub prior to the shooting, videographer Raheem McCaskill has footage of the night showing Zachary mingling with the crowd which included some gang members and enjoying the night, everything seemed to be going rather well.

Zachary was known for doing special interest stories in relation to the gangs, murders, up and coming rappers and the like, he was not afraid to go where mainstream journalists are more often than not afraid to go, at times right into gang territory.

Rapper Thomas T-Streetz Davis was also shot and killed a week later on the day of his close friends Zachary’s funeral and some suspect that it was in direct relation to Zachary’s murder.

Due to the circumstances in this case it is more than just likely that Zachary had been murdered due the work that he did. When you take risks and report on gangs, sometimes you end up a target.

Zachary spoke about his fear of being killed by a gang because some might have felt that he favored enemy gangs in the area. In one video in particular Zachary pulled out a handgun whilst stating, that he carried it everywhere because “you just gotta be prepared.”

Unfortunately, Chicago’s homicide clearance rate is sitting at right around 18% for 2017 although Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi argues that as a bit misleading as it takes around 18 months on average to solve a homicide, according to Anthony the number of homicides solved is at right around 48%, which is actually not entirely accurate. Something tells me he pulled that number out of magically colored hat.

According to the FBI, the national average is 62%.

This case highlights Chicago’s continued problem with efficiently solving homicides despite having witnesses and surveillance footage, they need to sit down and take a hard look at that because overcoming the problems they seem to be having is crucial.

Chicago’s year to date:

Shot and killed: 192

Shot and Wounded: 783

Total Shot: 975

Total homicides: 210

Cristal M Clark

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Man’s Chest Catches Fire During Surgery



Cristal M Clark  

After something as traumatic as open-heart surgery, I would imagine any patient would be horrified to learn that his or her chest caught fire during the required operation. For one Australian patient, as reported by Euroanaesthesia Congress, the annual convention of the European Society of Anesthesiology, doctors had to put out the 60-year old’s chest fire during the life saving operation.


According to the report, that man had suffered an ascending aortic dissection, which is a potentially fatal rupture in the inner wall of the major artery that pumps blood away from the heart to the rest of the body.

Once doctors cracked him open, they discovered that the man had another issue, an underlying lung problem, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or otherwise known as COPD, which as you might imaging lent a hand of complication.

Doctors had to crack open his sternum but the man’s lung managed to get stuck to the sternum adding further complication, bits of damaged lung tissue called bullae became quite an issue because while attempting to remove the bullae doctors punctured one of them causing air to leak out.


This is around the time things sort of went south, part of the surgery required the use of an electrocautery, which just so happens to be a device that uses heat to burn away or cut through tissue or if you rather a thermal cautery. There was also a dry surgical pack near the man’s chest cavity, a bundle used to carry sterilized surgical instruments. A spark from the device landed on the dry pack naturally due to the oxygen-rich air around the man’s chest, it created the flash fire.

Thankfully doctors were able to put the fire out before it caused too much damage but because of the case, the doctors decided to see if they could find any other similarly recorded cases and to their amazement they found 6 other documented cases of chest cavity fires during surgery, all of which involved dry surgical packs, increased oxygen concentration, the electrocautery device, and a patient with COPD or another lung disease. Each case thankfully ended with no injuries as well.

These types of cases are very rare and the doctors, well they hope to spread awareness of the phenomenon, because of the risk factors they found that had been common to each one.

Lead author Ruth Shaylor who wrote the report: “This case highlights the continued need for fire training and prevention strategies and quick intervention to prevent injury whenever electrocautery is used in oxygen-enriched environments. In particular, surgeons and anesthetists need to be aware that fires can occur in the chest cavity if a lung is damaged or there is an air leak for any reason, and that patients with COPD are at increased risk.”

The 60-year old patient, made it through the surgery and hopefully had a speedy recovery with no further issues.

Cristal M Clark

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