Tech Industry Watch Out New Waste of Time Bill Aimed at You

Tech Industry Watch Out New Waste of Time Bill Aimed at You


Sen. Josh Hawley

Cristal M Clark

A new bill, which is sponsored by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), targeting the tech industry’s “addictive” design is heading out on the road hoping to gain some traction. The bill aims at ending auto-play videos and endless scrolling, the bill is also a complete and utter waste of time given all of the many other issues we face here in America that are oh, I don’t know much more important.

Deceptive design had a fairly huge impact in last week’s FTC settlement with Facebook, which lawmakers are hoping to capitalize on by proposing all sort of legislation deceptively advertised as a way to protect users of such platforms, but the legislation is nothing more than a way of better controlling what users see or in this case engage in.


Basically, the bill, dubbed Hawley’s Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act, or the SMART Act, would ban features that work to keep users on platforms longer, along with others, that incentivize the continued use of these products. If approved, the Federal Trade Commission and Health and Human Services could create similar rules that would expire after three years unless Congress codified them into law.

According to Josh; “Big tech has embraced a business model of addiction too much of the ‘innovation’ in this space is designed not to create better products, but to capture more attention by using psychological tricks that make it difficult to look away.”

So, let me see if I understand this, this bill aims to pretty much tell someone they are not allowed to engage in any addictive behavior, basically a way as to control human behavior? It is the end user after all who chooses to spend his/her time doing whatever they find pleasing.


Josh Golin, executive director of campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood: “Social media companies deploy a host of tactics designed to manipulate users in ways that undermines their well being.”

Is America the home of the free or is that just some tag line used to trick citizens into staying here or wanting to come here? The point being, Josh may or may not be right, fundamentally people have more of a right to choose how we want to engage our time whether it is of a benefit to our well-being or not, it is not for Josh or anyone who has a seat within the confines of the United States Government to decide for us.

Social media needs to find better ways to protect user data, not sell it and keep trolls from the sites, whatever else falls to it, it is up to each individual end user to partake or not.

Josh Golin and his lot can kindly piss off and use their time to engage in more beneficial ways of helping our nation by preventing things like drug addiction and poverty, stopping big corporations from not paying federal taxes while earning billions all while not paying employees actual livable wages, you know issues that actually matter and that actually do affect our well-being.

Our world has bigger issues than anyone trying to tell any of us how to waste our time.

Cristal M Clark

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