Pilots and Passengers Behaving Badly

Pilots and Passengers Behaving Badly


Trouble in the Skies

Cristal M Clark

How many times have you ever boarded a plane and thought to yourself, I wonder if my pilot is a little drunky, drunk? Right, me either. Turns out that if someone suspects a pilot is drunk that pilot can be removed from a fully boarded plane and arrested. Case in point, on Tuesday morning a Delta pilot was taken off a fully boarded plane at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol and arrested.

37-year-old Gabriel Lyle Schroeder from Rosemount, Minnesota, was arrested a little after 11 a.m. local time after an investigation was conducted by airline police. Before getting on the plane, Gabriel was seen leaving a TSA screening line for crew members when he noticed there was additional screening being conducted, then re-entering the line a short time later. Authorities found a container of alcohol in Gabriel possession once he was taken into custody although no formal charges have been filed as of this time.


Back in May, Christian Richard Martin, a pilot for PSA Airlines, which is owned by American Airlines, was arrested at Louisville International Airport just before a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina he was scheduled to fly. It seems that good old Christian murdered 3 individuals back in 2015, tampering with evidence and multiple counts of burglary.

Christian is accused of the murder of Calvin Phillips, his wife Pamela Phillips, and their neighbor Edward Dansereau in November 2015, said Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear. Calvin Phillips was found shot to death in his home in Pembroke, Kentucky, while Pamela Phillips and Edward Dansereau were found in a burnt-out car a few miles away.

Most disturbing still the same and this takes the cake is how passengers behave. A Delta Air Line passenger was caught on camera masturbating under the blanket on a flight.

A co-passenger took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a video clip of the man performing sex acts on himself while seated next to the window. The incident comes a month after a United Airlines passenger was found guilty of masturbating in his seat. According to in an affidavit, Enrique Gonzalez began masturbating “when the cabin lights were dimmed and continued for approximately 30 minutes, during which Gonzalez met the witness’ eye and continued his conduct.” His wife, who was traveling with him, was aware of Gonzalez’s action and “played with it” as well.

Not only do we have to think about our planes being safe enough to stay in the air thanks to Boeing but now we have to worry about drunk and murderous pilots and masturbating co-passengers.

Cristal M Clark

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