This Week’s Black Supermoon 


Friday August 30, 2019

Cristal M Clark

If you look at your calendar, you’ll most likely see that this Friday marks a new moon, but this Friday’s moon is much more than just a new moon.


The new moon occurs Aug. 30, at 6:37 a.m. EDT (10:37 GMT), just a few hours before the moon reaches perigee, the closest point in its orbit to Earth. When the moon reaches perigee on or around the same day as a full moon, it is commonly referred to as a “supermoon.” That’s because it appears slightly larger and brighter than usual due to its closer proximity to Earth. However, the “super” new moon for all you moon gazers won’t be visible in the night sky. Because this new moon is the second new moon in a single calendar month, it will also be a “Black Moon” in some parts of the world. While the Western Hemisphere had a Black Moon on July 31, the Eastern Hemisphere will have theirs on Aug. 30. 

The sun and moon both influence the height of the tides and this Black Moon on Friday will cause a perigean spring tide because both the sun and the moon will on the same side. And that River that is going to flow backwards? That would be the River Severn in the U.K. known as the “Severn Bore.” A tidal bore is when a wave travels up a river in the “wrong” direction, against the current. Here, the tidal range is the second highest in the world and it’s common for a wave to flow backwards. However, only just after a supermoon is it possible to see up to and possibly over a 10-meter wave and it could cause flooding in Gloucestershire.


Not all of us will see the new Super Moon this week, our next chance however is right around the corner when a “secret supermoon” happens September 28 that will lead to an even bigger tidal bore.

Until then, happy moon gazing.


Cristal M Clark

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Drones With Flamethrowers


FAA – Hey Back That Bus The F&*K Up!

Cristal M Clark

In case you have not heard, last month a flamethrower attachment for a drone was released, causing the FAA to ask citizens to refrain from utilizing it. Apparently, the flamethrower allows a drone to spit fire up to 25 feet.


Just when you thought all you had to worry about was being spied upon by drones, now we have to worry about fire.

Last Thursday the FAA made quite the statement regarding the newly designed weapon of mass destruction by releasing a notice that called weapons and drones “a dangerous mix.”

Really, you don’t say?

The warning reads: “Perhaps you’ve seen online photos and videos of drones with attached guns, bombs, fireworks, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items, do not consider attaching any items such as these to a drone because operating a drone with such an item may result in significant harm to a person and to your bank account.”

Harm to your bank account? How about arrest maybe!?!?


Putting a flamethrower, or any “dangerous weapon” on a drone and flying the device violates Section 363 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act, and could lead to penalties of $25,000, according to the FAA. But if a drone operator really needs to operate a weaponized drone, for whatever the reason, they can try to obtain a “specific authorization from the Administrator of the FAA to conduct the operation.

Under the law, a “dangerous weapon” is something “that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury with the exception of a pocket knife. So, you could take someone’s eye out with a drone but you can’t start a fire with it.   

In either case, keep your eyes on the sky for the new and improved, flamethrower drone and let us all hope that some gun rights nut, I mean enthusiast doesn’t figure out a way to mount an AR-15 to a drone and set that lose.  


Cristal M Clark

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AI Helps Catch Murder Suspect 


Southeast China


Cristal M Clark 


For anyone who opposes AI and facial recognition, let me just point out that both are of a benefit to us at times. Here in America, citizens deeply oppose the use of facial recognition citing rights and the constitution, All of which were things put into place in a time that they actually worked as a benefit to society, these days, well not so much. Not to mention, our faces are everywhere like it or not and that is for the most part due to our own choices, social media, etc. 

Anyway, a 29-year-old man in southeast China was recently arrested for the murder of his girlfriend all thanks to AI and facial recognition and when he realized his error he was found attempting to burn the woman’s body on a farm by the time police caught up to him.


Something we don’t have here in the US was used, it’s called biometric verification which are used in apps that tell the difference in a living individual as opposed to a dead individual. 

According to police, he apparently attempted to use the victim’s identity to apply for a loan on Money Station, an app that uses facial recognition verification and requires the user to blink during the approval process. The app did not detect eye movement but it did detect that the voice was that of a man, not a woman. Workers at the lending company manually checked the failed verification and saw the woman was bruised and had red markings on her neck, so they were able to back up what the AI already knew. 

Ahhh Snap, the old using a the face of a murder victim will get you every time, AI is actually really good at being able to tell the difference. 

Authorities suspect the man used a rope to strangle his partner on April 11th following an argument over money. The incident allegedly occurred in Xiamen. Then the man took the body and fled to his hometown of Sanming, which is a four-hour drive away.

The murderer was formally arrested early this month, for murder and for stealing 30,000 yuan ($4,200 USD) from the victim’s account through her phone. He allegedly also used her phone to tell her parents she was taking a trip and to message her employer asking to take time off.


Hopefully here in America, we will see this type of tech eventually after we wake up and realize that it is of a benefit to us rather than an invasion. 

Cristal M Clark

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Castration Fetish Leads to Botched Castration Surgery


Highlands County, Florida

Cristal M Clark

While some fetishes are seemingly harmless fun, other fetishes are let’s just say, a bit out there. In case you did not know (I didn’t) castration happens to be a fetish, for some and by some I am hoping few or it’s just a Florida thing. An elderly Florida man was arrested Monday after allegedly performing a botched castration surgery on a man he had met on a, you guessed it, castration fetish website.

So no, you would not find this sort of thing on Tinder, Match or any of the other mainstream dating sites around. Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post announcing the arrest of Gary Van Ryswyk, “You could even say it’s kinda nuts.”

Kinda is putting it mildly.


According to the arrest affidavit deputies responded on Aug. 18, 2019 to a home in Sebring, located 90 miles east of Tampa, after a terminated 911 call. They found Gary Van Ryswyk, 74, who answered the door and allegedly informed them that he had just castrated a man who police subsequently found on the bed with a towel over his groin, which was bleeding heavily and Nearby, there was a pink container which held two body parts that had recently been much closer to the victim.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Gary Van Ryswyk had built a surgery room in the home, according to authorities, equipped with medical equipment, painkillers and a camera to record the procedure. He allegedly said he met the man on a website that caters to people with castration fetishes.

That’s one way to find the one for you, I guess. To the shock of the police however, Gary Van Ryswyk said he had done a similar procedure on a man in a local motel a few years ago that turned out pretty much like this one, but couldn’t remember the other man’s name. So he is one of those that just doesn’t call after…

Gary Van Ryswyk was charged with practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury, a second-degree felony. He was being held on $250,000 bond.

Cristal M Clark

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Man Impersonating a Police Officer – Pulls Over Van Full of Police

Valiery Portlock-crimeshop

Hicksville, New York

Cristal M Clark

25-year old, Valiery Portlock, turned on emergency lights and sounded an airhorn Friday morning in an attempt to pull over a van, which just so happened to be full of well actual police, detectives actually from the Nassau County Police Department’s electronics squad.

According to police, as the detectives informed Valiery that they were actual police, Valiery attempted to flee the scene by jumping into his car and driving away, swerved into oncoming traffic and sped to the Long Island Expressway, where he was eventually stopped by the highway patrol, more real police.

Naturally, Valiery was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation, reckless endangerment and fleeing the police. He was released from custody on his own recognizance following an arraignment on Saturday.

What is truly terrifying about this is that they let him out on a PR bond, just let someone go who knowingly impersonates police, so what happens when the next vehicle he pulls over is not full of actual police?

Cristal M Clark

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Fed’s in Hot Seat 


Jeffrey Epstein Suicide 

Cristal M Clark 

As news broke of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, so did all sorts of conspiracy theories including one Donald Trump tweeted about. Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in jail this past weekend so, naturally conspiracy theories surrounding his death immediately jumped to the top of Twitter’s trending recommendation page. #ClintonBodyCount and tweets mentioning the Clintons and the baseless conspiracy theories that the Clintons have orchestrated many murders over decades.

What’s more, are rumors are circulating that indicate he had dirt to share in the hopes of getting another sweet deal. 


But now as the smoke clears, the Fed’s are under fire and rightfully so, finding themselves in the hot seat for Jeffrey’s suicide leaving the feds under immense and overwhelmingly mounting public pressure to explain Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide in his, federal jail cell over the weekend.

Which by the way puts Attorney General William Barr, directly in the spotlight and also means that he must explain just how and why this happened. Victims of Jeffrey want answers and were left feeling victimized again over not getting the justice they feel that they deserve. 

Sadly, they would have never seen justice truly served, the failings of the system ensured that the first go around with Jeffrey. The system that let the man get away with such sickening crimes is the very same system that was attempting to prosecute him now. If the system were not broken, that rich white man would have answered for his crimes a long time ago and not have been given a super sweet deal walking away virtually scott free in the first place.  

The one thing I keep hearing over and over again is that the victims will never see justice now. This suicide is justice, and its justice well served. He was a coward pedophile, and died like a coward rather than face his accusers. He would have never shown remorse, he never felt that what he did was wrong, he was arrogant about it. He spoke of child rape as if it were okay and perfectly excusable, yet when the reality of his actions finally hit him, rather than face that reality he decided to kill himself because he was a millionaire who was also aging and he knew full well that in this day and age, he would not be given the opportunity to get off light. He had been given a forever blackeye no matter what and more than likely would have never seen the outside of jail or prison again. 


When you live your entire life believing you can do no wrong and excuse your behavior, are above the system and buy your way out of crime and then suddenly are faced with the notion that you will not be given the chance to buy your way out of it again…well it’s basically 2+2 here. His way out was status and money, all of you watch the news, I am betting so did he, he knew that option would be off the table this time. 


The victims in this case were saved because this guy got off once, I truly question the ability of our current judicial system to properly hold him accountable now, given a second go around, he promised dirt on other wealthy individuals so what kind of deal would he have gotten this time, there is worse in the world than wars in your heads, those wars are over.

Cristal M Clark

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America – The Land of The Free 


Not the Land of the Handouts 


Cristal M Clark 

The Trump administration has announced new immigration policy changes and the announcement has left some accusing the administration of reinterpreting US history and an 1882 law to exclude poor immigrants.


Whenever I agree with something Trump and his administration do, I like to preface it with I am not a supporter of Donald J Trump. Overall, I think he is a complete embarrassment and a double black eye to America. 

Today, Trump issued a new rule targeting legal immigrants who want to remain in the United States but whose lack of financial resources are judged likely to make them a burden on taxpayers. Which quite nicely hits the nail on the head. 

Surge Of Migrants Strain Border Patrol In El Paso

Poor immigrants will be denied permanent legal status, also known as a green card, if they are deemed likely to use government benefit programs such as food stamps and subsidized housing. Wealthier immigrants, who are designated as less likely to require public assistance, will be able to obtain a green card.

The new regulation is aimed at hundreds of thousands of immigrants who enter the country legally every year and then apply to become permanent residents but who also drain the public assistance system.

Starting in October, the government’s decision will be based on an aggressive wealth test to determine whether those immigrants have the means to support themselves. Other countries do this, already in case you did not know. 

I know a lot of people are upset at this new rule, the reality is that we can no longer afford to be the land of the free and also the land of the free handouts. So, what CNN as well as other mainstream media outlets are missing and not telling you, the immigrants that will be denied permanent legal status who come here and drain our public assistance systems, would still be allowed to obtain work visas to come and work for a limited amount of time, then they would have to return to their respective homeland, or have an employer sponsor the work visa for an extended amount of time. 

Other countries do this in terms of immigration. I can’t hop on a bloody plane and head on over to Canada, live off of her system and tell them I am running from my oppressive, deranged, dangerous and insane ruler here in the U.S., maybe they’ve heard of him? But, I cannot support myself so they have to support me. 

No, I have to obtain a work visa with an established employer in Canada, establish that I can support myself whilst in the country and abide by many other rules and regulations. So many countries handle immigration this way, why wouldn’t Trump consider this? 


Some are accusing Trump and his administration of trying to Make America White Again, (not calling anyone out, CNN), that they fail to see the whole point. The Trump administration is simply attempting to accomplish something just about every other wealthy country in the world is already doing. 

America cannot continue to take in or take on the world’s problems, we have our own and I agree, we cannot grant citizenship to those who cannot support themselves and who live off of our public assistance programs. That being said, we must also consider what happens when workers stop coming to America because they will no longer have the opportunity to become citizens? Will the administration take a look at the employers who take advantage of and exploit these low skilled, low paid foreign workers and start looking into why they are not paying them livable wages? 

Maybe even do something about that too? 

Overall, out of all of the policies Trump has tried to force with respects to immigration to the US, this one actually does make sense.

We have US born citizens living on our streets who have good paying jobs but who are unable to afford housing due to the rising costs of housing, food, fuel, and all of the other costs that go along with being a contributing working adult that we need to shift our focus and attention to. 

Cristal M Clark

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US Citizens to Lawmakers – Stop Sleeping At the Wheel


Gun Law Changes

Cristal M Clark  

Pomfret, Maryland, El Paso Texas, Dayton Ohio just to name a few of the more recent deadly mass shootings. Each and act of domestic terror, one driven as his manifesto shows by nothing more than our very own president’s words of racial hatred and intolerance.

It is completely heartbreaking.


It’s time for the leaders of this nation including Donald Trump to wake up and stop sleeping at the wheel here, it’s time for every American to finally grasp the idea that just because you are an American, it does not afford you the right to own or have access to a gun.

Not anymore.


Donald Trump is attempting to tie in gun legislation with immigration policy? Are you fucking kidding me? Trump’s ability to continually stir the pot of hatred in this country is precisely what enabled Russia to meddle, instills the ideology that it is okay to be a hatful racist, it clears the path to some of these shootings.

The government needs to take swift action and begin the process of implementing laws that are designed to protect our citizens, not laws aimed at rights to own guns, we need laws that allow for the government to obtain a court order and take guns away from those that they deem unstable. Sorry the but the facts are in front of us, and protecting the right to own a gun is an inbred, hillbilly inept way to look at things in this day and age.

Its time to stop voting for anyone who allows for the NRA to dump campaign money into a campaign so they can win, because those bed fellows are no longer tolerable.

Enough is enough, it’s time to do something.

Cristal M Clark

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Democratic National Debate


Comedy Central Democratic Roast

Cristal M Clark

Ahhh voting season is here, political rants are splashed across my Facebook minute by minute, political hate filled rhetoric is tweeted by the second, yes it would appear it’s that time again, to start picking fights or a side if you’d rather in the great, race to be our nations next president.


With this great race comes things like the Democratic National Debate and if you watched it the last two nights it was more or less a lot like a Comedy Central Roast, without any actual comedy and delivered by some folks who are not actual comedians but rather politicians.


The delivery, punch lines and insults could use some improvement, namely if you want someone’s vote try understanding the voters.

CNN is busy shoving the debate from the last two nights down everyone’s throats and delivering a wide range of interviews, interjecting their own insults hurled at the speakers over the last two nights while also giving each participant a chance to tell CNN viewers what they meant or say what they couldn’t.

Are you kidding this is a job interview, no one gets a second chance to clarify things in the real world. Come on.

A lot of emphasis this morning was placed on health care. I almost at one point had issues choking down my beloved coffee as one of the presidential runners who I will not name actually had the balls to say, she gets out there to meet voters and really understands what American’s want. Ummm no, you don’t honey.


Overall however, the Democrats are missing the whole mark. While trying to bring us together and making this about unity, they still fail to understand what made Trump the man he is today. That ill thought out idea of tagging his precedency with “Make America Great Again,” well it did strike a chord in more than just white men, you see that statement even I make fun of, actually does have a truer meaning to it if anyone is paying attention. One of the things Trump gets so well is how to speak to the working class, he misses the mark when it comes to actually making much of what he promises come true simply because he does not really understand how to create change in such a politically driven world.

Likewise what the Democrats are missing is the key ingredient to why so many Americans want to Make America Great Again, to them that means being able to have jobs that actually pay the bills, being able to afford to buy a home, food, vehicles, raise a family, afford health care, they don’t just want affordable health care, they want it all, the way it used to be back in the day, just without oppressing women and anyone who is not a white male. The person who can manage to speak to the working class at that level will win and so far, that has been one Donald J Trump.

We force other countries to do things, take for instance the current trade war, we need to our leaders at least to take a stand against businesses whose boards and owners live it up whilst employing individuals by the masses yet failing to pay them actual livable wages. Instead of bailing out banks, wall street and allowing businesses like Amazon to not pay Federal Taxes and provide free college tuition while also forgiving the college debt of everyone struggling to pay it back.

Trump understands these idea’s in the fullest capacity, not only that, what’s more is that he is able to give the illusion of a better America without having to actually make it better, because to do that he needs the help of others and he faces too much political red tape to actually achieve it. He simply capitalizes on the very idea and concept of making things better by making promises that speak to the masses who are not really about forgiving debts, bail outs and tax breaks for the corporate world. Giving a tax break for any company should be directly tied to that company having proven its workers from the top down are actually paid livable wages, but that is too easy of a concept but one that Trump can speak well to.

The Democrats thus far, are failing at this. They are speaking to a few of the idea’s and concepts but not all as whole, they want to unify which is great but if they really want the supporters who back Trump they are going to have to get on board with Trump’s idea of making America great again, while understanding how to accomplish that without putting each other’s idea’s down but by working together and capitalizing on the idea’s and making them better, into something tangible, something that will work for everyone. Forging college debt and/or providing free college to all is going to do very little in the way of unifying this country, it will in fact cause a much larger divide. Forcing people into any type of government insurance is not going to do it either nor is telling everyone what one has accomplished while in office, we no longer actually believe someone has accomplished something let alone anything without the help and support of others.

The Dems have a long way to go on the road to the white house, they might want to reconsider the approach here.

Cristal M Clark

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