Man Impersonating a Police Officer – Pulls Over Van Full of Police

Man Impersonating a Police Officer – Pulls Over Van Full of Police

Valiery Portlock-crimeshop

Hicksville, New York

Cristal M Clark

25-year old, Valiery Portlock, turned on emergency lights and sounded an airhorn Friday morning in an attempt to pull over a van, which just so happened to be full of well actual police, detectives actually from the Nassau County Police Department’s electronics squad.

According to police, as the detectives informed Valiery that they were actual police, Valiery attempted to flee the scene by jumping into his car and driving away, swerved into oncoming traffic and sped to the Long Island Expressway, where he was eventually stopped by the highway patrol, more real police.

Naturally, Valiery was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation, reckless endangerment and fleeing the police. He was released from custody on his own recognizance following an arraignment on Saturday.

What is truly terrifying about this is that they let him out on a PR bond, just let someone go who knowingly impersonates police, so what happens when the next vehicle he pulls over is not full of actual police?

Cristal M Clark

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