AI Helps Catch Murder Suspect 

AI Helps Catch Murder Suspect 


Southeast China


Cristal M Clark 


For anyone who opposes AI and facial recognition, let me just point out that both are of a benefit to us at times. Here in America, citizens deeply oppose the use of facial recognition citing rights and the constitution, All of which were things put into place in a time that they actually worked as a benefit to society, these days, well not so much. Not to mention, our faces are everywhere like it or not and that is for the most part due to our own choices, social media, etc. 

Anyway, a 29-year-old man in southeast China was recently arrested for the murder of his girlfriend all thanks to AI and facial recognition and when he realized his error he was found attempting to burn the woman’s body on a farm by the time police caught up to him.


Something we don’t have here in the US was used, it’s called biometric verification which are used in apps that tell the difference in a living individual as opposed to a dead individual. 

According to police, he apparently attempted to use the victim’s identity to apply for a loan on Money Station, an app that uses facial recognition verification and requires the user to blink during the approval process. The app did not detect eye movement but it did detect that the voice was that of a man, not a woman. Workers at the lending company manually checked the failed verification and saw the woman was bruised and had red markings on her neck, so they were able to back up what the AI already knew. 

Ahhh Snap, the old using a the face of a murder victim will get you every time, AI is actually really good at being able to tell the difference. 

Authorities suspect the man used a rope to strangle his partner on April 11th following an argument over money. The incident allegedly occurred in Xiamen. Then the man took the body and fled to his hometown of Sanming, which is a four-hour drive away.

The murderer was formally arrested early this month, for murder and for stealing 30,000 yuan ($4,200 USD) from the victim’s account through her phone. He allegedly also used her phone to tell her parents she was taking a trip and to message her employer asking to take time off.


Hopefully here in America, we will see this type of tech eventually after we wake up and realize that it is of a benefit to us rather than an invasion. 

Cristal M Clark

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