Sued by the FTC


Dating Woes Worth Millions 

Cristal M Clark 

Popular dating site is being sued by the FTC for allegedly luring paying subscribers with fake messages and likes. 


Match offered a free profile but the catch was you could not see or respond to messages, in fact you couldn’t even look at your likes until you paid a hefty subscription fee. In addition to that, Match rarely if ever actually kept its 6 month guarantee. 


The FTC says that nearly half a million went ahead and subscribed, only to find those supposed messages of romantic interest were actually fakes or just didn’t exist at all. So, the FTC sued Match Group, which owns, Tinder, OKCupid, PlentyOfFish, and other dating sites claiming that for using fake love interest advertisements to trick hundreds of thousands of consumers into purchasing paid subscriptions.

According to an FTC statement, up to 30 percent of the users who register for every day are there to perpetrate scams. You know the old, romance scams, phishing schemes, fraudulent advertising, and extortion scams.

Per the FTC, used those fake messages to lure in new subscribers. 

The funny thing is, if you let your paid subscription expires, Match doubles down on efforts to get you to pay again. One person I spoke with showed me how many emails she would get in a day from Match saying: He just emailed you! You caught his eye and now he’s expressed interest in you… Could he be the one? READ HIS EMAIL>>”

Once she renewed her subscription however, she found nothing. Not an email, no new likes, nothing, yet she had received over 10 emails prior to 5PM insisting she had a message or a new like. 

One of my guy friends paid twice for a subscription after having received a slew of emails from Match for a week, once he logged in he had one message, not several and despite the emails indicating he had over 50 likes, he had just one. 

He asked for a refund from Match and they refused they explained to him that the likes and emails were probably from fraudulent accounts that Match’s security team found and took down. 

Which is a lie Match is trying to sell. 

The FTC says 499,691 people signed up after getting an email saying they had a message or likes, only to find either a message from a scammer or a message that was no longer available because’s fraud protection system has already caught and deactivated that account. 



The FTC lawsuit also accuses Match of other business practices it claims are illegal, such as offering a free six-month extension to users who fail to meet “someone special” during their initial six-month subscription period, but that there are a lot of special, time-sensitive requirements for getting that free extension buried deep in the fine print.

The FTC also alleges that Match fails to provide an easy way for consumers to unsubscribe and stop recurring charges, something that the FTC says violates the 2010 Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (or ROSCA).

Which my friend can attest to, she went through hell trying to unsubscribe and stop the recurring charges. I actually had to Google it for her and found a step by step guide. 

Match intends on fighting the charges, which should not shock anyone. Match however, should be extremely worried that it’s customers are going to head right to the FTC with living proof of the companies illegal scams so as to dupe 

customers into paying for subscriptions.

The reality is Match for all of its efforts to try to pass off those likes and messages as being sent by scammers, it’s itself sending them in an effort to gain paid subscribers. 

And that is the question the FTC should directly ask the subscribers of Match, they’ll get the full truth then.  

Match was once a good way to meet someone, until Match became greedy. Like with mot dating sites these days, consumers are shying away from them due to all of the deceit, as well as the sites own fraudulent scams so as to obtain paid subscribers. 

Cristal M Clark

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Dangerous Inmates Escape – Now Gleefully on the Run 


Gallia County, Ohio

Cristal M Clark 

Around 12:14 a.m. today, 4 men were able to overpower 2 female corrections officers with some type of homemade weapon at the Gallia County Jail. Subsequently the 4 inmates forced open a secured door and escaped. 


The inmates are: Brynn K. Martin, 40, Christopher M. Clemente, 24, Troy R. McDaniel Jr., 30, and Lawrence R. Lee III, 29, they are considered extremely dangerous. 

What’s more is that the inmates had a little help once outside of the jail. They stole an employee’s car then dumped it roughly a block away where someone had been waiting to pick them up. 

Christopher M. Clemente-pittsburgh-mall-crimeshop

That vehicle was later discarded in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Police tweeted that they have reason to believe that Christopher Clemente is in the area of the Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg. 

Lawrence R Lee was being held on a charge of identity fraud- Chistopher M Clemente on a charge of aiding and abetting another in committing a crime- and Byrnn K Martin on charges of failure to appear and escape. It’s unclear what charge Troy R McDaniel was being held on. Sept. 3 Brynn Martin and Jesse Partlow, 30, were in a jail transport vehicle when they escaped, they were caught the next day after a standoff with law enforcement. 

It’s rumored that the jail is and has been somewhat short staffed which helped in allowing the inmates to escape. 


The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a reward of $2,500 per inmate for information leading to their apprehension.

Cristal M Clark

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Joker Movie Draws a Lot of Controversy


Joaquin Phoenix- Joker – Director Todd Phillips

Cristal M Clark

I sit back and wonder in awe about the controversy surrounding the upcoming movie Joker which stars Joaquin Phoenix who plays the part of Joker. 

Many are crying out against the movie even showing over concerns that the movie romanticizes violence and mass killings. 

Even excuses them. 

But none of that is even true if one would take a look at the reality of it. 

Some of the survivors of the Aurora Movie Theater mass shooting are understandably upset by it, if you will recall that mass shooting occurred during The Dark Night Rises movie. 


In the upcoming movie, Joker shows us how Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), a mentally ill aspiring comedian is rejected and ridiculed by society which causes him to snap and then subsequently transform into a life of crime and violence, becoming the infamous Joker. 

Which has basically always been the story of Joker, shunned, ridiculed and stomped on by society. 

I do wonder if those who are crying out against the move are crying out against it for the right reasons?


Some suspects in some of the mass killings we have seen happen over the years, were in fact, mentally ill, something we shun, make fun of and fail to treat, some were bullied, put down, ignored, ridiculed, etc.

Batman has always faced foes who were societies shit on, which turned his foes mad with the desire to rape, pillage, rob and murder. 

We as a society continue to do that to one another today in fact, we do it every day. So, I am unsure as to why the movie is the issue and not all of us instead?

In the case of the upcoming Joker, the movie now more than it ever has, truly tells a real life story of us and our society, a story that has been playing out through centuries of time in real life. 

Rather than protest the movie, perhaps we should all be looking at how we treat one another, maybe start to take responsibility for the killers we assist in creating, each and every day. 

Movies do not create killers, human beings however, do. 

Cristal M Clark

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Rather Unusual Ohio State Police Chase

Imani C. Edwards - Newburgh Heights Ohio-crimeshop

Imani C. Edwards – Newburgh Heights, Ohio

Cristal M Clark

Sometimes the level of stupidity emanating from people amazes me, truly.

Imani C. Edwards - crimeshop

23-year old Imani C. Edwards was running a tad bit late for work one bright and shiny morning back in March when she decided it would be best to just go for the gold and refuse to pull over for a state trooper who attempted tried to pull Imani over during rush hour for window tint and fictitious registration.


This is the precise moment Imani decided, fuck it and she refused to stop, according to the Ohio State Patrol. Newburgh Heights police officers attempted to help by boxing in the vehicle, Imani also tried to plow over a police officer.

Her excuse for the piss poor behavior was that she was running late for work. An excuse that didn’t really play in her favor.

Imani was sentenced to 4 years and 9 months in prison. Her license will be suspended for 15 years, and she was ordered to pay more than $26,000 in restitution to Newburgh Heights and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

And I am going to go ahead and go out on a limb here and assume she most likely lost her job.

So, the moral of this little tale is that, it is not a good idea to should you be driving around with a fake registration, tinted windows that are not allowed in your state, city or municipality whilst running late for work, to get into a police chase. Not a good idea at all.

Cristal M Clark

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Please Refrain from Mailing Ecstasy Pills


Linz, Upper Austria

Cristal M Clark

My first thought on this is who in the world uses and actual snail mail system? I mean seriously who actually takes the time to “mail” a package?

Well, to answer that it would appear that drug dealers are using mailing systems. That’s right, A couple in Austria received a peculiar package recently, a parcel that should have contained dresses bought online from a retailer in the Netherlands actually turned out to contain nearly 25,000 ecstasy tablets.


So, the online retailer isn’t really a dress shop? Well as it turns out, the package also happened to contain two dresses, so I guess the pills were the free gift one sometimes gets when you order something online.

The 58-year-old unnamed Austrian woman, mistook the purple pills for “decorative stones” police said, but her 59-year-old husband realized that they were in fact stimulants and returned the package to their local post office in Linz, Upper Austria.

Both the couple and the post office were a little surprised by this odd package that should have contained more than just two mere dresses.

The Netherlands in case you did not know, is one of the world’s largest drugs producers. Just this year Dutch customs officials reported that the amount of ecstasy and amphetamines being sent in the post had tripled from 137 kilograms (which equates to roughly 302 pounds) in 2016 to 460 kilograms in 2018.

Following an investigation by Linz’s drugs squad it transpired that the package was intended for Scotland. Police Scotland and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) are jointly investigating the matter, the investigation is ongoing.

Let this be a lesson to all of you mailing drugs, especially if you can’t manage to send the intended package to the correct individual, you might want to lay off utilizing your own products.

Cristal M Clark

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Cop Tied to Cartels?


Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Cristal M Clark 

Cameron Ortis, 47, the civilian director of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) intelligence unit, was charged last week with 3 counts of breaching the Security Information Act and two criminal code offenses. Basically, he has been charged with attempting to sell national secrets. 


The charges go all the way back to 2015 and allege that Cameron attempted to sell high level secrets to an unnamed foreign entity. 

The bad news is that no one is really quite sure just who that foreign entity was, some speculate it was China, others believe it to be drug cartels. 

Canada is having some relationship issues with China currently yet, the drug cartel idea seems to be most fitting in this case. Cameron does happen to have a background in East Asian affairs and, according to his Linkedin profile, speaks Mandarin. So, it would not be far fetched to believe he was selling intel to China. 

I know how it sounds however, Canada is big on BlackBerry smartphones, Vancouver happens to host a pretty seedy company tasked with upgrading the BlackBerry smartphones with unhackable encrypted communications for drug cartel bosses in Mexico, the United States, and in Australia. 

Odd right?

Naturally, this upgrading for the cartels has been happening without the consent and knowledge of well, the makers of BlackBerry, which is even more odd and outlandish. 

To make matters worse this has the potential to be an embarrassment for the Canadian security establishment, because of her intelligence relationships with, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Cameron had “Top Secret” clearance, which means that he also had access not only to the files of Canada’s 20 intelligence-gathering agencies, but also to those of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. 

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Commissioner of the RCMP, Brenda Lucki are trying to work with her allies to ensure that nothing super significant was sold. 

The rumors are running pretty rampant in both the US and in Canada about just what Cameron had access to, who he sold it to and why, some even suggest that the FBI had been the ones to alert Canadian Authorities about Cameron but US officials have neither confirmed nor denied that. 

Cristal M Clark

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Impeaching Donald Trump


To Impeach or Not to Impeach

Cristal M Clark 

So here we are again, Trump has gone and done something really stupid again and the news is ablaze with the idea and talk of a renewed effort to finally impeach Trump. 


Reports are circulating thanks to a whistleblower, that Trump in a July call pressured Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Why is this an issue you may be wondering? Well, during that time frame the US was in fact withholding aid to the Ukraine, and after that call, a very short time later, the sought after aid was given. 

Meaning that if the whistleblowers account of what happened is true, Trump may be sailing perilously close to an open window, in his role he is not allowed to pressure another country to provide any information for personal gain, which he did. 

Joseph Maguire-crimeshop

Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson determined that the allegations were credible and of “urgent concern,” yet congress has yet to see the official report against Trump. The acting DNI under Trump, Joseph Maguire, is not allowing the whistleblower’s report to be shared with Congress, regardless of the fact that Congress issued a subpoena for it.  


IS that a fucking joke? So let me get this straight, Trump really could walk down the street and murder someone and Congress wouldn’t be able to do shit about it?

Basically Joseph Maguire is saying something like “look, yes you have a smoking gun but, I am taking the stance that I want to bury my head in the sand and just pretend this isn’t serious so fuck you guys.”


So Trumps camp just gave Congress and Pelosi the middle finger whilst also dropping trow and mooning them. 



Legal experts say they have never heard of a DNI overruling an IG assessment to send a complaint to Congress either. Taking it a step further Legal experts on whistleblower complaints say Joseph Maguire is going too far.

Thank you Captain Obvious.. 

D.C.-based national security lawyer Mark Zaid, “We are seeing not just a politicization but a legalization of the whistleblower process that was never intended to exist. It was not intended that the system would be put under a microscope so that lawyers could derive any type of loophole interpretation, these are the type of cases that are supposed to be broadly interpreted.”

Again, no shit. 

Does anyone remember Edward Snowden?

I do. 

He made the choice not to use the US Government’s Whistleblower channels, this serves as a perfect example of why whistleblowers are better off going to the media rather than what the US Government insists are proper channels. 

The President of the United States can do whatever he wants and Congress takes a back seat and throws their hands in the air and just says “Oh Well.”

No action is taken, nothing is done and to an individual with Trump’s mentality we reinforce this crappie behavior.  

Thank you Congress for kicking every American right in the face by doing nothing but cry to the mainstream media. 

Cristal M Clark

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Cattle Mutilation on the Rise in Eastern Oregon 


Oregon – Is it Part of a Satanic Ritual, Aliens?

Cristal M Clark 

Oregon is at least Portland is known for being weird, now in eastern Oregon a particularly odd crime spree is taking place marking the state as even more weird and strange. Cattle are being mutilated by someone or something and not a soul knows who or what is causing the crime, better yet, no one knows why. 

Young purebred bulls are mysteriously showing up dead. Recently some found several animals with body parts precisely removed and to make matters worse, it’s actually happened before.  

Terry Anderson’s family had issues with the same type of problem in the 1980’s in Pendleton, Oregon one of the rancher’s mother cows was mysteriously killed in the same fashion.

According to Terry, “A cow was laid over and dead, her udder removed with something razor-sharp. Not one drop of blood was found anywhere.”

Run over 200 miles away just outside Princeton, Oregon, a cut up and bloodless cow was found two years ago, an hour away north of Burns, Oregon, through the course of this summer, 5 young purebred bulls were cut down in their prime.

The animals were found bloodless, their tongues and genitals removed, with not a trace of blood near them. Even more odd that reports indicate that while the stench of rotting cow carcasses is unmistakable, there are no signs of buzzards, coyotes, ravens, nothing that would scavenge rotting flesh.

So far Marshals have not figured out who or what is behind the mutilations which is not stop those that spread conspiracy theories. 

Eastern-Oregon-Cattle Mutiliation-CrimeShop

Those theories range from Aliens, Satanic Cults performing sacrifices for Lucifer, black magic, voodoo, radiation, the North Vietnamese army, kids just trying to scare everyone. 

The facts so far are that the cattle were not shot, nor were they attacked and killed by other animals, the mutilations are pretty precise, the cuts and removal of organs that is. 


Another rumor is that the FBI may just be looking into this, an even juicer rumor is that the real life men in black are in fact on the case. 

In either case, rumors and theories are flying around the recent cattle mutilations and web sleuths are attempting to solve the case on their own. 

Cristal M Clark

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Judge Says He Became Horny – During Murder Trial



Cristal M Clark 

The Court of Appeal in England let Judge Carlisle Greaves know they weren’t thrilled with him after hearing that he told the court while presiding over the murder trial last fall for defendant Khyri Smith-Williams last year “All this sex is beginning to get me horny.”

Classy, really classy or real entertaining.

The Judge made the comment as a witness in the trial testified that he had shared some of the same women as Khyri Smith-Williams. Naturally, Khyri Smith-Williams defense lawyer Jerome Lynch, filed an appeal with a higher court, claiming that the judge acted inappropriately during the trial and that the judge did little to stop a witness from using vulgar language in the courtroom.

Of course the appeal was denied however appeal judge Maurice Kay took the opportunity to let Judge Greaves know in no uncertain terms that his comments were vulgar, inappropriate and out of line.

“In particular, his comment ‘all this sex is beginning to get me horny’ was inappropriate and inimical to the dignity of court proceedings. Mr. Lynch was justified in criticizing it. However, I do not believe that it damaged the defense or had the potential to undermine the safety of the conviction.”

Judge Kay went on to state that: “Anybody familiar with serious criminal trials, in this jurisdiction in recent years, knows Judge Greaves has a very personal style, whereby he engages with witnesses, defendants, juries and advocates in an informal way, often using casual language and rich metaphors.”

Apparently the Judge allowed the witness to describe another potential defendant/witness using some fairly strong words, like fucking this and fucking that. 

Either way, Khyri Smith-Williams was found guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Colford Ferguson and sentenced to 35 years in prison last October. 

Sounds like Judge Greaves runs a fairly entertaining courtroom if nothing else. 

Cristal M Clark

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