Digital Textbooks Now Offer Malware and Viruses  

Digital Textbooks Now Offer Malware and Viruses  


Back to School Woes 

Cristal M Clark 

We love digital anything, news, magazines, textbooks and essays. Kaspersky Labs is now alerting college students to be on the lookout for malware and viruses in some pretty unlikely places. 


According to research conducted by Kaspersky Labs has shown that it’s not just illegal movie and software downloads that are riddled with viruses, but educational materials, as well.

Due to the high cost of textbooks even digital one’s cash strapped students look online for less costly alternatives and that is when students looking to save a few bucks end up paying even more than they originally bargained for. 

Kaspersky scanned school and student related filenames to then determine the number of times viruses had been downloaded by users. 

This should not come as a huge shock, Kaspersky discovered that in the past academic year, there were 356,000 cases of attack attempts, malware and viruses trying to infect the users computer.


The majority of the examples found came happened to from essays, with 233,00 instances of them being downloaded by more than 74,000 users and more often than not, when essays were downloaded students didn’t just download one at a time of course. 

Textbooks came in second, with 122,000 registered attack attempts. Among them, English textbooks were the most likely to have an infection, followed by maths and literature. Subjects such as natural sciences and foreign languages were also found to harbor viruses but not as many. 


While it’s easy to tell students not to download less costly alternatives, the reality is unless the cost of textbooks, essays and other needed digital materials for students is lowered to more reasonable prices, they are going to continue to run the risk of downloading infected files. 

Hopefully, the news encourages students to download antivirus software and double and triple check the site they intend to download from. 

May your back to school year start off with no malware. 

Cristal M Clark

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