Florida Man Creates Fake International Court

Florida Man Creates Fake International Court

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Lee County, Florida 

Cristal M Clark 

45-year-old Randal Rosado created the “International Court of Commerce,” a little something he created all on his own back in 2016. I have to ask, I know criminals can sometimes be brazen but who on earth would create an International Court?


Randal as it turns out has a long history of duping people out of money, his criminal plotting and scheming started back in 2009, when he had been helping short sell a property in foreclosure, and instead Randal decided to rent it out and pocket the proceeds. Randal subsequently transferred the property to his name. 

Jump ahead to 2016 Randal decided to send some packages to various individuals associated with the Lee County Circuit Courts. The packages had been delivered to the private residences of the clerk, her husband, a circuit court judge and 6 other attorneys, all of the packages contained fraudulent legal documents claiming they owed him tens of millions of dollars, totaling over $2.5 million.

This guy has some balls for sure. 


In court documents, investigators explained how a widening entanglement of real estate transactions and fake court filings revealed a broader conspiracy to undermine U.S. government institutions. According to investigator Robert Nichols, “This investigation began with homeowners who failed to meet their mortgage obligations being accused of filing frivolous lawsuits or liens against real property with the intent to defraud and harass everyone involved in the foreclosure process. The tactics and philosophies taken by these homeowners were identified as part of the “Sovereign Citizen” movement. Their intent is to intimidate law enforcement, courts, government officials, as well as the financial institutions.”

Under this anti-government movement, Sovereign Citizens “convene their own special courts,” such as the one referenced in the deliveries to court officials ostensibly sent from the “International Court of Commerce.” Sovereign Citizens do not recognize, Municipal, City, State, County and  Federal Laws. 

So capitalizing on this, Randal would issue his own fake yet realistic looking indictments and arrest warrants. In letters he wrote: “I am a PRIVATE Citizen of the Florida Republic Union state and… have not waived any of my constitutionally protected YAHWEH (G-D) GIVEN rights secured under the national and state constitutions of this country.”

The false documents also named an attorney which lent credibility to the documents. But, the attorney named as the preparer of the false documents identified himself as part of a law firm called the Reichmann Group. On the firm’s website, a disclaimer at the bottom reads: “The Reichmann Group is not a public law firm or a member of any state’s private Bar Association.”

Randal would use fictitious names and companies to commit the crimes and to deceive clients into believing he was using the findings of an International Court yet in the end it was really just Randal Rosado utilizing his own personal make believe court so that he could commit the crime of financial fraud. 


Turns out hiding behind Sovereign Citizenship doesn’t really mean a lot, Ronaldo was sentenced to 40 years in state prison.

Cristal M Clark

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