Judge Says He Became Horny – During Murder Trial



Cristal M Clark 

The Court of Appeal in England let Judge Carlisle Greaves know they weren’t thrilled with him after hearing that he told the court while presiding over the murder trial last fall for defendant Khyri Smith-Williams last year “All this sex is beginning to get me horny.”

Classy, really classy or real entertaining.

The Judge made the comment as a witness in the trial testified that he had shared some of the same women as Khyri Smith-Williams. Naturally, Khyri Smith-Williams defense lawyer Jerome Lynch, filed an appeal with a higher court, claiming that the judge acted inappropriately during the trial and that the judge did little to stop a witness from using vulgar language in the courtroom.

Of course the appeal was denied however appeal judge Maurice Kay took the opportunity to let Judge Greaves know in no uncertain terms that his comments were vulgar, inappropriate and out of line.

“In particular, his comment ‘all this sex is beginning to get me horny’ was inappropriate and inimical to the dignity of court proceedings. Mr. Lynch was justified in criticizing it. However, I do not believe that it damaged the defense or had the potential to undermine the safety of the conviction.”

Judge Kay went on to state that: “Anybody familiar with serious criminal trials, in this jurisdiction in recent years, knows Judge Greaves has a very personal style, whereby he engages with witnesses, defendants, juries and advocates in an informal way, often using casual language and rich metaphors.”

Apparently the Judge allowed the witness to describe another potential defendant/witness using some fairly strong words, like fucking this and fucking that. 

Either way, Khyri Smith-Williams was found guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Colford Ferguson and sentenced to 35 years in prison last October. 

Sounds like Judge Greaves runs a fairly entertaining courtroom if nothing else. 

Cristal M Clark

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