Uber Happy to Be Your Getaway Car

Uber Happy to Be Your Getaway Car


Woman Steals from Gas Station – Uses Ride Share as Getaway Car

Cristal M Clark 

If your the type and I hope that you are not, but if you are the type of individual who likes to shoplift, you should refrain from attempting to utilize Uber and/or Lyft as your getaway vehicle. 

Turns out, that is not the greatest of ideas. 


Back in July, 24-year-old Kate Bailey Francis Lamothe decided she really, really, really wanted to vape, but running low on cash, she opted to steal a Juul vape device from an Exxon gas station in Pinellas Park, Florida. 

Kate did not drive herself to the gas station of course, so how does one get away quickly after stealing without any wheels of your own? That’s right, use an Uber or Lyft as your getaway vehicle, which is just what Kate did. 


According to court records, Kate ran out of the gas station after being handed the Juul device by a store clerk where she initially attempted to have her Lyft driver leave the location but he refused to drive off, so Kate had to resort to plan B and then called an Uber and tried to use it to leave the scene.


Officials said she was detained in a nearby parking lot inside the Uber she hailed. She was charged with retail theft and admitted to the suspected crime after being read her rights, deputies noted.

Deputies also noted that Kate had an open warrant for domestic assault out of Tennessee at the time of her arrest in Pinellas County. A court appearance on that charge is listed for 2020.

Kate has taken a plea and agreed to pay $350 in fines and court costs.

Sadly, no one knows if Kate has learned her lesson here but it is good to know that while Lyft drivers will not allow you to use them as a getaway driver, Uber however will gladly assist you in the event you need a getaway driver. 

Cristal M Clark

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