The Doll That Can Visit Your Dreams and Stop Your Heart

The Doll That Can Visit Your Dreams and Stop Your Heart


The Shadow Doll

Cristal M Clark 


Most of you know about Ed and Lorraine Warren, they are well known for investigating hauntings, demonic or evil hauntings if you will. Likewise, most of you also know about Annabelle. Not a soul really knows how or why the doll was created, but the doll is has been the subject of countless articles and stories, the main character in movies, and she is kept under lock and key at The Warrens Occult Museum.


Another terrifying find at the museum is The Shadow Doll. 


That’s right turns out Ed and Lorraine have quite a collection of demon dolls.  

The name is isn’t super scary but the doll looks terrifying and the story behind the doll is even more terrifying. 

It is rumored that if a picture were to be taken of the doll, it would project itself into the dreams of the person who dared to look it in the eye. The dream would be so intensely nightmarish that the victims would either suffer from a heart attack or forever be frightened of sleep because of the horrifying looking doll. 

The shadow doll was found in an antique shop, a couple liked the doll and purchased it. After the purchase, the couple began to encounter the eeriest of nightmares. They later found out that they were experiencing the same nightmares of the cursed doll, and that the husband had scratches all over his back and neck, which could only be traced back to the shadow doll.

It is rumored that the doll is responsible for a few deaths but no details are given.  

The Warren’s files do not state why this doll was created however, the files state that it was used in satanic rituals, and it was created by black magic using human and animal bones.

What you find in the museum is the doll staring blankly with it’s gaping mouth open and ready to devour your very soul. 

Cristal M Clark

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