Illegally Imprisoned – Man Fighting to Get Released 

Illegally Imprisoned – Man Fighting to Get Released 


Iowa Court of Appeals vs Benjamin Schreiber

Cristal M Clark

Benjamin Schreiber was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1997 after being convicted of first-degree murder. Benjamin says that his life sentence has been fulfilled and he should be released because he claims that he momentarily died back in March. 

Technically speaking if he did actually die momentarily, he did serve his life sentence but the Iowa Court of Appeals is just not having it on this one. 

See Benjamin developed large kidney stones that led to septic poisoning, according to court documents.


He eventually fell unconscious in his cell in March and was taken to a local hospital, where he was resuscitated five separate times. Meaning that his sentence has been fulfilled and he argues, he is imprisoned illegally and should be immediately released.

In its opinion, the appeals court said a “plain reading” of Iowa law says defendants guilty of a class A felony “must spend the rest of their natural life in prison, regardless of how long that period of time ends up being or any events occurring before the defendant’s life ends.”

The reality is however, that every legality, every law is based off of interpretation, meaning that whilst you and I might interpret one thing a certain way, a judge may see it an entirely different way. 

I am not one to advocate a convicted murderer but honestly he legally died therefore my interpretation of the law is that he is in fact being held illegally. 

My guess is that Benjamin is going to take his case to a higher court, he has been turned down by the lower courts and now the Iowa Court of Appeals. You kind of have to hand it to the guy for coming up with such clever way to fight the rest of his life sentence. 

Cristal M Clark

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