Florida Man Gets So Pissed Over Loss – He Sets Vehicle on Fire with Victim Inside

Florida Man Gets So Pissed Over Loss – He Sets Vehicle on Fire with Victim Inside


Pasco County Florida

Cristal M Clark

When it comes to Florida and crazy crime, the two actually go together quite nicely and if you have ever had the opportunity to visit Florida, you understand that all to well.

But this story, well it takes the cake.

According to the Florida Pasco, County sheriff one man got so pissed off over losing a card game to a fellow player that he set the man’s car on fire, with the man inside of said motorized transport back in October. 21-year-old Michael Psilakis burned the victim beyond recognition after the victim won thousands of dollars in a card game.


According to a witness, also at the card game, Michael Psilakis first lost $1,000 in a first-round with the victim. He tried to regain his money in another game and instead lost an additional $2,500.

The witness stated that Michael then sent a text message to him asking if he should just kill the victim.

Michael told the victim that he had something for him. Later Michael texted the witness while he was spending time with the victim that he was still thinking about shooting him.

Sadly, the story does not have a happy ending, the victim was reported missing on October 30 by his mother, who told the police that she had not seen him in days. He had allegedly been driving a Hertz rental car, which was later reported stolen. The victim was subsequently found in the burned wreckage of his motorized transport on November 1.

When investigators located Michael Psilakis, they saw burn marks on his legs during an interview they did at his mother’s house. He told the officer his girlfriend had thrown hot oil at him during an argument.

Michael’s mother then contacted the authorities saying she had found blood scattered in several locations around the house.

When he called home, his mother allowed the police to record the call. During that call, he changed his story and said the burns were sustained while he was putting gas in his vehicle and asked his mother to tell the authorities the same thing.

He was arrested soon after at his mother’s house, where a stolen weapon was also recovered inside of a vehicle he had stolen.

Authorities also looked through his phone to find an interesting search history like how to treat burns.

Michael is facing multiple charges and it from what I am guessing, will not see the light of day for a very long time.

Cristal M Clark

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