Trump Impeachment Total Joke? 

Trump Impeachment Total Joke? 


Impeachment Hearings 

Cristal M Clark 

Did anyone watch the impeachment hearings the last two weeks? If you did, like me you found them to be a complete and total predictable bore. Does anyone other than CNN feel they were a waste of time?

The House had been looking into whether Trump improperly pressured the new president of Ukraine to conduct an investigation into potential political rival Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, by holding up military aid and a White House visit.

That’s it huh? 


So he asked for dirt on a political rival by withholding taxpayer dollars from a country the majority of the US doesn’t want money going to in the first place?

Do you know how political rivals get dirt on each other? 

They pull shit like this, the only difference is that Donald Trump is more in your face about it, he simply does not give AF and chooses to just do it right in front of us.

Just because presidents of the past didn’t get caught doesn’t mean they never did it, in any capacity up to and including withholding aid, blackmail, tariffs, etc. 

I honestly feel like Trump should be scolded for pissing on the carpet and we should all just move on. 


And let’s not forget that the majority of American’s are sick of the US supplying foreign aid to any nation while neglecting to dump funds into our own nationwide problems and issues. Trump’s supporters have not ever for one second lost sight of that, in fact I am shocked he did not get a standing ovation over this. 

Aside from all of that does anyone really think the majority of the Senate will vote to impeach? The majority happens to be the Republican Party who has not wavered in its support of our president.  

I don’t always agree with Trump or his policies, his Tweets but honestly this impeachment crap is just garbage. Every politician does it, they just don’t do it as publicly as Donald Trump and the reality since CNN loves doing those daily reality checks is actually pretty simple. 

Donald Trump already knew politicians do things like this, they do it discreetly and privately so as not to get caught and Donald Trump is showing the entire world just how messed up US politics are, he’ll do the same thing someone else has done but he’ll do it right in our faces. 

That is not a crime, supporting his country by withholding aid to anyone for whatever reason he chooses is not a crime, whether or not it is for personal gain, to get dirt on someone, it’s not like he diverting the funds to his own bank account. 

Maybe now that the public hearings are over the mainstream media can find something else to shove down out throats until we can’t breathe until the next thing and so on. 

Cristal M Clark

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