Denver’s Urban Camping Ban Overturned 


Denver, Colorado vs. The Eighth Amendment

Cristal M Clark 

Citing the eighth amendment, last Friday a Denver County Court judge ruled that Denver’s urban camping ban is unconstitutional, the ban was put into effect in 2012. Judge Johnny C. Barajas ruled that the ban violated the eighth amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment because it criminalizes homeless individuals for trying to survive on the streets when they have nowhere else to go.


Which is in fact, true. Because of the ruling the Denver police are now prohibited from arresting or harassing homeless people if they are not doing anything of criminal nature. 

That’s right folks, the Denver Police were allowed to harass homeless people before the ban was overturned. You or I can get arrested for harassing someone, but the police can do it and it’s okay? WTF?

Also it’s important to note that back in May, Denver residents voted to reject Initiative 300, which would have overturned the camping ban because when someone is living in his/her brand new million dollar studio they don’t want to see a homeless encampment outside on the sidewalk and it’s way, way, way to inconvenient to have to walk around or step over the homeless who might be passed out on the sidewalk, not to mention sometimes when the mood strikes the homeless might just hop on the goodfoot right out on a public walkway. 


“The Eighth Amendment, or Amendment VIII of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that states that that punishments must be fair, cannot be cruel, and that fines that are extraordinarily large cannot be set.”

The ban being overturned has been celebrated by advocates for the homeless and has also left others quite upset and beating down the doors of local media to bitch, whine and complain. Case in point, Bishop Jerry Demmer has been leading Absolute Word Church at the corner of 24th and California for the past six years. He says there have always been homeless campers in the park across the street, but now the entire area has been overrun with homeless campers and he’s concerned that it’s going to chase away potential god fearing parishioners. That is according to what he told the local news outlets a day or so ago. “One of the hardest things in this homeless epidemic is that people decide I can urinate wherever and I can defecate wherever, man on the front of the church just dropped his pants and defecated.”

“When I came up this morning they were all the way down the street and sidewalk was taken over with bikes and everything on it, I could not park here this morning.” He actually had to park down the street and walk into the church rather than park right out front, can you imagine how grueling that must have been? 

“I have a great church. But a lot of people would never come to my church if they rode by and seen the situation on the side and sometimes in the front. They would never come to the church because it’s like, well I can’t even get into your church”

“I’ve been involved with feeding the homeless and clothing the homeless,” that’s been one of our ministries, so I have an appreciation for the homeless.” He was also careful to mention how he fears this attracting more homeless people now that you know the ban has been overturned. How brazenly hypocritical of the Bishop to say, he cares so long as he doesn’t have to fucking look at it, step over it or go around it. 

Let’s not leave out the Denver Rescue mission here, according to President and CEO of the Denver Rescue Mission Brad Meuli according to him this could make it more difficult for them to serve individuals experiencing homelessness.

“This ruling is a great concern to us, we don’t think people should stay on the streets. We think they should come into facilities like Denver Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America where they can get the help that they need. I don’t think anyone should stay outside, I wouldn’t want to stay outside. I think folks should come in where it’s warm, where it’s safe, where you can go to the bathroom or you can take a shower.”


Welp Brad, looks like you’re going to have to climb on down off of that high horse of yours and actually walk the pavement and see what you can do that way rather than force the homeless to some of the shelters you mentioned above, some of which the homeless tell me are full of bugs, theft, violence, and sex assault. It is no wonder many choose to sleep in tents along the sidewalk when some of the facilities offer absolutely no safety and are rife with criminal activity. 

Local businesses are not happy about the ruling but fear speaking to the local media will affect business as advocates of the homeless who never supported the ban are known to cause issues for businesses who get vocal in support of the ban. Actual residents in Denver, well walk around and converse with them and see how they feel, all I hear from them is a lot of whining about all the money they paid to live downtown like somehow that money should be utilized to remove the hideous homeless eyesores right? The mentality is more like just get rid of it so we don’t have to look at it. 

CAMPING-BAN-denver_crimeshop - Edited

Here’s the thing, the Judge is right, the ban is an absolute violation of the eight amendment, and those of you that support the ban should be ashamed of yourselves, you care more about illegal immigrant rights than the rights of those who were born here. You want to force them out of living off the streets yet you lack the wherewithal to actually understand or comprehend why some of these individuals are homeless and when you don’t get it, you are never going to be able to help resolve the issue. Maybe stop looking down your noses at these human beings and try to help address why they are on the street in the first place and that includes forking over your hard earned money to support ways off of the streets rather than demand the city just somehow magically write a law on the books punishing people for being homeless. 

Cristal M Clark

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Car Plant Closures Causing Fatal Opioid Overdoses?

Closed General Motors Plant

U.S. Opioid Addiction – The Blame Game Rages On

Cristal M Clark

According to researchers, since US car plants started closing up shop it has caused a rise in opioid overdoses. The researchers collected data between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2016 on 112 industrial counties mainly in the South and Midwest, using those figures from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, the team looked at how many adults aged between 18 to 65 years old died of opioid overdoses during this period.


Then blamed the closure of car manufacturing plants for the overdoses. So, am I to believe that these individuals are self-medicating through depression due to job losses? Doctors are prescribing opioids for depression now?

To be fair, manufacturing in the US has been hit pretty significantly over the past couple of decades which can cause a bout of depression in an otherwise healthy adult.  The study looked at 29 counties that had been affected by a plant closure. The data revealed plant closures were followed by a statistically significant increase in deaths due to opioids overdoses. After 5 years, mortality rates increased by 8.6 deaths per 100,000 in affected counties. White men aged between 18 to 34-years-old saw the biggest increases in opioid overdose deaths, followed by those of the same ethnicity in the 35 to 65 age group.


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 70,200 people who died of a drug overdose in 2017, around 68 percent had taken an opioid. That included prescription and illegal drugs like heroin and its stronger synthetic counterpart fentanyl.

For me, I am not sure the numbers quite add up. The Midwest and the south have a longer history than this research would indicate in terms of drug abuse issues and to be even more honest, I feel personally that the research is a bit misleading. It’s trying to say that in part in some regions a big reason the epidemic grew to the point that it did is because individuals lost jobs due to manufacturing plant closures.

So, car manufacturers are to blame?

I simply do not buy that. My mom was an addict, I know firsthand the many excuses and reasons people shoved down my throat for why that was and as it turned out, it was because of her and only her. If you dig deeper into these research numbers you see a more clear picture, for some that have been and were affected, they were in fact addicts long before the closure of plant and they were functioning much like that of someone who reaches for a drink upon waking, for others sure it could have been depression but then why would a doctor prescribe and opioid for depression?  That raises even bigger questions such as, how were the affected individuals able to afford the drugs, has anyone else seen the cost of prescription drugs skyrocket the past decade? So, were the users obtaining the drugs on the street, friends, family? No, these people found a way to self-medicate a bout of depression and became addicts.

Mental health seems to be the more underlying issue at hand along with a push by big pharma to take advantage of that and get these drugs into the hands of anyone they could have created an addict out of. That is in fact the plain and simple of it and if anyone wants to argue that point and try to tell me that I don’t understand, you are more than welcome to do that, trust me I had my own demons with addiction once, it’s an argument you’ll not likely win. You can blame, gangs, sex trafficking, guns, and drugs on the street on economic issues, you cannot blame addiction on economic issues, depression and addiction are both a mental illness if you will, economic issues are simply not the same, the end result of economic issues prey on the mentally ill/weak.

Cristal M Clark

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Runit Dome Fails to Meet Expectations 


U.S. Nuclear Coffin Leaking Nuclear Waste 

Cristal M Clark 

Some of you may be wondering what the hell is the Runit Dome? The Runit Dome AKA, The Tomb is a 328-foot-wide crater that had been caused by a nuclear explosion and it was created back in 1980, the dome contains 110,000 cubic yards of radioactive contaminated soil and 6,000 cubic yards of contaminated debris.

The project happens to be the dream-child of the United States Government, the government built the concrete dome 18 inches thick over the crater, sealing the radioactive contents inside, but rather than host this at home, the US in its infinite wisdom built it in the Marshall Islands and then subsequently tasked that government with maintaining and caring for it. 


Here’s that little reality check, the Runit Dome was thrown together as an afterthought, cheaply built, corners were cut and now, it’s taking in sea water leaving some to “speculate” that it is also seeping nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean. If someone is speculating they are a moron, logically if the dome is taking in seawater it is also leaking nuclear waste back out into the said seawater.  


The U.S. government failed, and not by accident, to build an actual concrete lining for the debris, they just tossed the nuclear debris into the dome and walked the fuck away. 

So lazy. 

Now, because of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, otherwise known as the 2020 defense budget, the DOE has been tasked to investigate “the status of the Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands” and the dangers posed by potential leaks. They must also come up with a game plan so as to repair the dome, the leaks, and to prevent an all out disaster of sorts, one strong weather event could potentially damage the dome to the extent that we will see a nuclear disaster as we roll into 2020. 

Unfortunately, we cannot put any faith into the Government’s next plan they cannot seem to think in proactive ways, they seem to enjoy being reactive to anything. Since the Marshall Islands is being tasked with maintaining this little pet project of the United States Government I’d strongly recommend the Marshall Islands take this on themselves and bring companies in from the private sector, you know companies that actually get paid to think in more long term, result oriented, proactive ways rather than toss shit together and walk away.  

Besides, if we are trying to protect the earth from the nuclear waste seeping out in the long run, wouldn’t we want to pay whatever it costs to accomplish that? The US Government doesn’t so… 

Cristal M Clark

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Hells Angels Raid Raises Questions About Media/Law Enforcement Tactics 


Denver HAMC 

Cristal M Clark 

Back in the early hours of November 7, 2019 several law enforcement agencies, including Denver Police, executed warrants at multiple locations. Among those raided was the Denver Charter Hells Angels ClubHouse located at 3257 Navajo St.


13 individuals were subsequently charged and arrested, one severely injured during the raid. 


Jason P. Sellers (age 44)

Michael J. Dire (age 74)

Jared B. Orland (age 47)

Clinton Williams (age 45)

William “Kelly” Henderson (age 42)

William “Curly” E. Whitney (age 81)

Justin A. Wright (age 35)

Peter M. Baron (age 30)

Dominic Robichaud (age 47)

Adam Mulcahy (age 27)

Jimmy D. Salazar (age 44)

Derek A. Beste (age 30)

*Dustin Ullerich (age 47)

Dusty was shot by a door buster round and ended up in serious condition in the hospital. As of a few days ago, he was still hospitalized. That’s a little something you are not seeing reported in the mainstream media, not from the start of the story and not as of today. Which calls into question of the tactics being employed during these 4am raids where man takes a round to the chest because law enforcement is afraid of raiding the victims house at 4AM when they know it’s going freak an individual out?

Dusty’s loved one’s have set up a GoFundMe to help with the medical care costs because we all know that the state is not going to pay for causing bodily injury during the raid:

According to the DA’s office, their arrest warrants are sealed and would only say that some of the accused face additional charges, including first-degree assault, second-degree kidnapping, robbery, theft greater than $100,000, aggravated motor vehicle theft and chop shop activity.

In addition to Denver, the charges stemmed from police action in cities and towns including Arvada, Brighton, Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Englewood, Erie, Golden, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton and Westminster. Local agencies partnered with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to execute the warrants, as well as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado State Patrol.

hells-angels-crimeshop - Edited

It is widely known throughout the law enforcement community that the raids also include another MC yet not a soul is saying which one that is, it is all very hush, hush. Recent rumors on the street are tying this raid to a raid down in Boulder City, Nevada in which the Brotherhood Motorcycle Club’s Las Vegas chapter got caught up in a sting involving guns, drugs etc. During that raid 11 were arrested, including the Brotherhood club president. Again, it is only a rumor that the two busts are related but not unlikely.  It is important to note however that the Brotherhood is not a Denver area club. Another popular rumor has been that a prospect became embittered and enraged when denied entrance into the club so he turned on the club. 

Sons of Silence recently had its own issues as well involving over 250 law enforcement members leaving 3 local chapters of the Sons of Silence completely dismantled.  

Rumors aside it is well known that the ATF are going after the  “Big Five” motorcycle gangs in the country, those are, The Sons of Silence, Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws and Pagans, they let this be known a few years back, they want the clubs shut down and gone. End of story.  

BIG-5-outlaw-MC-CrimeShop - Edited

The problem is the tactics they employ in an effort to accomplish that. Law enforcement is well known to infiltrate by becoming full fledged members, breaking the law themselves, all in an effort to “prevent” illegal activity, get the dirt on the club, then turn on said club. They have utilized this on international levels as well, in case anyone needs a reminder here, law enforcement agencies buy and sell arms to cartels/foreign militaries worldwide and have offered up weapons and bomb making supplies to would be terrorists who weren’t even plotting to blow up anything in the United States, all of which is very well documented. 

The whole idea of law enforcement breaking the law in order to arrest feels a lot like entrapment. There was a case a little over a year ago where it was pointed out that law enforcement attempted to sell bomb making materials to someone they suspected to be a terrorist, which he was not, he had been brainwashed but had no real desire to die or blow things up, the guy didn’t really want to make a bomb and they twisted him mentally enough to the point over the course of time, to where he actually attempted to buy the materials to make a bomb, then law enforcement swooped in and arrested him. I believe the government lost that case however due to the tactics it employs. It’s a military way, it’s a good mental fuck, we all have the ability with the right training to twist things about just enough to make people do whatever it is we want them to do without them realizing it, to get information out of them they never intended on providing to us, they don’t even realize they are doing it. 

It is widely known that law enforcement uses this tactic at every turn. How do any of us know some of the guns or drugs the MC was running didn’t come from big brother? We don’t but we do know for a fact that big brother is always all too willing to provide these items to a club, cartel, mafia in order to arrest them. Which lends to the idea had law enforcement not provided the material, would any of the above have ever had it to sell or use?

The point is, a simple question if you will, when will we stop allowing for law enforcement to utilize these tactics here at home, on our streets. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and it’s not right to infiltrate utilizing such tactics. Since when it is okay for law enforcement to become outlaws themselves rather than utilize good old fashioned investigative techniques, processes and procedures in an effort to bust anyone?

The other issue here is the public service the MC’s actually provide to the community when they go into hiding that goes away. All of the big 5 have a long standing history of standing up for the underdog in particular children, women, the disabled, contrary to what the media would sell you.  

They are protective, they have runs to raise money for good causes for the community, hold community events to raise money for good causes, they are not the worst of the worst nor are they the monsters you see or hear about on TV. 

The MC’s take care of the community they live in and honestly provide a bigger public service than any law enforcement agency ever can or will. 

For most every day individual’s we don’t really care about the drugs the MC’s run either. The bottom line is this, if someone wants to dump drugs into his/her body so be it, likewise if people are going to run a chop shop or run guns on our streets, most of us would rather it be these guys holding the puppet strings because the other option are those that are coming in from outside of the US and they are without a doubt more ruthless, brutal and bloodthirsty. 

If the MC’s get dismantled and taken down we’re fucked when MS-13 and the cartels start coming to town because our only protection from that, happens to be the MC’s – not law enforcement despite what it thinks. Who knows though, with any luck maybe we’ll be able to purchase back some of the US weapons that are in the hands of the cartels and MS-13 all thanks to big brother, right?

Cristal M Clark

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A Christmas Murder 


Kevin Showalter Killed or MIA

Cristal M Clark 

20-year-old college student Kevin Showalter’s mother had a strange unnerving feeling on Christmas Eve, 1973, the sort of feeling only a mother would know, she felt her son’s life slip away. Mom’s will understand this but we literally feel the soul of our children and can usually tell when things are amiss.  


Kevin and his girlfriend were driving through New London, Connecticut when their vehicle got a flat tire. Kevin pulled over and was in the midst of changing the tire when he was struck by a passing vehicle and was subsequently killed. Several houses along the road noticed the commotion and called 911 for help. No one got a description of the car as the street was dimly lit and the car tore down the street at a high rate of speed. 

When Kevin’s mother went to retrieve her son’s personal effects from the scene but was told they had been lost and that his death would probably never be solved. 

Turns out, Kevin’s mother ended up being a much better investigator than the local authorities were you see, her investigation would uncover allegations of shoddy police work and a potential cover-up. Kevin’s mother became convinced that police weren’t taking the investigation seriously, and so she was tenacious in her own investigation, searching local garages and used car lots for a vehicle which matched the dark green paint particles found on Kevin’s clothing.

When Kevin’s mother collected her findings and handed them to police, they were unimpressed, and actually accused Mrs Showalter of withholding evidence.

A former mayor of New London, Harvey Mallove had been considered a potential suspect simply because he drove through the area often and in particular during the time of Kevin’s untimely death. Harvey Mallove told Kevin’s mother that he had driven past the scene of the accident at 11:12pm, which was less than a minute after the vehicle struck Kevin. He reported a green car parked by the side of the road, and a middle-age man, who was talking to a young woman, presumably Kevin’s girlfriend Debra.

Aside from Kevin’s personal effects, other key pieces of evidence from the accident scene had been lost: plastic from a signal light, and a large slice of green paint from the vehicle. According to Kevin’s mother the green paint on Kevin’s clothing had been planted after the fact, and weren’t from the impact of the car.

More worrisome, as it turns out the former Mayor’s story was in fact a complete fabrication. Kevin’s girlfriend never spoke to a middle aged man and she saw no green car. 

In 1979, a man named Paul Hansen came forward to confess that he was the hit-and-run suspect but the statute of limitations had expired and a grand jury determined that Hansen might have been lying as they found no supporting evidence that he could have been guilty of the crime. 

Sadly the case remained cold until 2005 when Hansen committed suicide. He left behind a note once again claiming responsibility for Kevin’s death. 

Police then decided to reopen the case, but when the local media requested transcripts from the earlier investigations, they were denied for some odd reason. The entire 3,000-page transcript from the original grand jury investigation on Mallove had also just mysteriously gone missing. To this day, Kevin Showalter’s death is still officially unsolved.

Cristal M Clark

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So many of you asked me for a follow up. I actually asked the owner of the shop (Vance Walker, Harmony’s Ink) to talk to me about what his artist did and well again I was told to fuck off, again. So here are the before and after pictures.



I was called by two women who stated that the owner of this shop is on a dating site trying to get women into his shop for work under the pretense of dating? That is what he tried with me too.


I’m told it will be months before I will be able to have any actual work done as the scars now have to heal, the back of my arm is completely f’d up, you can now feel the original tattoo on my elbow. Damn! I am still feeling some pain in the front and back of it where the artists cut the deepest. Again, not what I signed up for and not what he should have done.


All in all though, I am glad I did not get any actual tattoos from Harmony’s Ink.


Thank you Harmony’s Ink ~ 7000 Washington St, Denver CO.

Cristal M Clark

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Happy Impeachment Day

trump impeachment-crimeshop

House Set to Vote Yes to Impeach Donald Trump

Cristal M Clark

Everyone seems pretty giddy about today’s news that The US House of Representatives is expected to vote today to impeach Donald Trump for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power related to his dealings with Ukraine.


It’s important to note however that no US president has actually been removed from office via the impeachment process, yet should the house vote that overwhelming yes, Donald Trump would be the 3rd president to be impeached by the house.

Nancy Pelosi-crimeshop

As of Tuesday, it was widely reported that Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi does in fact have the majority she needs to approve the two pending articles of impeachment.

Donald Trump wrote a 6-page letter to Nancy on Monday in what some are calling a lunatic rage, written by someone who is clearly not mentally well, defending himself, saying he would do it again and called the entire process both a “charade” and a “colossal injustice”. It’s worth noting that thus far Trump has confused the political impeachment process with that of your every day criminal justice process.


Under the US Constitution, if the House votes in favor of impeachment, then a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate will be scheduled for January.

This is where things are getting more and more gray you see, some are warming to the idea of actually removing the president from office, even in the Republican circle and regardless of the Senate being controlled by the Republican party, that party is widely different from that of the house, meaning no one knows at this juncture what to expect. The numbers in support of Trump seem to change by the hour so we could be in for a very interesting ride to say the least.

This go around and I hate to say it, it does in fact appear that the antics employed by Donald Trump are going to come back to haunt him in some very big ways.

Cristal M Clark

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Liquor Taxes To Go Up 400%?


Better Stock up on Those Adult Beverages Now

Cristal M Clark

That’s right heavy drinkers, you may want to start stocking up now on your favorite adult beverages because by Friday, liquor taxes could go up 400% thanks to Congress. The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, is set to expire on Dec. 31, and legislators have until Friday to extend it.


And if they don’t, smaller breweries, distilleries and wineries will face a 400% tax increase, with the first payment for many due on Jan. 15 which has set off some widespread panic among these smaller breweries, distilleries and wineries. The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform act was passed by Congress at the end of 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The reduction in taxes encouraged hundreds of new businesses to open, including about 2,000 breweries and 400 distilleries in the last two years. Those companies are especially unprepared for a sudden increase in their excise taxes, which, for most distillers, must be paid every other week.


The 2017 legislation cut the amount that all distilleries had to pay on the first 100,000 proof gallons from $13.50 to $2.70 (a proof gallon is a gallon of spirit at 50 percent alcohol). Breweries and wineries received similar reductions, though in their cases the cuts were largely reserved for small producers. Such excise taxes are paid on top of normal corporate taxes.

The smaller breweries, distilleries and wineries used the tax cut to also hire, purchase equipment and grow. 

The tax cut enjoys overwhelming bipartisan support — a House bill to make it permanent, introduced earlier this year, has 324 co-sponsors, while an identical Senate version has 73. Now under normal circumstances this bill should have flew right on through congress but, because our government seems to love to live life in a constant state of chaos and dysfunction, the bill sort of sat ignored over the summer. 

This summer, the House Ways and Means Committee passed legislation to try to make the tax cut permanent, and a Senate task force endorsed the idea, and that’s around the time things just started being left on the table and forgotten about. 


Industry lobbyists and legislators who do support the bill, say that at this point all that they can realistically expect is a one-year extension. Such short-term relief would make it hard for distillers to make long-term investments, like hiring staff, increasing production or buying new equipment.

It is worth a mention that Large brewing companies also benefit. AB InBev, which owns Budweiser, Corona and many other brands, now receives about $12 million in tax savings. So undoubtedly should congress fail to act and at least get that one year extension on this tax cut the smaller companies will in fact be bringing the big dogs to the table and what one can only guess would be alcohol uproar. 


In the meantime, you should start stocking up on your favorite alcohol just in case, sounds like it’s time to drink up. 

Cristal M Clark

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