Pee Causes Evacuation, Widespread Panic and Chaos 

Pee Causes Evacuation, Widespread Panic and Chaos  


Contagious Urine Sent To Movie Theater?

Cristal M Clark 

We’ve all had the occasional mis-delivered package, you know something that should have been delivered to a neighbor, a business down the street. 


The North Bend Theater in Washington state received a peculiar package on Friday marked “highly contagious human substance,” which subsequently prompted a mass evacuation of the theater, the closure of multiple streets and a visit to the ER by the manager of the theater. 

Seems the “highly contagious human substance” turned out to human urine samples yes as in pee, that had been bound for a medical clinic roughly about 45 miles away. 

The Eastside Professional Firefighters isolated the contagious pee and were able to ensure that it was disposed of before infecting anyone. 

Cristal M Clark

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