Denver Pothole Problems – Calling all App Developers 

Denver Pothole Problems – Calling all App Developers 


Drivers Trying to Collect Hitting More Potholes Along the Way

Cristal M Clark 

If your in or around the Denver Metro area you know all about our cities pothole problem after the last couple of snowstorms. The city of Denver actually does make an effort to get potholes filled as fast as possible however this go around they were faced with all of that ice frozen on the streets, that made it seem as if the entire road was covered in potholes. It was not until days of residents complaining to the media that the city did anything about that, and that’s when the pothole issue really came to light. 


Cars are being damaged leaving citizens more upset than they had been but it’s not the potholes upsetting them it’s the frustration they are facing in trying to collect damages from the city. 


According to the city attorney’s office; people can file a claim by writing a letter to the mayor explaining the damages, where they occurred and attaching receipts. But a claim must prove the city knew about the pothole, that an official complaint was filed as well as demonstrate public works didn’t fix it within 72 hours of receiving the initial complaint.

That’s where the issues become a pain in the ass, show of hands does anyone know how to find out if a complaint had been filed? No? You have to pay for and file a public records request which takes time to see anything from. 

For some in the city whose cars have been damaged from the potholes they are shelling out over a thousand dollars for the damages and for many that’s a lot of money to be out of all at one time given many are living paycheck to paycheck. 

People are now just giving up? But what if we had away around the cities red tape of bureaucracy and nonsense of making us pay for obtaining public records just to be reimbursed for damages caused by the cities inability to do its job we are already paying them to do?


I am not an app developer myself but what if someone reading this just so happens to be and decided to create an app where like with Waze maps, you can report a pothole, then when you get to your destination you can report said pothole to the city and upload that information to your pothole app? Users would then be able to see if they were the first to report the damage or if they could collect on the damage after seeing the city didn’t do anything within that 72 hours of someone’s initial report.  

This app could work in conjunction with all of the map apps available the marriage would actually be a perfect union because most cities have the same rule with regards to potholes and damages caused to cars that Denver has. 

Just remember we aren’t even halfway through winter in fact, winter still has not officially started so we’ll be seeing this issue a few more times over the next several months. 

Cristal M Clark

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