Body Art Gone Wrong II

So many of you asked me for a follow up. I actually asked the owner of the shop (Vance Walker, Harmony’s Ink) to talk to me about what his artist did and well again I was told to fuck off, again. So here are the before and after pictures.



I was called by two women who stated that the owner of this shop is on a dating site trying to get women into his shop for work under the pretense of dating? That is what he tried with me too.


I’m told it will be months before I will be able to have any actual work done as the scars now have to heal, the back of my arm is completely f’d up, you can now feel the original tattoo on my elbow. Damn! I am still feeling some pain in the front and back of it where the artists cut the deepest. Again, not what I signed up for and not what he should have done.


All in all though, I am glad I did not get any actual tattoos from Harmony’s Ink.


Thank you Harmony’s Ink ~ 7000 Washington St, Denver CO.

Cristal M Clark

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  1. Hi hey I tried to respond to this shops free tattoo post on fb when I called the guy who answered told me it’s a $160 minimum for any art to start. Can you help me get the free tattoo they advertised?


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