Runit Dome Fails to Meet Expectations 

Runit Dome Fails to Meet Expectations 


U.S. Nuclear Coffin Leaking Nuclear Waste 

Cristal M Clark 

Some of you may be wondering what the hell is the Runit Dome? The Runit Dome AKA, The Tomb is a 328-foot-wide crater that had been caused by a nuclear explosion and it was created back in 1980, the dome contains 110,000 cubic yards of radioactive contaminated soil and 6,000 cubic yards of contaminated debris.

The project happens to be the dream-child of the United States Government, the government built the concrete dome 18 inches thick over the crater, sealing the radioactive contents inside, but rather than host this at home, the US in its infinite wisdom built it in the Marshall Islands and then subsequently tasked that government with maintaining and caring for it. 


Here’s that little reality check, the Runit Dome was thrown together as an afterthought, cheaply built, corners were cut and now, it’s taking in sea water leaving some to “speculate” that it is also seeping nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean. If someone is speculating they are a moron, logically if the dome is taking in seawater it is also leaking nuclear waste back out into the said seawater.  


The U.S. government failed, and not by accident, to build an actual concrete lining for the debris, they just tossed the nuclear debris into the dome and walked the fuck away. 

So lazy. 

Now, because of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, otherwise known as the 2020 defense budget, the DOE has been tasked to investigate “the status of the Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands” and the dangers posed by potential leaks. They must also come up with a game plan so as to repair the dome, the leaks, and to prevent an all out disaster of sorts, one strong weather event could potentially damage the dome to the extent that we will see a nuclear disaster as we roll into 2020. 

Unfortunately, we cannot put any faith into the Government’s next plan they cannot seem to think in proactive ways, they seem to enjoy being reactive to anything. Since the Marshall Islands is being tasked with maintaining this little pet project of the United States Government I’d strongly recommend the Marshall Islands take this on themselves and bring companies in from the private sector, you know companies that actually get paid to think in more long term, result oriented, proactive ways rather than toss shit together and walk away.  

Besides, if we are trying to protect the earth from the nuclear waste seeping out in the long run, wouldn’t we want to pay whatever it costs to accomplish that? The US Government doesn’t so… 

Cristal M Clark

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