Want to Fight Off Coronavirus? Drink Some Bleach

QAnon_MMS_crimeshop - Edited

QAnon Urging People to Drink Bleach to Ward Off Virus

Cristal M Clark

Did you just read that headline and think WTF? Me too, me too, yet sadly according to the Daily Beast, influencers popular within the QAnon conspiracy are in fact encouraging their followers to buy a mixture called Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as MMS, also known as well good old fashioned bleach.

So what, you eat a tide pod then wash it down with some bleach?


Some fringe groups of QAnon for whatever reason consider the liquid solution of sodium chlorite to be a cure all for autism, hepatitis, the flu, cancer, and HIV. 

Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Usually lemon juice or another citric acid is added to the MMS to make it into a beverage. That’s when the trouble starts because when the acid is added, the concoction then becomes chlorine dioxide, hence a bleaching agent.


The delightful side effects of the mixtures ingestion include but are not limited to: severe vomiting and diarrhea, a potentially deadly drop in blood pressure, and acute liver failure; the benefits of ingestion are none, and certainly not the prevention of coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis, the Flu or Cancer.

QAnon influencer Jordan Sather proudly stated on YouTube and Twitter recently: “I’m going to have to get home and MMS the whole state.” 

Another supporter of QAnon urged his followers to the tune of over 17,000 to take the following steps to protect themselves: “purchase a bleach spray,  I use this all the time to protect myself and my family. It kills viruses quick.” He then provided a link to a website that gave actual detailed information on how to make then use the concoction: “spraying this mixture in your mouth & swishing it around and swallowing.” This incredibly intelligent individual ended his presentation by providing instructions for how to use the mixture on your face, and to your fucking eyes to help with vision. 


Of course QAnon believe that the Coronavirus is a new fad illness, yes a fad illness that was created by Bill and Melinda Gates as part of a eugenic plot and “depopulation agenda” to be achieved primarily through mass vaccination.


The ineptitude of QAnon and it’s supporters is astonishing, just astonishing. I really do hope that none of QAnon and it’s supporters are gun owners, they seem to lack an overall level of intelligence that blows my mind. 

Cristal M Clark

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DOJ Investigation of Facebook Heating Up


Facebook’s Antitrust Woes 

Cristal M Clark 

Facebook you either love it or you loath it and sometimes your in the middle of loving and hating it. Not that the DOJ dislikes Facebook, they just don’t feel that the social media giant plays fair when it comes to it’s acquisitions. 


The Justice Department has an antitrust investigation into Facebook open currently and they are leaving no stone unturned. Reports are surfacing stating that the DOJ has reportedly been setting up interviews with Facebook’s rivals and is actively looking at the competitive nature of the industry as a whole in an effort to gain a better understanding of it, all in the name of nailing Facebook with antitrust charges. 


One of the competitors of Facebook is Snap, Snap reportedly kept a dossier of documents that outlined Facebook’s “aggressive tactics” to thwart competition and had been talking to the FTC about them. Great another dossier in the news, I am sure every detail in it is accurate and note made up. 


To be clear, the DOJ is looking at a different issue from the probes by the Federal Trade Commission, the House antitrust committee and a group of state attorneys general. Back in July, Facebook got hit with a $5 billion fine for its privacy issues.  

It’s not looking like Facebook is going to slide by without some form of charges over antitrust issues because the DOJ is being pretty relentless here. 

Cristal M Clark

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Armed 8 Year-Olds Defend Against Violent Drug Cartels


Fighting Mexico Drug Cartels – Fuels Trump’s Anti Immigration Stance

Cristal M Clark 

Citizens in Mexico are taking drastic measures against cartels, villagers in southern Mexico are arming kids as young as 8 and recruiting them into the fold in order to defend against violent drug cartels that destroy, rape, pillage and kill those that live in the villages. 


Mexico if you didn’t know, seems to be losing the war with cartel-fueled violence, reporting 34,582 homicides last year despite President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s promise to bring the gangs under control

In Chilapa, 10 local musicians were gunned down last week returning from a party, so the community trained and armed a couple of dozen children to defend against Los Ardillos (the squirrels), the gang that had been preying on the region. 

It’s a drastic measure for sure but desperate times call for desperate measures. According to news reports children have also taken up arms in nearby Chilpancingo, about 220 miles south of Mexico City, and in the village of Ayahualtempa.


The communities are in Mexico’s most violent regions due to bloody turf wars between rival drug gangs. The villages and citizens of the region are caught in the middle and are now taking matters into their own hands, hence arming children and teaching them to kill. I get it, I do but this add’s fuel to the fire of Trump’s immigration argument. Arming children as young as 8 and teaching them to kill is not going to soften the President of the United States stance towards immigration. If anything this will only fuel his argument that we need to stop allowing immigrants from Mexico into the United States, and now especially those with children. 

Cristal M Clark

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Amazon Plays With Hand Recognition 


Pay Using Just Your Hand

Cristal M Clark 

We should have seen this one coming after voice recognition, facial recognition, being able to unlock a device with a finger, now Amazon is playing about with hand recognition in the hope that eventually we’ll be able to leave home without anything and just pay using our hands. 

Man holding up hand to electronic grid, close-up (Composite)

According to reports, palm vein recognition may be more secure and more reliable than actual fingerprints but, hand scanners are understandably more difficult and not to mention fairly impossible to install on mobile devices and computers, iPads and the plethora of other devices available to users. 

Amazon has an answer for that however. Although it’s still in the test phase the rumor is that the technology would require users set up and link their cards with their hands on scanners. All data, from the palm vein print to when and where transactions were made, would be stored on Amazon’s Cloud.

The move would give Amazon a huge advantage over other players in both tech and financial industries and it would more or less piss of financial institutions. 

Amazon plan isn’t limited to Whole Foods by the way. Amazon is in fact planning to make a pitch to coffee shops, fast-food, and other places where speed and convenience of payment are important. 


And while this sounds fantastic, it also comes with huge risks and concerns over privacy for instance who can gain access to your palm print? No, not law enforcement Amazon much like the rest of the tech and social media giants except Facebook, do everything they can in an effort to protect users from the peeping eyes of big brother. I am leaning towards something along the lines of a hackers wet dream. Once Amazon is breached and it will eventually get breached, just another piece of you or I will be available to the hackers to play about with and sooner or later the havoc caused because hackers know more about us than we do and have access to more of our stuff than we do, the glass ceiling will come crashing down. 

Cristal M Clark

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Your Images Stolen to Create Facial Recognition Database Unbeknownst to You

Close Up Of Beautiful Woman Face With Face Recognition Technolog

Law Enforcement Using Startup’s Facial Recognition Database 

Cristal M Clark 

That selfie you took for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like is not as private as you might you think. A startup company, Clearview AI is a collaboration between Hoan Ton-That, an Australian native who moved to the US in 2007, and Richard Schwartz, a former aide to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


It’s a  facial-recognition startup that is being used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US to solve crimes, but little is known about the software, not even law enforcement agencies know much about it. 

When law enforcement uploads a photo to the application, which by the way has been used by more than 600 law-enforcement agencies, Clearview AI scans for matches across its catalog of billions of photos it scraped from social media websites, typically in violation of those sites’ terms of service. It then shows the results to whomever made the search, typically law enforcement however since so little is known about the software and who all is using it you can pretty much guess that law enforcement is not the only ones using the software.


Clearview did not share which law-enforcement agencies have used its tool, they did indicate that hundreds of law-enforcement agencies have in fact utilized the software. 

The app’s founders reportedly began marketing the service to law-enforcement agencies for as little as $2,000 and interestingly, the founders reportedly relied on former and current Republican officials to approach law-enforcement agencies about using the low-priced service, or in some cases, a free trial of the software.

Alarmingly in a careful look at the software it was discovered that an underlying code in the application also revealed the software had been designed to work with augmented reality technology, meaning someone wearing special goggles or glasses could potentially use Clearview AI to instantly determine details, including a person’s identity and address.


And these details, well that’s pissed Facebook off according to a spokesperson: “Scraping Facebook information or adding it to a directory are prohibited by our policies, so we are reviewing the claims about this company and will take appropriate action if we find they are violating our rules.”

Clearview however goes beyond just letting law enforcement use it’s software, it tracks whomever law enforcement is searching for and it sees everything law enforcement is searching for. 

Facial recognition technology has been centered around privacy issues and claims of racial bias in the technology. A study released in December by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found facial recognition technology had a racial-bias, typically having a a more difficult time identifying non-white people and women.

That being said, it’s just yet another intrusion or is it? I’ve long said that whatever you share on social media regardless of whether or not you make it private will in fact, eventually be fair game to some money hungry organization. 

Cristal M Clark

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Apple vs The FBI


The FBI and Apple Are at it Again

Cristal M Clark 

These tiffs between the FBI and Law Enforcement are getting a bit old. On the one hand, Apple refusing to unlock iPhones is understandable on the other hand it makes perfect sense that they would help. Donald Trump’s tweet over it actually makes sense to an extent. I’ll ask this question twice in this article, what is the our government asking Apple to do exactly? 

Trump-Apple-Crimeshop - Edited

We value our privacy but you know when you break the law with acts of terrorism, mass shootings, rape, child molestation, murder, being a drug lord and so on, why the fuck should anyone want to protect that individual? They harm others, in brutal ways, fuck them and whatever so called rights they feel entitled to, their victims had rights before the criminal took those rights away. 

THE FBI-CrimeShop

The FBI recently asked for Apple’s help by Apple unlocking a pair of iPhones belonging to Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, the man accused of killing three people at a Navy base this past December.


In response to the FBI’s request, Apple said that it handed over gigabytes of information, including but not limited to iCloud backups and various other transaction type of information. Apple also said that it gave the FBI “all of the data in our possession” and that it was open to assisting the FBI in other ways going forward.

So Apple is willing to help to a certain extent. 


Attorney General William Barr recently called Apple out for not going the extra mile. The AG had this to say: “We have asked Apple for their help in unlocking the shooter’s iPhones. So far Apple has not given us any substantive assistance. This situation perfectly illustrates why it is critical that investigators be able to get access to digital evidence once they have obtained a court order based on probable cause. We call on Apple and other technology companies to help us find a solution so that we can better protect the lives of Americans and prevent future attacks.”

Wait, what is the AG asking for exactly? If you don’t understand the question, read the AG’s statement again. Are they asking for Apple and others to help prevent future attacks by unlocking user devices before the user commits a crime? That is what court orders and warrants are for right? If memory serves, they asked after the fact and Apple turned over everything that they could. 

If you have an Apple device everything is backed up to iCloud, when a user doesn’t want something backed up to the cloud for instance, the users, pictures, video, notes, reminders, social media accounts, any app really,  they will select that manually and in the case of Mohammed my guess is that Apple gave the FBI everything backed up, these mass shooter/terrorist types don’t usually save things locally, they aren’t stupid. They’ll delete everything they don’t want law enforcement to see before they commit the actual crime and that would include deleting it from the cloud. Therefore, personally I do not believe unlocking the phone would provide any more intel than Apple already turned over. 

The AG is asking for a backdoor just for law enforcement and to that request Apple responded:

“We have always maintained there is no such thing as a backdoor just for the good guys. Backdoors can also be exploited by those who threaten our national security and the data security of our customers. Today, law enforcement has access to more data than ever before in history, so Americans do not have to choose between weakening encryption and solving investigations. We feel strongly encryption is vital to protecting our country and our users’ data.”


Apple is correct, as history shows, backdoors are exploitable. In fact, Tim Cook already responded to this issue back in 2016: “The only way we [can do what the FBI wants] would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer, we think it’s bad news to write, we would never write it, we have never written it. And that is what is at stake here.”

APPLE-VS-FBI-CrimeShop - Edited

Apple is not going to waiver in its stance on the issue the AG and law enforcement as a whole need to better understand how technology works as well as certain criminals think and work. If they understood it better maybe they would better understand why Apple gave them everything they could give to them and they are unlikely going to find anything further on the criminals device. 

Cristal M Clark

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Oregon Drug Smugglers -Record Kidnapping?

jody-wafer-trent-knight-mugshots-crimeshop - Edited

Portland, Oregon 

Cristal M Clark 

Just when you think you’ve heard it all something new and pretty entertaining comes along, for instance over in Portland Oregon, two members of a Portland-based drug ring came up with a rather devious plot to kidnap a storage facility manager. 

But these two brilliant individuals actually took the time to rehearse a kidnapping and actually recorded themselves on a cell phone practicing the kidnapping the manager. You know they wanted to get it right. But don’t be shocked by just that, they saved the recording, yes saved it, then they subsequently filmed the actual crime. 

That’s like an investigators wet dream, these two guys would have solved the crime for them but, the feds were already watching them and actually caught this going down. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon is prosecuting six men who happened to be involved in an operation that primarily focused on transporting marijuana grown in Oregon to Texas. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, agents have seized “11,000 marijuana plants, 546 pounds of processed marijuana, more than $2.8 million in cash, 51 firearms, 26 vehicles, trailers, pieces of heavy equipment, a yacht, and three houses used as marijuana grow sites” in conjunction with this case since September 2017. The group would transport drugs to Texas by truck, with money returning to Oregon through U.S. mail and passenger luggage on commercial flights.

Kidnap-man-setup by dea-crimeshop - Edited

The kidnapping just so happened to be part of the operation that federal authorities were watching back on December 2. 

On 12/2 Federal Authorities witnessed Jody Wafer and his accomplice, Trent Knight enter the Public Storage facility in southern Portland to confront manager Shawn Riley about nearly 500 pounds of marijuana that somehow went MIA from their rental space. 

The two would be kidnappers approached manager Shawn Riley whilst he was in his office, held a pistol to his head, backed him into an empty storage unit and tied his wrists and ankles with duct tape. Shawn Riley said that he did not know who took the marijuana and told Jody and Trent that his boss instructed him to tell anyone asking that the cops took it.


Joke was on Jody and Trent, Shawn had nothing to do with the MIA weed, it was the DEA who took it and poor Shawn was an innocent pawn in all of this. Turns out District Judge Robert E. Jones was not all that thrilled that the DEA used Shawn in the set up and for putting the guys life at risk.

They should have asked the poor guy for help or sent in one of their own. That was a dick move DEA. At any rate During the trial, agents admitted that they had staged the burglary in an attempt to find additional suspects in the case. Judge Jones told the defendant “They knew you had a weapon and were going to go in there and find your drugs gone, taken. They should have anticipated the conduct that could have cost Mr. Riley his life.”

Agreed, total dick move. 

To everyone’s surprise though during a police review of Jody’s cell phone after his arrest, authorities discovered video of him and Trent in a hotel room from December 1. Interestingly in the clip, the two men brandish pistols and rehearse how they would confront the storage facility manager during said kidnapping. To make matters worse for these two would be kidnappers, investigators also found a recording of the kidnapping.

Trent has pleaded guilty on related charges. His sentencing date is January 22. Four other members of the group will be sentenced later this year. Jody was sentenced earlier this month to seven years in prison for his role in the case.

Cristal M Clark

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Police Officers Lie Contributes to Man’s Suicide 


Seattle Man Kills Himself Over a Lie 

Cristal M Clark 

It’s long been known that often times in an effort to flush the suspect out, law enforcement will tell a small lie in the hopes of someone stepping forward. To any victim or a victim’s family, that small lie is completely justified, while to anyone else it seems less justified and rather vindictive, if not borderline illegal. In either case, it is a practice that is commonly used. 

Seattle-Cops_Lie-drives-man-to-suicide-crimeshop - Edited

The Seattle Police Department’s Office of Police Accountability seems to agree with the latter part of the above after its investigations into allegations of police misconduct over the white lie.


According to the official report, an unidentified man got into a minor fender-bender in May 2018 and fled the scene. Two officers with the Seattle Police Department investigating the crash were sent to an address connected with the man to get a statement. 

The report also states that both officers knew that the hit-and-run was a minor crash and that in fact, no one was injured. Yet when they arrived at the home one of the officers told a woman who answered the door that they were looking for the driver because he was involved in a hit-and-run that left a woman in critical condition. The conversation according to body camera footage, the conversation left the woman visibly shaken and upset. 

According to friends of the driver, the woman called him and told him what had transpired. 

One friend said the man told him that the fender-bender happened when his car rolled backward, striking the other vehicle. The man said he had left the scene, but did not remember anyone being injured in the crash.

The report goes on stating that the driver had been a drug addict for 20 years and had prior legal trouble. That would make sense as to why he ran, fear of getting into trouble again, even for something minor. The friend told investigators that the man said he was not high at the time of the crash.


The man’s roommate told investigators that the day before his death, he “became increasingly worried” and started talking about suicide. The roommate found the man dead on June 3, 2018, less than a week after the crash.

The watchdog completed its investigation in November. The officer said the ruse was needed to get information and he did not think he was responsible for the man’s suicide. But the truth is, that officer is responsible for the mans suicide. 

The problem with this is that it involves a minor accident, a fender bender. If it had involved a major drug ring, a gang, a rapist, a murderer, someone who has child porn or a pedophile I could understand it, hell I would even support it, but a fender bender?

And the officer cannot take accountability for his own actions? Is that not what they preach to us should we break the law? You have to justify the means and this officer just cannot do that yet is also unwilling to take credit for the contribution to the mans suicide. Everyone knows anyone who has struggled with substance abuse also struggles with depression and with that comes thoughts of suicide when the user is not using. 

Investigators said that the officer’s lie “shocked the conscience” and had been inconsistent with the police department’s policy.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said in a statement that she agrees with the watchdog’s findings and suspended the officer for six days without pay, according to a police statement Thursday.


“The officer’s actions did not meet SPD’s standards of acceptable use of discretion and were not consistent with the standards of professionalism or training.” That is not the entire statement as it rambles on to brag a bit about how great the department is and about how great training is for the use of using a ruse to flush a suspect out. Yes, we see that training is rather impressive. 

The identities of the involved officers and the man who died were not revealed, but one of the officers was suspended.

How comforting that must feel to the man’s family and friends, over a minor fender bender, not a justifiable major crime. 

Cristal M Clark

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#WWIII – Invasion of the Meme Culture 


World War III  Meme’s Go Viral 

Cristal M Clark 

IMG_2827 - Edited

While speaking with a good friend of mine yesterday who hails from Edinburgh, we stumbled across the subject of a potential world war and the meme culture that appears to be following it. I asked my friend if he had heard from anyone from back home with regards to the memes that continue to blow up across social media. 


Sadly, the world is watching America make ourselves look like complete idiots who take very little seriously. My friend told me he saw a news story where an individual attempted to explain his meme off as him trying to cope with the fear of being drafted for war. So if a new war starts, civilians, innocent civilians, will die and this guy might be the one pulling the trigger so he is posting meme’s as a way to cope with some sort of fear? 


Worse off is that the general consensus with regards to American’s and a potential war is that we are a nation of sissies who refuse to take the threat of war seriously, we fail to see the seriousness of a US led airstrike that took out Iran’s top General – hence we find that funny and think it to be a joking matter. A nation full of hipsters who care more about material objects, craft beer, avocado toast and what the Kardashian’s are up to than the devastation war can cause. Americans are making a joke out of something that will kill millions in the Middle East. Lives are in danger. People in the Middle East, Innocent People are worried about their future and over here in America, we think it is a joking matter? That is completely disgusting.





Maybe it is because war has never truly touched American’s, we don’t live in constant fear of our cities, towns, municipalities and states being raided and bombed every single day. We do not truly live under oppressive rulers, we don’t have General’s in our military who order and condone the military raping and pillaging. We are not being raided by terrorists, we do not really have to live in fear of them every single day like those in other countries. We are virtually untouched by the threats that other nations face so it does make sense that we as a society feel less touched by the seriousness of the potential blow back as a result of last week’s US led airstrike. 

But to make matters even worse, the whole world seeing these meme’s wonders if we really did go to war what our potential drafted soldiers will be like, which has left some in war torn nations to hope that we do in fact go to war, given the meme’s that they are seeing, seemingly indicating that the US could be easily beaten and Trump’s warning to Iran? To many it’s empty given the meme’s they are seeing, we have a nation full of individuals joking around about this, so really is Trump serious or is this a joke to him as well?

You would think or hope rather that those behind many of the meme’s would take the time to show some tact and dignity, maybe even a little class and stop joking about the potential for war here. It is not a question of if, but more a matter of when and how Iran extracts it’s revenge and when that happens it will affect all of us as a nation. 

Cristal M Clark

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