Amazon Plays With Hand Recognition 

Amazon Plays With Hand Recognition 


Pay Using Just Your Hand

Cristal M Clark 

We should have seen this one coming after voice recognition, facial recognition, being able to unlock a device with a finger, now Amazon is playing about with hand recognition in the hope that eventually we’ll be able to leave home without anything and just pay using our hands. 

Man holding up hand to electronic grid, close-up (Composite)

According to reports, palm vein recognition may be more secure and more reliable than actual fingerprints but, hand scanners are understandably more difficult and not to mention fairly impossible to install on mobile devices and computers, iPads and the plethora of other devices available to users. 

Amazon has an answer for that however. Although it’s still in the test phase the rumor is that the technology would require users set up and link their cards with their hands on scanners. All data, from the palm vein print to when and where transactions were made, would be stored on Amazon’s Cloud.

The move would give Amazon a huge advantage over other players in both tech and financial industries and it would more or less piss of financial institutions. 

Amazon plan isn’t limited to Whole Foods by the way. Amazon is in fact planning to make a pitch to coffee shops, fast-food, and other places where speed and convenience of payment are important. 


And while this sounds fantastic, it also comes with huge risks and concerns over privacy for instance who can gain access to your palm print? No, not law enforcement Amazon much like the rest of the tech and social media giants except Facebook, do everything they can in an effort to protect users from the peeping eyes of big brother. I am leaning towards something along the lines of a hackers wet dream. Once Amazon is breached and it will eventually get breached, just another piece of you or I will be available to the hackers to play about with and sooner or later the havoc caused because hackers know more about us than we do and have access to more of our stuff than we do, the glass ceiling will come crashing down. 

Cristal M Clark

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