Armed 8 Year-Olds Defend Against Violent Drug Cartels

Armed 8 Year-Olds Defend Against Violent Drug Cartels


Fighting Mexico Drug Cartels – Fuels Trump’s Anti Immigration Stance

Cristal M Clark 

Citizens in Mexico are taking drastic measures against cartels, villagers in southern Mexico are arming kids as young as 8 and recruiting them into the fold in order to defend against violent drug cartels that destroy, rape, pillage and kill those that live in the villages. 


Mexico if you didn’t know, seems to be losing the war with cartel-fueled violence, reporting 34,582 homicides last year despite President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s promise to bring the gangs under control

In Chilapa, 10 local musicians were gunned down last week returning from a party, so the community trained and armed a couple of dozen children to defend against Los Ardillos (the squirrels), the gang that had been preying on the region. 

It’s a drastic measure for sure but desperate times call for desperate measures. According to news reports children have also taken up arms in nearby Chilpancingo, about 220 miles south of Mexico City, and in the village of Ayahualtempa.


The communities are in Mexico’s most violent regions due to bloody turf wars between rival drug gangs. The villages and citizens of the region are caught in the middle and are now taking matters into their own hands, hence arming children and teaching them to kill. I get it, I do but this add’s fuel to the fire of Trump’s immigration argument. Arming children as young as 8 and teaching them to kill is not going to soften the President of the United States stance towards immigration. If anything this will only fuel his argument that we need to stop allowing immigrants from Mexico into the United States, and now especially those with children. 

Cristal M Clark

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