Want to Fight Off Coronavirus? Drink Some Bleach

Want to Fight Off Coronavirus? Drink Some Bleach

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QAnon Urging People to Drink Bleach to Ward Off Virus

Cristal M Clark

Did you just read that headline and think WTF? Me too, me too, yet sadly according to the Daily Beast, influencers popular within the QAnon conspiracy are in fact encouraging their followers to buy a mixture called Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as MMS, also known as well good old fashioned bleach.

So what, you eat a tide pod then wash it down with some bleach?


Some fringe groups of QAnon for whatever reason consider the liquid solution of sodium chlorite to be a cure all for autism, hepatitis, the flu, cancer, and HIV. 

Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Usually lemon juice or another citric acid is added to the MMS to make it into a beverage. That’s when the trouble starts because when the acid is added, the concoction then becomes chlorine dioxide, hence a bleaching agent.


The delightful side effects of the mixtures ingestion include but are not limited to: severe vomiting and diarrhea, a potentially deadly drop in blood pressure, and acute liver failure; the benefits of ingestion are none, and certainly not the prevention of coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis, the Flu or Cancer.

QAnon influencer Jordan Sather proudly stated on YouTube and Twitter recently: “I’m going to have to get home and MMS the whole state.” 

Another supporter of QAnon urged his followers to the tune of over 17,000 to take the following steps to protect themselves: “purchase a bleach spray,  I use this all the time to protect myself and my family. It kills viruses quick.” He then provided a link to a website that gave actual detailed information on how to make then use the concoction: “spraying this mixture in your mouth & swishing it around and swallowing.” This incredibly intelligent individual ended his presentation by providing instructions for how to use the mixture on your face, and to your fucking eyes to help with vision. 


Of course QAnon believe that the Coronavirus is a new fad illness, yes a fad illness that was created by Bill and Melinda Gates as part of a eugenic plot and “depopulation agenda” to be achieved primarily through mass vaccination.


The ineptitude of QAnon and it’s supporters is astonishing, just astonishing. I really do hope that none of QAnon and it’s supporters are gun owners, they seem to lack an overall level of intelligence that blows my mind. 

Cristal M Clark

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