Coronavirus Arrives in the United States

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United States Not Ready to Handle Coronavirus?

Cristal M Clark 

Well, we all knew it would show up eventually, Coronavirus is finally here in the US and according to multiple mainstream media outlets, the US is not ready much less prepared to test for it or to handle it. 


A woman in California is infected and she did not travel outside the US and had no contact with anyone who has traveled outside of the US, to her knowledge of course. Hence, no one knows how she became infected or at least that is the story as of now. 


It was going to spread globally everyone knew that so this is not a surprise. Admittedly I am more surprised that no one has actually blamed Donald Trump for the virus showing up in the US, the guy gets blamed for a lot whether he deserves it or not.  

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Currently I just saw a headline that says California is monitoring 8400 who may or may not be infected, Chris Cuomo is upset about that one currently and reporting on it tonight, another that the CDC keeps changing things, states are not allowed to test for it, or can’t test for it, rumors are hitting the wire that the test doesn’t work, CNN is currently reporting that states are not being allowed to test because of the Federal Government, the CDC is only allowed to test and CNN is blaming Donald Trump for not being transparent. Which is a bit unfair. 


This morning all I saw on CNN was that the Don lied about a vaccine, he did stretch the truth, then yesterday he was attempting to quash panic and sugar coated things. 

I am sure hands down that the Don was told to keep the public from widespread panic and to feed the public just enough but not all of the details. 


I get that, but history shows that is less than the smart thing to do. I would urge the Don to be completely transparent here, people are going to panic and freak out anyway, the difference is between being transparent and not being transparent is that fear of the unknown causes worse widespread panic and chaos and can sometimes reach dangerous levels. 


Currently online people are advising all sorts of cures and preventative measures, everything from chugging bleach, to taking doses of vitamins high enough that they could kill you, to drinking alcohol, why not add a few lines of coke and some meth right? Because of the media and the internet, things are falling way out of perspective. 

I say rip off the band-aid and tell the truth, sugar coat nothing and let the chips fall where they fall. Reasonable adults will take precautions and not panic, less reasonable adults will drink some bleach, pop mass quantities of vitamins and go into hiding in some underground bunker and we’ll see them in around 30 years or so when they resurface. 


The last thing we want or need is the mainstream media spreading misinformation and fueling the fear with some of the headlines I am seeing they are reporting mostly speculation and rumors. They are taking an inch and running a mile with it, the only question Trump and his advisers should be thinking about is this, do you really want the media and internet speculating and informing the public on what the president isn’t saying?

Cristal M Clark

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Drug Dealers Delightfully Roaming Streets Thanks to Ransomware Attack


Stuart Florida Police Department 

Cristal M Clark

Ransomware is everywhere and when it hits a business, hospital or municipality crucial information is always lost. In this case which would be the 7th of its kind, crucial case files were lost in an April 2019 ransomware infection causing US prosecutors to drop 11 narcotics cases against 6 suspected drug dealers.

Those drug dealers were let go and are now delightfully roaming the streets, presumably dealing more drugs. 

The evidence in some 11 cases could not be recovered following a ransomware attack that hit the Stuart police department, some of which were photo and video evidence, they were able to recover only some of the missing data from backups, just not quite enough. 

Detective Sergeant Mike Gerwan with the Stuart Police Department said that the dropped cases included charges for possession of meth, possession of cocaine, selling narcotics, manufacturing narcotics, and delivering narcotics, among other charges. 

Which is a huge loss for US prosecutors but it’s not the only one in recent history. 

Starting in 2017, an infection from the Osiris ransomware caused the Cockrell Hill, Texas police department lost 8 years worth of evidence, yes 8 years. Then in May of 2018 the Riverside, Ohio police lost 10 months worth of cases after a ransomware infection. Who can forget Atlanta, the entire city was hit with a ransomware infection back in March of 2018 causing the city’s police department to lose just about 2 years of police car dash-cam video evidence. 

Aside from the Stuart police department in 2019, 3 police departments reported losing crucial information due to ransomware attacks. The Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Capitol Police, and the Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division were hit with a ransomware attack which brought down the dash cams in July of 2019. Police car laptops and dash-cams remained down for more than a month following the attack. 

Then again in July of the same year, the Police in Lawrenceville, Georgia were hit and lost case-related files and bodycam footage, no one knows just how much intel they lost because of so many conflicting reports which range from just a tiny bit of to months and years worth of intel. 

Then in December 2019 – The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida lost a week’s worth of emails and evidence following a ransomware infection.

The ability to hit a police department in a ransomware attack is huge, it is an effective way to guarantee a payment with the promise to restore the files, but the reality is that most files are never restored. 

These types of ransomware attacks will continue simply because we have to date no real protection from them because by the time they hit it’s too late. 

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook Users – Urge Fellow Users To Stop Using Facebook as a Dating Website


Facebook to all Users – We Have a Dating Site for That!

Cristal M Clark 

Raise of hands, how many of you have been hit on via Facebook? It’s happened to all of us from time to time and it either resolves itself or we block said users. In some cases people have ended up developing long lasting relationships through a Facebook friendship, but that is rare. We all have friends who check in on us from time to time on Facebook, former lovers who want to say sorry or let us know they still care, long lost family reaches out to us.  

The newest trend seems to be that users are actually using Facebook as a dating app rather aggressively and not using the actual Facebook Dating platform while victims of the dating attempts are getting sick of it, rather collectively. 


I’ve seen countless posts from users who are tired of the unsolicited attempts to date them or attempts to just have sex with them, men and women alike are sick of the unsolicited nudes that individuals IM us. Not to mention the IM’s from users right after we accept a friend request that are actual messages asking how we are or professing to be attracted to us. Those are way different from the IM’s where users thank us for accepting the friend request. 

It’s happened to me a few times from time to time, usually I either ignore and delete the messages and user or let the user know that I am not interested and the problem is solved but today, some idiot responded on my timeline to the meme below that I posted. 

Facebook-Dating-Crimeshop - Edited

A friend called me whilst I was at work and asked me if I saw what this guy posted to my timeline. 

His response: “WELL, I TRIED!!!” 

Wait is he trying to tell me that because of what I post on social media that I am asking to be hit on? Isn’t that like saying because of what a woman or girl wears she was asking to be raped? It is if you look at it realistically.

TF? First, let’s get one thing straight, I like countless users of Facebook do not use the site as a dating website, we use it to share and steal meme’s, for funny stories, and sometimes we share life events and pictures of our lives. So if you or anyone is hitting on someone on Facebook, you can rest assured the feeling is more often than not, not mutual. 

I was honestly taken aback by this guys message on my timeline, yes he did try to hit on me multiple times, sending cute little emoji’s, but I speak adult so I ignored him. I mean come on, I’ve done my time paying the way of a 50 year man who can’t/won’t hold down a job, living off of the system and/or others, according to his Facebook. Besides, men who want to date a woman will just tell her, rather than behave like a love crazed 16 year old boy who send subtle hints via emoji.  

That being said, while I did delete the user and his comment after I did that I realized just how much I know about this guy and just how little he knows about me. I do not post where I live or work, I usually post funny highlights of my life, or memes, but I’ve had friends tell me that when they attempted to block someone who was overly interested in them, they’ve experienced issues where the individual started to try to contact them at their homes, send gifts to someone’s work, start hanging out where the victims hang out, all because users of the social media platform tend to way over share personal details of our lives. 


It serves as a really good reminder to us all that we need to be careful about what we post on social media and what we keep personal, not to mention who we friend and just how close we become to them, remember people can seem relatively sane and well put together online and over the phone then something will set them off like my meme today which clearly pissed the guy off. Leading up to that, over a month ago, after I ignored his attempts he stopped liking anything I posted, yet just out of nowhere the last 3 days he started liking and commenting on everything I’ve posted which says a lot about his mental frame of mind. 

A former boss I worked for once taught me to never overshare anything on social media, where I lived, worked, shopped, vacationed, etc. Since I stopped working for him, I have tended to follow his advice.

So while the social media platform is usually taken in a very lighthearted fun way, it’s user beware of what we choose to share because some are seeking more than just friendship and are watching everything we post learning our habits and where we can be found. Keep in mind that your run of the mill scammers and thieves are also watching. 

Cristal M Clark

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US President Donald Trump Upset Over Coronavirus Patients Being Repatriated


Coronavirus – The Next Pandemic?

Cristal M Clark 

I am sure that by now you all are very well aware of the Coronavirus, heard rumors that China has been less than completely honest about just how many are/were infected and how many have died, how China is jailing those that go public and have even gone as far as to use Twitter and WeChat to find anyone sharing information about the Coronavirus and silence them.

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The Stock Market tanked today, and rumors are swirling that Donald Trump was a wee bit upset that the US passengers that were quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan flew home on Feb. 18.

14 of the passengers who were known to be infected with the Coronavirus the rest were discovered later. Those patients tested positive after the arrangements for their repatriation had been made as part of the group. Repatriation means to send someone back to his/her own country. 

That of course caused quite the debate between the State Department, who wanted to go ahead with the repatriation, and on the other side of the ring stood the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who recommended against it. The CDC’s concern was shared by infectious disease experts, but the Department of Health and Human Services supported the State Department. 


We all know who won that argument, and that upset the Don and for good reason. The evacuation was rushed seemed to stem from the discontent of the passengers rather than due diligence or just basic common sense. 

Initially the whole group of US passengers on board the cruise ship were supposed to stay in Japan something Anne Schuchat, a CDC executive thought would be the safer course of action. 

The State Department, well they trusted the precautions put in place on the plane, and considered the journey back to the US safe: The infected passengers would be separated in an enclosure in the plane. An enclosure no one was sure even really worked to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Funny how this ended up but it was Trump’s people from the State and Health departments who made the decision that Trump later considered reckless.

According to reports, Trump was in fact pretty furious over these passengers being repatriated rather than staying in Japan as they should have for the time being. 


Trump is somewhat of a germaphobe when it comes to communicable disease and highly contagious illnesses and it’s left me wondering what his next move might be over the Coronavirus given that it is spreading as quickly as a California wildfire does. We have travelers coming into the US from all over the world, the US is carefully screening people for the virus, the bigger question is, is everyone else and if they are, how good are they screening really?

Cristal M Clark

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DEA Agent Laundering Money for the Colombian Drug Cartel 


DEA Agent Jose Irizarry

Cristal M Clark 

Sometimes working for a Federal Agency just isn’t quite enough to cover all of one’s especially if that individual has a taste for the finer things in life. Case in point, DEA agent 46-year-old Jose Irizarry decided that he needed some side work for some extra cash, that side work being money laundering, for the Colombian Drug Cartel, the very cartel he was supposed to be investigating. 


According to his arrest affidavit he utilized his position and his special access to information to divert millions in drug proceeds from control of the Drug Enforcement Administration and into the pockets of he and his new friends. 

Jose had been a model agent, he had awards, had received praise from his supervisors. Overall he was a model agent according to his history with the DEA. 

After joining the DEA in Miami 2009, he was entrusted with an undercover money laundering operation using front companies, shell bank accounts and couriers.  

Things started to fall apart for Jose who resigned in January 2018 after he had been reassigned to Washington and that made his boss in Colombia suspicious.

In 2011, Jose allegedly used the cover of his badge to file false reports and mislead his superiors, all while directing DEA personnel to wire funds reserved for undercover stings to accounts in Spain, the Netherlands and elsewhere that he controlled or were tied to his wife and his co-conspirators.

He’s also accused of sharing sensitive law enforcement information with his co-conspirators which is a given of course he did. 

Jose did not come without red flags, despite how well he looked on paper whilst working for the DEA. When he was hired by the DEA he showed signs of deception in a polygraph exam, and had declared bankruptcy with debts of almost $500,000. Still, he was permitted to handle financial transactions after being hired by the DEA.

It was also well known that Jose and his wife adored living the life of luxury, Jose even enjoyed high priced prostitutes, they threw lavish parties. Agent’s enjoyed hanging out with Jose. This guy basically laundered US dollars right under the nose of his bosses and then proceeded to flaunt it in their very faces. 


Jose handled roughly $3.8 million that should have  been carefully tracked by the DEA as part of undercover money laundering investigations. 

Not all of that amount was pocketed by the co-conspirators, but the indictment details at least $900,000 that was paid out from a single criminal account opened by Jose and an informant using the name, passport and social security number of a third person who was unaware that their identity was being stolen.

Proceeds from the alleged scheme funded a veritable spending spree. It included the purchase of a $30,000 Tiffany diamond ring, a BMW, 3 Land Rovers and a $767,000 home in Cartagena as well as homes in south Florida and Puerto Rico, where the couple has been living. The money also funded the purchase in Miami of a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder on behalf of a family member of co-conspirator 2.

To hide his tracks, Jose allegedly opened a bank account in someone else’s name and used the victim’s forged signature and Social Security number. Jose and his wife were arrested Friday at their home near San Juan, Puerto Rico, as part of a 19-count federal indictment. 

And if you think all of that is bad, the worst is that other agents and special ops are also now compromised, you see in all likelihood Jose did more than just launder money, sharing of information would have been part of the deal. 


This indictment comes on the heels of another DEA agent being sentenced to Federal Prison for his involvement in drug smuggling, hence further tarnishing the illustrious image of the DEA and brings yet another loss to the US in the war on drugs effort. Then again didn’t big pharma make it that much worse, just legally?

Cristal M Clark

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Anti-Government Movement Hits the Mainstream

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Advocating for a Violent Uprising 

Cristal M Clark 

No matter what the movement is these days it seems that more and more they gain speed by hitting social media. The latest is the uprising of a movement which advocates extreme violence targeting liberal political opponents and law enforcement. The movement calls for a new and more violent civil type of war. 

social_MEDIA_crimeshop - Edited

According to Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), an independent non-profit of scientists and engineers that tracks and reports on misinformation and hate speech across social media has been watching this movement.

For years the movement dubbed the Boogaloo, spread offline or via special invite only until recently, when it suddenly leapt onto social media platforms and took off for lack of better words. 

Ku Klux Klan Protests Planned Removal Of General Lee Statue From VA Park

In short, it’s what the FBI would consider yet another hate group and the platforms it’s been able to gain advocates from are but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, as well as 4chan. 

The current boogaloo movement was first noticed by extremism researchers in 2019, when groups from gun rights and militia movements to white supremacists began referring to an impending civil war using the term boogaloo, a joking reference to “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” a 1984 sequel movie about breakdancing. The term is used to describe an uprising against a seemingly tyrannical or left-wing government, often in response to a perceived threat of wide-spread gun confiscation, which is one of the biggest reasons these groups tend to grow. 


They spread misinformation about gun rights and gun ownership and nothing pisses off a gun owner more than the potential for the United States Government to take away the right to keep and bear arms. 

NCRI researchers analysed more than 100 million social media posts and comments found that through the use of memes and inside jokes commonly in the form of images extremists have pushed anti-government and anti-law enforcement messages across social media platforms. They have also organised online communities with tens of thousands of members, some of whom have assembled at real-world events to watch and learn, perhaps looking for weak spots in the events security measures. 

The study reveals some alarming intel into the movement, Boogaloo extremists have used social media to develop strategic plans, share instructions for explosives and 3D printed firearms, distribute illegal firearm modifications, and siphon users into encrypted messaging boards en mass and to spread racism. 

The group has thousands of followers and it’s favorite way to send messages out to the masses is the use of memes. The language of a meme permits the network to organize violence secretly behind what looks like inside jokes and of course plausible deniability.

What’s more is that NCRI was able to identify cyber swarms and viral insurgencies in nearly real-time as they are happening.

The report comes as U.S. law enforcement officials and researchers at various levels have issued warnings about the growing threat posed by domestic extremists motivated by fringe ideologies and conspiracy theories. 

The group is gaining at an alarming rate in popularity, it seems to really center primarily around anything anti-gun, mass shootings, and of course any attempt to remove Trump from office, posting, sharing and spreading misinformation under the guise of fake news or funny memes. 

Cristal M Clark

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Cartels Recruiting US Children to Smuggle Drugs 


Free Child Labor in Nogales, Arizona 

Cristal M Clark 

Kids seem to be targeted for all sorts of reasons these days, exploiting their youth, used in online scams, overseas used in manufacturing plants, terrorists use them to kill, in Mexico, villages plagued by cartel violence is teaching kids as young as 8 to kill cartel members, now it would appear that along the U.S. and Mexico border cartels are hiring US children as young as 12 years old to smuggle drugs and weapons.


Makes sense, kids are not really searched or looked too closely at when it comes to looking for drug smugglers. Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent Alan Regalado: “It’s a problem, we know it’s there, we’re trying to mitigate that issue through education and prevention.” Which is sort of funny because if the cartels are actually paying these kids, good luck mitigating shit. The issue also extends past just Arizona. 

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection who uses fiscal years, which start in October, in 2018 there were 36 children arrested for narcotics at Arizona’s ports of entry. In 2019, that number jumped to 57. So far this year, there’s been 17 arrests. Not too crazy so far however, now that news of this is hitting the mainstream I am betting kids looking to make some extra cash will find ways to apply for jobs running drugs and guns for the cartels. 

drug-cartels-recruiting-us-kids-crimeshop - Edited

Some suspect that as more kids are arrested the cartels will move on to the elderly and pregnant women, which they have used in the past but the reality is this, we have more kids in this country than we know what to do with, these kids are tech savvy, drugs are already being purchased on social media platforms in secret, the cartels really have no need to move on from employing this nation’s youth to do their bidding regardless of 17 being arrested thus far in this fiscal year. 

Cristal M Clark

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Elite Border Agents Heading to a Sanctuary City Near You


Trump Administration Unleashes Bortac

Cristal M Clark 

If you are an illegal and hiding out in a sanctuary city, you might want to pack your bags, the Trump administration is releasing Bortac, the elite of border agents or so they say. This crew is the badass of badass specially trained in fugitive or in this case illegal immigrant apprehension and recovery. 


Rumor is that they are the swat team of border patrol and they are about to descend upon sanctuary cities to round up illegals. Some of those cities are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, New Jersey. 

The move is aimed at arresting and the removal of undocumented immigrants not to mention that it also comes as federal law enforcement officials are reporting significant increases in cross-border drug trafficking. 


Because ICE does not have the resources to actually manage the sustained increase in non-detained cases that has been exacerbated by the rise of sanctuary cities around 100 agents will be sent to assist the ICE deportation force.

Several states and cities refuse to assist the administration in its deportation efforts, in fact multiple cities and states are refusing to allow shared information like DMV records and the like, which is pitting local law enforcement against federal law enforcement. 

South Florida Students Gather To Protest Donald Trump

No matter which side you are on, it’s hard to ignore, advocates and supporters of immigration are at odds with the Trump and his Administration over this and eventually either something is going to give or the water is going to boil over. Whichever comes first, I hope someone has a plan that will actually work. It’s like the war on drugs, the war the US lost, trying to stop the unstoppable. 

Cristal M Clark

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Thief Proudly Proclaims “Bail Reform, It’s Lit”


New York Subways

Cristal M Clark 

Normally people love hearing when criminals just don’t learn the 1st, 2nd or 139th time and keep getting busted, in this case however, the criminal learned that bail reform is pretty lit. 


If you read that first line, this guy has been busted at least 139 times for theft on New York’s Subways. Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested 6 times since the start of this year and he’s also been released each time without having to post bail under New York’s new bail reform law since his alleged offenses were nonviolent, the New York Daily News reported. 

Because of that, Charles yelled to reporters Thursday outside the NYPD Transit District 1 headquarters in the Columbus Circle station before officers transported him to Manhattan Central Booking, “Bail reform, it’s lit!”“It’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

“I’m famous! I take $200, $300 a day of your money! You can’t stop me!”

It’s a great thing. It’s a beautiful thing. They punk’ed people out for bullshit crimes.”

In all Charles has been arrested 139 times over his entire career as a subway thief. 

Charles was held in custody for 36 hours until his arraignment hearing in the Manhattan Criminal Court. He was then promptly released before trial without paying bail. 


Charles also had two warrants out for his arrest for missing court dates related to past alleged subway theft, including one instance in January when he allegedly snatched a $50 bill out of a woman’s hand while she was trying to buy a Metro card at a Bryant Park station machine.

Isn’t it fantastic to see bail reform working?

Cristal M Clark

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